Mary Also Had a Bear

Mary Also Had a Bear

A Chapter by Dave Brown



Mary also had a sweet pet bear

Not at all ferocious

But the sweet bear’s breath

Was absolutely atrocious


She bought an electric tooth brush

To clean his horrid teeth

Designed to scrub and scrub

The hidden germs beneath


But one tooth had to come out

And Mary took him to the Vet

But the cost of tooth removal

Was something she’d regret


She had to mortgage her house

And stop driving her new car

Which all went up in smoke

When he ate a nuther chocolate bar


Now Mary has no money left

Vet bill’s have left them on the streets

And a flat broke Mary no longer

Gives a damn about what the thing eats


© 2020 Dave Brown

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I sense some symbolism here. But damned if I can find it! Your mind works in mysterious ways, hooking Mary up with a bear which drives her destitute due to rotten teeth. Reading this makes me damn glad I managed to stoop down low enuf to cut my toenails the other day so I don't have to invite some grizzly toe-trimmer into my humble abode. Your imagination being outside the playing field is a marvel that still boggles my mind regularly (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

our little pooch has had a number of vet visits lately and the cost of doing not a whole hell of a l.. read more

8 Months Ago

I do remember a dog of mine needing a tooth pulled, which set me back about a grand, even back in th.. read more
Dave you fellon! how dare you deconstruct the nursery rhymes of all decent folk with such putrid tales. Had me in stitches though!

Just remind me, what was it Mary had bare?

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

I think it was her down there somewhere
hmm I guess she just had to grin and bear it:/ (sorry im a bit silly this morning:)

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

ouch .
Robert Trakofler

8 Months Ago

sorry dave:/ LOL
I'm sure Bernie Sanders says he could have fixed all of this. Also, did Mary ever tell her little lamb about this episode from her past? Could be traumatic for the creature. I mean, who wants a halitotic bear for a brother?

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

Hello John
My parents raised two little lambs, even named them.
From that familiarity,.. read more

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Dave Brown
Dave Brown

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