The Sea Raven

The Sea Raven

A Chapter by Dave Brown



Capt. Ahab taking a quick break

From raiding, maiming and killing

Paused while shivering his timbers

To check out top movie billing


Adjusting his eyepatch to look at Netflix

Mostly justabuncha junk to see

Especially for a swashbuckling pirate

Used to raidin cross the briny sea


There was “Escape to the Country”

Displaying the scenery he enjoyed to view

And he did plan to eventually move there

When all Spaniards had been thrust through


With his Covid mask pulled to one side

He took a seadog slug from his rum jug

Then a backhand swipe to wipe the excess

From his blackbearded mug


Battening the hatches on slippery decks

Pursuing scurvy dogs through rough seas

He could feel the Spaniard swabs avasting

From his cavalier boots, up through his knees


With doubloon booty from Spanish coffers

And endless amounts of silver and treasure

He’d refit his pirate vessel, the Sea Raven

And live a high-sea life of nuthin but pleasure


Deeply involved in these hearty ways

When his wife gave him a shout

“Honey, if you’ve finished your pirate thingy,

How about taking the garbage out!”



© 2021 Dave Brown

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Ha ha. Your hard working wife interrupted your pirate daydreams eh? There's always chores to be done aren't there? I see you are still very much fixated on Escape to the Country. You are gonna need mega bucks to do that over here :)


Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Yes, it will never happen in England but fortunately we are already in the country
Here, we j.. read more
Hold on here, Dave. How could Ahab have married my wife?

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

I enjoyed the tone here. I love the comparisons with how modern day life is. This is just a good poem. I enjoyed reading it from start to finish.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

just an indication of how times have changed
Or have they
Good to be a pirate my friend. Me and my grandchildren, always seeking the great adventure. Thank you Dave for sharing the entertaining poetry and I did like the ending.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Nothing more fun than grandkids doing some swashbucklin
Here's to your adventure across the b.. read more
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Coyote Poetry

1 Month Ago

I agree my friend. Have some fun and stay safe.
This mirthful jaunt of a seafaring tale,
Makes we wish I could set upon ocean and sail.

Thank you, Dave, for this enjoyable little poem that brought a smile to my face.
And to the sea hags I say "where is my tankard of ale!" Arghhhh.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Arghhh indeed matey
Another really clever story with a surprise ending...I love the pirates and your expressive words to describe the scene, I guess the captain gave up on Netflix.....but the gold is far more enchanting....
very clever as I would expect from you!!!
Best, B.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Thanks Betty
the problem is really my wife
every time I get swashbucklin she wants som.. read more
Betty Hermelee

1 Month Ago

I completely understand, but it's fun anyway, I mean the pirate's life!

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Mostly light Hearted


Dave Brown
Dave Brown

gabriola island, BC - British Columbia, Canada

I'd like to thank those who have been kind enough to review my efforts. more..

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