Foreboding Wind

Foreboding Wind

A Chapter by Dave Brown



Looking down from above

He saw how badly we’d sinned

Then unleashed his avengers

As a dark foreboding wind


The Four Horseman were to mount

But attack chopper’s flew instead

Four AH-64 Apaches were unleashed

Their arsenals unleashing pure dread


But he had not reckoned with man

Even though he’d created the mess

But how they’d avoid annihilation

Was yet, a lame, barely proven guess


3,700 people died in the US yesterday

Part of an endless accumulation

With that terrible body count

Coming from just one lone nation


Then along came an antidote

To reverse the fortunes of mankind

But just how effective it will be

This, we have yet to find


What else can mankind do to itself

We don’t seem to be doing all that well

And our constant misdirected effort

Should eventually land us in hell


Although these new antidotes bring hope

To stop the pain suffering and crying

But how soon might it be

Before AH-64 will again be flying


© 2020 Dave Brown

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A timely write. A gleam of hope in this dark time through vaccine. But will it be effective... Who knows. We are in the verge of losing our patience as another more serious strain looming on us. We can just hope, everything will be fine in 2021

Posted 4 Months Ago

Dave Brown

4 Months Ago

that new strain does look imposing with more worldwide shutdowns
all the more reason to keep .. read more
a very timely it feels we are on the verge of the end of the world once again.
No Arks...just a massive sickness...and even worse because of those who just aren't listening...

No acts of contrition here, no penance done....just massive insolence.
and more death.
powerful write, Dave.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Dave Brown

4 Months Ago

the ones that aren't listening indeed
the right to not wear masks!!!!
Unbelievable!!read more
Your poem seems to be an amalgamation (love tripping you up with a zinger big word first thing) of many complaints one might have against humans & their inability to manage life on earth, while going around boasting & feeling as if we are the omnipotent (again, just loving watching you squirm) beings on this planet. Thank you for exposing our fundamental short-sightedness, but I feel just a teensy bit flayed by your choice to flambé a friendly neighbor . . . sheesh! Just kidding. The USA failure is supreme & you are right to call it out. Two days ago the daily death count was 4500! That far exceeds September 11, 2001, except that it happens every single day now. Our totals are roughly one third of the world totals every single day. That's a huge f*****g mess, in my opinion, but let me just shut this whole pocket of angst down & get back to my pipe & coffee this crisp lovely morning (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 4 Months Ago

Dave Brown

4 Months Ago

I'm going to have to make sure my coffee is on a firm base and purchase (I was going to write "buy"-.. read more

4 Months Ago

What's a great antidote to improve the health of my poem to this. Your poem is a great influencer !!

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