Planet Awoe

Planet Awoe

A Chapter by Dave Brown



The people that lived on planet Awoe

Were interested in just makin dough

Whatever the job, no matter how tough

Of that dough stuff, there was never enough


To make more and more, with greater ease

They drilled oil wells and cut down endless trees

Only fake news condemned these aberrations

As onward surged their massive populations


Transport and industry ruined clean air

While makin lotsa dough, they didn’t care

Till all noticed their planet had got real hot

Very soon there wasn’t a single cool spot


The heat started fires in tinder dry brush

Over hill and through valley, it continued to rush

More and more, Aloe became as dry as a bone

Horrid heat continued, while depleting ozone   


Fish in the seas expired, hot water baked’em

Birds and bees cooked brains had forsaked’em

The few trees were candled by heat waves as well

Except for makin dough, the planet was going to hell


Diseases and virus took the population to task

Soon every man and wee child was wearing a mask

They tried to isolate everyone on the planet

But the population said, go to hell and god damn-it


Eventually, the population covered every of ground

All being traumatized by the horrid heat all round

They ran to find space ships for refuge in Mars

But Elton had taken them, loaded with electric cars


Last seen of the planet of Awoe

Was it drifting the cosmos all covered in dough

With a note pinned to the last tree with a nail

Saying in Awoelyin, 

“To the highest bidder, this tree’s still for sale!”…………



© 2020 Dave Brown

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Added on November 7, 2020
Last Updated on November 8, 2020

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