Looking For

Looking For

A Chapter by Dave Brown



When I went to look for my cane

It caused my sore back a real strain

Looking through deep woods and trees

Finally crawling along on my knees


My beard which has overgrown excessively

Made it difficult for me to see properly

I was unable to avoid bushes and roots

And branches that crammed into my boots


With many mushrooms jamming each ear

There was a creek, I could no longer hear

And I rolled into that creek bed just ahead

Being swept away through the great watershed


I was hammered and bashed on the shoulders

By the plentiful water-soaked boulders

My knees and ankles were all quaking

Till I washed up ashore badly shaking


I lay gasping until I eventually recovered

Then, when reaching out my arm I discovered

The cane was in my other hand the whole time

From the beginning to the end of this rhyme





© 2020 Dave Brown

Author's Note

Dave Brown
For Margie
to help and reinforce her image of me

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THIS IS SOOOO HILARIOUS! I was hooting like an owl on crystal meth. I knew you were an old fart, but I had no idea you'd reached such a level of incompetency. But then again, you display your incompetency every day upon these cafe halls, so what did I expect from an autobiographical word portrait. Thank you for taking my age-slam of you in stride & coming out the bigger (& more old growth) person. The overgrown beard was a titillating touch . . . you know I was salivating! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

PS . . . sorry I didn't catch this one yesterday. I was laid up by cold here . . . it got down to 39*F/4*C and it nearly killed this California wimp!

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

That is fairly close to us
We had minor freezing overnight
Must be a thingy up and dow.. read more

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Added on October 25, 2020
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Mostly light Hearted


Dave Brown
Dave Brown

gabriola island, BC - British Columbia, Canada

I'd like to thank those who have been kind enough to review my efforts. more..