Dippin N' Divin

Dippin N' Divin

A Chapter by Dave Brown



Dippin n' divin in fanciful flight

Beaks chirpin bout lurkin bugs in sight

Flock talkin, seed gawkin, soil hoppin for food

Fillin bird belly’s makes for a good mood


Feathered feature, luxury lining soft nest

Moms n’ dads now inta the parenting test

Egg laying and praying nothin will bust

Intact egg shells a birth success must


Baby bibblin, babblin birdilin bless

Safely snuggled and buggled a-nest

Slurpin, glurpin and flappin for bugey eats

Has both parents doin a-ton-a repeats


Dipping, dapin, darting, dazzling in flight

Hard workin birds are a wonder sight

Bringin beetles n’ worms n’ bugs for eatin

All takin a whole buncha flyin repeatin


Eating n’ growin n’ leaving the nest

To do the wing flappin, high flyin test

N’ getting actively airborn aloft

Then practicin precisely, landin real soft


To lookin, n’ peckin, n’ checkin’ lotsa stuff

N’ learnin livin life can be kina tough

But carryin on cuz that’s what birds do

Til its their turn to raise their own flyin crew




© 2021 Dave Brown

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Nice one Dave! I'm right there with you in my mind's eye. They're fun to watch. Webster is going to have to issue a new edition, with a bucket full of adds from the "Dave Brown Innovative and Delightful New Words" list. Keep it up brudduh, I love it!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

3 Weeks Ago

so do we, there are tons around here and they bring nothing but pleasure
Have good one
I have been so down on birds, ever since they started attacking my produce, I am unable to imagine their lively little lives. I marvel as I read this. I thought their only purpose in life was to torment me, but here you go & open so many new bird doors. I had no idea birds were so jivin' & industrious! You must spend hours watching them. Kidding aside, your peppy rhyme riffs are tap-dancing a flourish that makes Michael Jackson, king of pop, seem flat-footed! Thanks for inviting our spirits to bebop the morning away (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

3 Weeks Ago

Sympathies on your birding experiences, I appreciate flying frogs are much less frequent but I can't.. read more
I am dazzled....you, Margie and brother Bunny....amaze me with your talent to write these
kinds of poems that just make the reader smile and giggle and get envious...
I feel like a bird...carryin' on...

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

3 Weeks Ago

Thankyou for such a glowing review
I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy playing around wit.. read more
Great rhythm to this poem Dave, I love the way to present the life cycle of these amazing creatures, what they eat, how they mate care for their young, then grow up like human’s do a d fly away, leave the nest...I love the rhyme alliteration and movement.... thanks for sharing....
Best, B

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

It is wonderful when spring come and the birds are out flying about making nest and feeding their young.

This has all the feel and brilliance of spring and warmer temperatures but alas here today it has decided to have one more round of winter with snow. But luckily after tomorrow it’s suppose to be in the 60s again

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

3 Weeks Ago

wow, that is late but I'm sure we're over the hump now
Enjoy your day
Poetic Beauty

3 Weeks Ago

I have a enormous dislike for cold and snow. One of these days I’m moving south. Getting away from.. read more

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