Banbury Square

Banbury Square

A Chapter by Dave Brown



The Alien's came to Banbury Square

To see a c**k-horse of white

Callously commandeering recreational vehicles

Because they had planned to stay overnight


But it was in the midst of holiday season

And they hadn’t arranged a reservation

Requiring their otherworld construction division

To augment this unwanted complication


Deciding to re-conjomiliticate Banbury square

They had hired a lady with bells on her toes

And after discoplacing a block of high-rise apartments

Her payment was a lovely red rose


The aliens then partied for a week

Taking drunken council from the c**k-horse each day

Finally leaving on the thirteenth, a Friday

Full of beer, with many dragons to slay






© 2020 Dave Brown

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While I'm enchanted as always by your penchant for finding the most bizarre rabbit holes to shizzle down, a million miles from what any other writer is writing (gotta love sparkling originality) . . . this poem demonstrates that a sightless grunting mole sometimes has no freakin' idea what he's digging around & into, way down deep in the terra incognita burrows of an "old growth" forest *heh! heh! heh!* Fondly, Margie

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

This is serious stuff Margie
I am only reporting on the events as I watch them unfold from a .. read more
Although nursery rhyme based, could be all the covidiots here clogging up beachfronts and country lanes, desperate to get away during lockdown.
Don't think they'll be so eager now the fine has been put up to ten grand though...Hopefully.
Impressed you know all the rhymes to begin with before remixing them, I had to google the original after you leaving the tune in my ear 😀

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

every so often the rhymes just happen so I often try and do something with them
that 10,000 i.. read more
"Ride a c**k-horse to Banbury Cross,
To see a fine lady upon a white horse;
Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,
And she shall have music wherever she goes
Source: Musixmatch" Dave ... do you live in a Banbury Apt.complex? .. some renovation going on? ... what a fun poem ... i learned what a c**k-horse is and that aliens can't be all that bad ... they drink beer and get drunk! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))) two fun poems have started my day .. i hope its a good omen ... luv on ya brother!

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

We can always use a good omen or two and it must be a good omen that they left, so enjoy your day
Hhahaha! I ggogled re-conjomiliticate and discoplacing and Ggogle apologized to me and asked me to try another word. What a Funtastimystical poem Dave! I'm opening my own construction compnay for the aliens next time!

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dhara_Ditzy Kat

9 Months Ago

I'll let you know when I issue them stocks... I might sell it all and settle in another galaxy. Seen.. read more
Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

( !!!! )
Dhara_Ditzy Kat

9 Months Ago

:))))))))))) haha

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Added on October 20, 2020
Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Mostly light Hearted


Dave Brown
Dave Brown

gabriola island, BC - British Columbia, Canada

I'd like to thank those who have been kind enough to review my efforts. more..

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