The Cards

The Cards

A Chapter by Dave Brown








The paintings she made looked surprisingly simple

The hand she used was that of a cripple

Simple figures, simple flowers, from a small brush

And none of her work, ever done in a rush


Her life was a struggle to deal with each day

An easy life was so far away

Somehow in spite of her being handicapped

Maude’s spark of artistry had never lapsed


Relief from her partially, crippled lifestyle

Was painting small flowers, that gave her a smile

They found their way onto cardboard cards

Which people purchased to send their regards


The price was low, a very nominal fee

With many as low, in dollars as three

A simple sign in front of their small house

Was displayed each day by her elderly spouse


The passing traffic, slowed its approach

Wondering whether they should encroach

Over a while, many travelers did stop

Increasingly taking time to leisurely shop


The colors she used were bright and gay

Her images just simple things found each day

Houses, fences, flowers, people and trees

Each one that saw them was pleasantly pleased


Simple success seemed to be close at hand

Her painted images finally created demand

Fame came when people in high places

Requested her offerings, for their simple graces


Bullied in school and an early dropout

Too often the butt of an unfriendly lout

She found her salvation in colors and paint

Which negated what her schooldays did taint


Success did not bring with it, good health

Nor did it bring any semblance of wealth

A child taken from her, left her heart in turmoil

Her health deteriorated as she continued her toil


After she recovered, her work more sought after

Simple representations of good feelings and laughter

It wasn’t until after she’d passed away

Her efforts garnished a much higher pay day


Now known internationally for her folk art  

Just simple efforts from a simple heart

With original works now a sought-after buy

The yet most expensive, a $45,000 high


Why great success after the artist has gone

Would that these proceeds had helped her along

Too late for her, our celebration of her life

Too early for her, with a life in such strife

© 2020 Dave Brown

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What a fine tribute to Maude. A hard life she led, with a simple pleasure of art, which gave much joy to others. What a pity she didn't benefit financially from her efforts. So often the case with artists. Their fame comes too late in the day. A touching poem, put together really well. Thank you Dave.


Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

a sorry soul that made a mark
wonderful to see
yes, I am sure my artwork will be worth.. read more

5 Months Ago

Ha. You never know. My knitting days are long over. That was back in my youth. You did Maude proud :.. read more
Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

. ☮ .
this is quite a hallmark. a greeting tale in prose. what would the holidays be without such feeling, reflection and honest truth? the holidays are a time for coming together, rising above the every day and gliding on magic and revelry. very nicely put together dave ... :)

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Thanks Pete
Enjoy yours
I must first appreciate the paintings on the top; following the way you expressed those in your poetry. Beautifully sketched.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Those are a sample of the work done by 'Maude' who was a challenged person living in Eastern Canada<.. read more
This is a heart-touching story on many levels. I love that you picked a specific artist to make your point & you convey her story with the utmost of tenderness. This story brings people to their knees, not becuz you paint it sympathetic, but becuz you just put it out there in an open & humbling way. Despite all the raucous storylines you come up with like raging white water thru a gorge, I believe a storyline like this reveals your true heart (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Thanks Margie
It certainly makes you realize how precious life is
Simply beautiful words on the simple joy amongst the onslaught of pain, that truly would brighten anyone's day.
And so true, the artist scrapes by and the wealthy make the profits that would have been life hanging to her.
Thanks for the great start to the weekend. Love this.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Oops, My mistake, thought that looked like a small white puppy by your left leg😁

5 Months Ago

That is the oldest pic of me and I've seen it a thousand times and never noticed that. Checked with .. read more
Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

. memories

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