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To take me to pyramids  

I hired a Sudanese guide

Going through the Nile valley

Where Black Pharaoh’s had died


To access a burial chamber

We tunneled deep underground

Then back up through the thick floor

To be shocked at what we found


Gold, diamonds and jewelry                          

Piled at least two feet high

And watching us climb up through

The weirdest looking guy


Introducing himself as Anubis

A human body with a jackal’s head

Explaining, Pharaoh’s had hired him

To watch over the dead


Instead, he’d been going from tomb to tomb

Stealing all their treasure

Preparing to have a human head transplant

And live a life of pure leisure


Although we’d put a kink in his plans

He explained about the tomb

Two more bodies would be no problem

Because, there was lots of extra room


The next pyramid explorer

That eventually climbs up inside there

Will think that as far as Black Pharoah’s go

We make the strangest pair



© 2021 Dave Brown

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ahahahaha great stuff sir ..easy flow and cadence as i read out loud to me self .. Egypt holds mystery and secrets .. Anubis the embalmer, the wolf .. subtle social commentary says i .. tombs raided and raped in a sense .. i appreciate the humor as the "white" guys found among the Black Pharaoh's stuff and sarcophagus ... great light read delving deep into the Mummies :)

Posted 4 Months Ago

Einstein Noodle

4 Months Ago

i, in honesty, gave him one and told him it was from you .. yesterday before we went outside .. peac.. read more
Dave Brown

4 Months Ago

A name waiting for a home
They are wonderful things
We have the opposite size and when.. read more
Einstein Noodle

3 Months Ago

yes they are .. peace brother! :)
I like this poem and story within. I love Ancient Egypt and have been working on a poem about it myself. This poem inspires me to get working on it again. I like the ending of this, it made me laugh a bit. I like the perspective of discovery.

Fun fact: Did you know that King Tut can a knife believe to be made out of a falling star?

Posted 4 Months Ago

Cyprian Van Dyke

4 Months Ago

Hmm, that photo you speak of comes up hindi in my mind. Many hands, legs crossed, mediating? Idk. If.. read more
Dave Brown

4 Months Ago

Just to let you know
It was a perfectly normal female figure, from the backside, unclothed, s.. read more
Cyprian Van Dyke

4 Months Ago

Okay. Thank you for telling me im sure that'll help.
Ha! Poor Anubis, just another schmuck stuck in a dead end job. Fun poem Dave!

Posted 4 Months Ago

Dave Brown

4 Months Ago

Just another rhyme crime

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Mostly light Hearted


Dave Brown
Dave Brown

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