Tin Fairy

Tin Fairy

A Chapter by Dave Brown



A tin fairy in the garden

With two slender wings of metal

Stands quietly through each day

Beside a flower’s petal


There also is a bumble bee

That knows she’s more than tin

And being a romantic soul

Each night, brings his mandolin   


Sitting beside on a flower stalk

He serenades with song

And as if by magic meant to be

She begins to hum along


The wings on her back

Like a hummingbird in flight

She changes from a rigid piece

Bursting with an inner light


They both meld into one

Not just something and the other

And midst garden's soft night scents 

They become each other’s lover


When morn’s light comes

They each return to their way

Until the sun sets again

At the end of each day



© 2021 Dave Brown

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I love this fantasy tale of the bumblebee and the tin fairy becoming lovers at night.

Posted 1 Month Ago

I don't see this going anywhere. After the first heavy rain the bee is not going to be able to deal with the rust and that will be that. He'd be better off looking for a lonely frog.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Thanks John
Think I heard somewhere that love conquers all.
Possibly instead of bouque.. read more
they become lovers just for the night : )
sweet the serenade by song. sweet poem

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

there is somebody for everybody
Enjoy your day (night?)
A Garden Rendezvous is a wonderful way to end the Day.
Fairies bring a touch of Persimmon Passion to the setting Sun.
Gently, Pat

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Who knows what goes on during those warm summer nights
A bit-a-hanky panky?
Patricia Wedel

1 Month Ago

Good thing they ordered those “My Pillows.. lol
Hi Dave I enjoyed this immensely!
Loved the romantic tryst of their souls at night then they went back to their tin home during day

Posted 2 Months Ago

Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

2 Months Ago

Now I like that
Why hasn’t that word hit I’m the world yet
I heard some stingers.. read more
Julie McCarthy (juliespenhere)

2 Months Ago

I’m typo
Obviously should read in
Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

i had to run an errand and when I got back I saw your comment and I'm not totally sure what you are .. read more
i enjoyed this poem dave. it's so refreshing to read 'normal' narrative style poetry that I can understand.👍
modern freestyle verse whilst some of the word choices are interesting, leaves me bewildered & not understanding what I've read.
i tried my hand once writing a free verse (or whatever they call it) i didn't like nor enjoy the experience at all.

cheerio carola

Posted 2 Months Ago

Dave Brown

2 Months Ago

Lol, I'm not into freestyle either
sometimes they work and this style is looked on as kinderg.. read more
The bumble bee and the tin fairy--this is fanciful and romantic. A little different for you. I think it's great.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Dave Brown

2 Months Ago

Thanks Sam
She lives permanently out in the garden and the other day I saw a big fuzzy bumble.. read more

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Dave Brown

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