Halloween Flight

Halloween Flight

A Chapter by Dave Brown




Sitting on my porch as sky turned deep blue

Then a deep red, till sunset was through

I and my companion watched night settled in

The cool of the evening bit at our skin


He climbed on my lap, curled into a ball

And I tightened my new knitted shawl

Slowly we accustomed to cool night chill

As all round us the dark night grew still


Though we were timid, we stuck to our post

T’was Halloween night and we looked for a ghost

There was a rumor that had circulated about

On this night, we would see one no doubt


A movement, deep through the trees

Brought a response from on top of my knees

A tiny growl from back of his throat

And he squirreled down, deep into my coat


I confess I knew not what it might be

I was as ignorant as was my wee he

But we were out for a bit of a thrill

And up our necks, crawled a cool chill


Then, a black shape on the night breeze

Flying toward us through blackened trees

What was then seen neath a starry sky

Brought from me, a throat choking cry


Before I’d had a chance to react

A black shape made sudden contact

A scratchy voice cackled a weird howdy-doo

As a broom settled beside we shocked two


A haggy face neath a black pointy hat

With black cape beside me now sat

Crooked yellow teeth were smiling at me

And at wee puppy curled tight on my knee


An empty old skull she held by her side

Its crackly voice offered us a night ride

What strange adventure did us await

Becoming this witch’s, night flying freight


Silhouetted by the light of full moon

Three black shapes in flight on a broom

We must have looked the strangest airmail

Holding on tight to a witch’s coattail


Pumpkins and goblins, we spied that night

Ghosts and skeletons, provided a fright

Halloween night spook’s howled a wail

As we continued on our nocturnal trail


Her name was Horrid Hilda, she lived near by

This night was her swan song, a final fly

For night flying, she’d just gotten too old

Into good fairy school, she’d recently enrolled


She was retiring from her job as a witch

Ditching the fake nose that would always itch

She was mothballing her broomstick and seat

Until full fairy graduation, she’d stick to her feet


No more haunting empty houses at night

No more night flying without a brakelight

With the new age of witches, she was right out of tune

She had moved past her day in the moon


Horrid Hilda’s last flight was back to our place

Where my wee companion gave her a lick on the face

Her witch wardrobe vanished with morning’s light

And with a warm hug, we all ended our night



© 2020 Dave Brown

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This was a great flight of fancy! Great story-telling, suspense and rhyming! Above all, I was left pleasantly surprised by the happy ending and the fact that they were safely returned and not boiled in a cauldron and eaten! Remember the Hansel Gretel witch!

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

oh ya, handsel and gretel
i'll have to do something with them unless you beat me to it

9 Months Ago

I'll look forward to it. (I loved the part where she fattens her prey)
Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

( !! )
I'm surprised at you, sleuth! You discovered my alias -- Horrid Hilda -- and it's true I'm too old & decrepit to hack riding this broom & stirring this cauldron. This is one of your best efforts at storytelling within a long spooky tale. You are reaching an apex of astonishing Halloween writing, just in time for the big event. Whatever will you do later, after your poetry is not fueled by your freaky streak? (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

I will probably slip back again into obscurity, not that I ever managed to crawl out in the first pl.. read more

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Dave Brown

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