The Redhead

The Redhead

A Chapter by Dave Brown



On the planet erxgog, in the solar sea

A young man, dark green as could be

At night, so completely dark green

He was invisible, just couldn’t be seen


He had decided to dye his hair red

And to the erxgogapothecary he sped

With a choice of solar flare red to dark  

To solar flare red, his interest did hark


Back in his space pod, he stirred the solar hue       

A special mixture of hair-dye spacegoobrew

The color turned out nicely fluorescent red

The perfect color to apply to his head


He wanted to see it glow in the dark

So took it down to space station park                

As the celestial body sank for the night     

He prepared to set the green night alight


He raised the mixture high over his bod                 

An homage to the hairgoobrew god    

Then on one foot, he jumped and hopped

And by accident, the paint he then dropped


It spilled all over him, from head to toe

Making his body reflect a fluorescent glow

His solar soul-mates, there to watch that night

Unleashed endless laughter at his foolish sight


With laughter haunting him all the way 

Back to his space pod, he ran to stay

He bathed his bod, but it wouldn’t go

He was stuck with a fluorescent bright glow


He hid from the laughter, in the back of his pod  

All the while cursing the hairgoobrew god

On the third night, under his bed on the floor

He heard loud knocking on his titanium door


With stainless steel walls all round, reflecting bright red

“What do you want?” he yelled from under the bed

“It’s dark green and stormy, the beach is soft sand,

And there’s a starship which can’t see to land!”

“The flares they have dropped, to light their way

Have been extinguished by the fierce solar spray

You are the only one who can light where they land

Forgive our laughter and please give us a hand.”


Ran from under his bed, then out the door

He and green space erxgogcadets, all ran to the shore

Straight to the landing field they quickly sped

As he ran, the green night turned brilliant red


From on high, erxgogronauts saw the red sight

Of startling red glowing through dull green of night

With the great kahuna now guiding their flight

They dove toward the solar-flare-fluorescent-red light 


The erxgogronauts thought red hair was a fad

But their lives were saved by a completely red lad

The erxgogcadets shouldered him to his space station pod

Where they danced thanks to the hairgoobrew god


When skies dawned bright and clear green next day

He awoke to find all the green cadets did stay

And as they had crowded all night round his bed

Each one had dyed themselves, fluorescent red





© 2020 Dave Brown

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This is a triple whammy. (1) splendid made-up words! (2) killer epoch in length & imagination! (3) harkens so many years I spent watching my mom mix hair-dye spacegoobrew in her little supply closet, in her beauty shop for 50+ years, waiting for ride home to the boondocks after school. The most fun aspect is that you take this whole "red" thing to the furthest extent possible. Just when we thought you might've stretched this yarn as far as it will go, you manage to find more yarn to spin. This is a trademark of yours, but in this poem, you've gone a few yarns further than usual. I've been remiss in never writing a poem about growing up in a beauty shop! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

I will be looking forward to a multi-rhyming extravaganza about your mothers hairgoobrew beauty parl.. read more
Oh my Dave. An epic narrative. This must have taken you sometime to compose. However I am happy to say there is a moral in this story. One persons mishap, may turn into another's saviour. Loved it. Always fancied red hair myself you know. Have a good rest of Thursday. Fun poetry


Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

You just never know what is going on in those other 300 million livable planets out there
meg.. read more
Chris Shaw

8 Months Ago

You are welcome. Lovely day here, but change coming tomorrow. Rain for us too.

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Added on November 12, 2020
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Mostly light Hearted


Dave Brown
Dave Brown

gabriola island, BC - British Columbia, Canada

I'd like to thank those who have been kind enough to review my efforts. more..


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