Christmas Cancelled

Christmas Cancelled

A Chapter by Dave Brown



With Mrs. Clause repeating, Christmas is coming

Santa had his toy shop a-humming

Three shifts were working the conveyor line

Things had to get done, in triple quick time


Games and puzzles were stacked on the floor

A dozen hockey sticks by the front door

Doll dresses and hoodies, to ship far offshore

Then the power went off, which caused an uproar


When the lights went out, the factory went black

Immediately, production went off track

With toy production being badly cut back

It was imperative they get power back


Santa made a cell call to the hydro store

Explaining he needed lots of volts more

The foreman repeated what he’d been told

The hydro authority had been recent sold


The purchaser, from way out of town

Was going to pull the whole place down

He was going to put up a huge condo

Which meant the old place must go


Santa’s work shop would go bankrupt

With mortgage payments, he couldn’t keep up

They would have to shut the workshop down

Cuz Santa’s conveyor couldn’t work on cold ground


With Christmas coming about a day away

Santa couldn’t meet his staff’s pay

Presents would have to be cancelled this year

Santa would have to fire his Reindeer


The awful news spread over the air

Like a raging wildfire, causing despair

Then children from all over the globe

Arrived to instigate an investigative probe


They came in hordes, across seven seas

Over the mountains, through forests of trees

Thousands marched from each town

They weren’t going to let their Santa down


Out of hi-rise towers in moving masses

Across farmlands, flooding the pastures

Filling every kind of available limousine

To empty both Zanzibar and Aberdeen


They flew in airliners over the land

Crossed the desert over hot sand

And when the trains were too full inside

They stuck out thumbs and hitched a ride


Skateboards and scooters, day and night

Over the Arctic, took a rocket ship flight

Nuclear Submarines took them neath the sea

One tiny cowboy, saddled the back of a flea


A Christmas Humbug was ready to pay

To have the power station demolished next day

A giant Bulldozer was driving their way

It was clanking straight down the freeway


Shaking ground, a foreboding sound

Everything rumbled and shook all round

A gigantic Bulldozer crushed over the ground

Soon the power station wouldn’t be found


The Christmas Humbug was Harley McSplit

And for Christmas, he gave not a Whit

He didn’t care about any Xmas spirit

His bulldozer’d plow down all traces of it


As the Dozer was approaching the station

Millions of children arrived from each Nation

They were like a great onrushing tide

And they were there to take Santa’s side


To the power station, McSplit was outraced

Megaguzzillions of children were what he faced

Though he had tried to make great haste                  

His very best efforts were badly erased


A little voice called out from the crowd

Stopping mean Harley was what they had vowed

With gazillions of children yelling out loud

Harley gave in, his head hung and bowed


When he saw the wee child with that first shout

It made him realize what Christmas was all about

His feelings now took a great turnaround

He’d no longer bulldoze the Power Station down


The pause in production had created demand

Till reindeers returned, Santa’d be undermanned

So, Harley offered to give him a hand

That toys could again, flow like grains of sand


McSplit restored power that very day

And the Toy Shop mortgage he made go away

In the North Pole, Santa could forever now stay

Making toys which most children mislay


With Harley having made his amends

He found he hadatona new friends

Now down in the Tropics, his time he spends

Which is where this Christmas poem ends







© 2020 Dave Brown

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Absolutely delightful! If you ask me, he is a smart guy going to the tropics! This year nothing is quite the same. This poem made me smile....I thank you for that, Dave! LydI**

Posted 7 Months Ago

Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

And a Merry Christmas 2U2
This is the best Christmas poem I have read in a long time! It's sharp and zippy while still being fun!

Posted 7 Months Ago

Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

thanks for your visit and the good words and I hope you enjoy a very Merry Christmas
And all they want for Christmas is their own miracle if one day of normality so their developing minds don't implode in all the chaos.
Lets hope for that miracle, eh? 😊

Posted 7 Months Ago

Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

Perhaps a, being tested antidote will help that miracle along🤞
Good mornafternooning
Good riddance to Harley...
and welcome back Christmas.
This makes me think of all the little businesses that fly south to doom because of big businesses eating them up...I hate those takeovers. We lose our personality...everything corporate.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

don't get me started
An epic Christmas poem with so much detail. Must have taken a huge effort to pen this. Delightful in its content and has a happy ending as well. Hurrah for Santa, and those kids in their zillions knew how to fix it.


Posted 7 Months Ago

Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

Thanks Chris
Just underlines about not messing with Santa
I'm taking my Christmas saga down. You've put me to shame. I could never maintain rhyme & rhythm for this long a stretch, while still thinking up new & inventive possibilities for the storyline. Here's why you're so good at the long epic poem. You pile on the most ridiculous s**t, more & more & more (skateboards, trains, scooters, rockets, submarines) . . . ex: all the ways folks traveled to come help Santa . . . by the time I got thru those six or eight wild-a*s verses, I'd completely forgotten this poem was about the power being out. By the way, we haven't had a power outage here in about a week, which is a record lately. Still, we're shy of our first inch of rain this year. Being near-frosty & seeing my breath inside, I had to fire up the woodstove this morning (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 7 Months Ago

Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

Thanks again Margie
Flattery will get you anywhere
We haven't got to the burning of fi.. read more

7 Months Ago

Don't make fun of my adjectives or I'll cut your beard off & I can't love a smooth-faced Sasquatch!
Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

😍 .

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