A Chapter by Dave Brown


Where is there such a sight

As swallows darting in flight

No such sure sign of spring

As swallows diving on wing


As blossoms start to bloom anew

As clouds reveal skies of blue

Swallows are our special treat

Their arrival makes spring complete


Who among us would condemn

That we light upon a stem

Or soar freely mongst clouds

Escaping our earthly shrouds


But when they’ve had their day

And again are on their way

With their season at an end

Then without them we must fend


That then is the longest hour

Without a swallow or a flower

That journey takes them far away

Will light our hearts another day



© 2021 Dave Brown

Author's Note

Dave Brown
These birds accent the feeling of spring for us
They come to a nesting box on the side of our house every year and they have just once again arrived

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This is a lighthearted joyous spattering of feathers, for sure, but I'm just pissy enuf to rain on your springtime bouquet. It all started when Norman (you know, my old pal from the UK) sent me a photo of his yard where there's a birdhouse (he built) every meter or so, calling his masterpiece: hotel row for birds. I wrote him back saying I have never ever had the urge to encourage birds to spend time in my yard. I wish they would go away! I obsessively check my lettuce sprouts, now that I've put them outside, to see if the birds have swooped down with their special brand of destruction. But my mind wanders. What I really meant to say is that I admire anyone who can be so loving & inviting & friendly & warm to these annoying creatures that seem to form endless swarms of delight for you! Bravo! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

PS - If this poem were about lizards, I would be swooning. I love my lizards & frogs, as they are the devourers of insects!!!!! YAY!

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