Topless Turvkey

Topless Turvkey

A Poem by Dave Brown



Being a turkey on thanksgiving

Makes a turkey’s envy not near green

The thought of being eaten so stressful

They’ve developed evasion techniques

Although, none too successful


First the duck ploy was undertaken

Which many turkeys invested a stake in

Jumping into a pond and uttering a quack

But none could swim and none came back


Then the thing about a shorter neck

But the head choppers block was hi-tech

A serious swing was all it took

And each turkey’d had their last look


Desperation brought thoughts about Mars

Grabbing a ride with Elon, up to the stars

But Elon enjoyed his turkey too

Which had that option fail is debut


Now-a-days turkeys are resigned to their fate

As they’re sliced and diced upon every plate

Those raising turkeys, just think its great

But headless turkeys want a rebate


© 2021 Dave Brown

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There's us over here being told by media there will be turkey shortages at Christmas, and you have Thanksgiving to think about first. You know I can't help feeling sorry for the poor old turkey. Not much fun eh?


Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

First gas, now turkey!
No, the life of the chicken, turkey, pig, cow, etc.. is not much to lo.. read more
Chris Shaw

1 Week Ago

As I've got older I have become far more sensitive to the lives of animals. Not eating as much meat .. read more
I so am enjoying the funny little challenge between you and Margie that is going on. If I wasn't so damn lazy as of lately I would want to get in on some of this action. You both keep ripping them out and I'll keep on reading. Haha

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

All in the spirit of good fun and the door is always open
WAAAAAIIIIIITTTT a minute! You can't start Thanksgiving yet! We haven't properly finished Halloween! This is a sign that YOU'RE CRACKING under the pressure! (me too!) Whew! I just can't keep pumping out non-stop gore, so I'm glad you served up a few gobbly giblets (((HUGS)))

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

Just a slight detour Miss Margie
Back on course again 2morrow
I'll be waiting in the w.. read more

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Added on October 11, 2021
Last Updated on October 11, 2021


Dave Brown
Dave Brown

gabriola island, BC - British Columbia, Canada

I'd like to thank those who have been kind enough to review my efforts. more..

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