The Whales

The Whales

A Chapter by Dave Brown



The whales are calling

Along with all fish

For too many people

They just fill a dish


The beautiful blue planet

Turtles, coral and dolphin

The fish in huge numbers

Where did they go

Coral reefs are turning white

Now just tragic skeletons

Because of warming of seas

Devastation’s creating a blight


The polar bear watches ice melt

Great glaciers disappear

Disaster is coming closer

As fifteen billion tree's vanish each year


Only half of the world's wild animals

Now exist on a raped planet

I am one of the human beings

That is destroying my world


Fires and floods become common

As global warming increases

In one more lifetime

We will be approaching extinction

Fossil fuels ruin the atmosphere

Populations can’t keep expanding


Nature has learned how to exist

We must embrace its reality

And become sustainable

While we still can







© 2020 Dave Brown

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Consumerism is on steroids these days and yes, I'm guilty too, but I am learning... Slowly.
I recycle, buy less stuff I don't need and have went off most meat (not bacon) and try to do my bit. I dread to think what 3 generations from now need to put up with, so sorry to those poor future guys.
You have been a little generous with the species though. I seem to remember reading somewhere 99% of all species are now extinct. They, like we won't last much longer if we don't change our ways though.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Dave Brown

6 Months Ago

I knew things weren't too great but I never pay much attention
A while ago we stumbled onto D.. read more

6 Months Ago

Yes, I think I saw same or similar. Been watching the ice sheets calfing at an alarming rate. It als.. read more

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