Very Bear

Very Bear

A Poem by Dave Brown



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I’d like to make friends with a bear

A Polar would be nice

The real problem with this is

I don’t like lotsa cold and ice


The shinning light here

Is our climate’s change

With warmer weather making it possibly possible

This could be a situation easer to arrange


I know they’ll soon be looking

For some place to shack up

But their lack of ice

Shouldn’t be any kind of hang-up


We are more than completely willing

To freeze our fossil fuel heated swimming pool

Cuz leaving them with no ice

Would be unreasonably cruel


With this in mind

We have placed a Craigslist ad

Cuz the last thing to be nice and friendly

Is a Polar Bear that’s mad


© 2021 Dave Brown

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Yes, they catch the scent of a man two miles away and track him.
They look so cute and playful at the zoo....
I love bears, just wish they loved us for more than a meal.
At least I could wrap my arms around your poem without getting eaten.
thanks, Dave.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

Every so often you see people that have hand raised, and have as household pets, mature Lions, Tiger.. read more
I have to admit, out of all the animals that we humans have been wiping out left and right, the polar bears are the ones that tug at my heartstrings the most. And your poem is written in that childlike heart-tugging way, in the same style as your chosen artwork. Other animals have more avenues to adapt when threatened. The P-bears only have one narrow little way of life which is radically different than making a living off land. That's what makes their plight so heartbreaking. Anyhow, I'm fully slayed, now that I've read this poem! I think I'll go smoke a pipeload of bud (((HUGS)))

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

I think its because they look so cuddly and cute (specially the cubs) that you want to go up and giv.. read more
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A message of man's bid to destroy mother earth, so sad.
Where will the wildlife go if we continue to destroy their natural habitat. How big is your yard Dave :)
A nice wee poem from your sage like pen

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

I guess this is case of self-flagellation but every time I see an account of Walrus falling of colla.. read more
Excellent, witty and deceptively simple. With a furry paw on the pulse.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

Thanks, I fear it is a fading pulse
Sad stories of rescue dogs abound
Kudos to you
Ok, first AGAIN that VERY DEAR BEAR awaaaaa stole my heart (saved him to my device too)! and a polar one! I love them! I love snow and ice and call me crazy but I always wanted to be a snowflake not a star! sad that they are endangered too, I don't know when human will be endangered maybe then earth will be better?! what do You think Mr. Dave? and B.T.W I don't think that dear bear will ever be mad at You, he loves You for not only offering your pool but also your pen and page. P.S, if You want to meet one of my friends check my new photo that I posted today what a coincidence :>

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

This simple scenario is solely meant to highlight the dwindling fortunes of wildlife in general and .. read more

1 Week Ago

I had one hour of power today... so now every battery and the internet connection all dying.... I sh.. read more
How wise you are. You don't want to be upsetting polar bears. They are somewhat larger and fiercer than you. I also think their teeth are bigger and sharper and I wouldn't want their claws in my back. Be nice to them from a distance:))


Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

never smile at a Polar Bear
We have kept that close to our heart hoping our picnics don't flo.. read more
Chris Shaw

1 Week Ago

Look after yourselves and have a good day. Sorry your weather is rough. Ours is behaving at the mome.. read more
A noble sentiment, Dave. I advise you to keep the doors locked, though. No telling when one of those suckers might wake up hungry and start looking for someone to eat.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

2 Weeks Ago

whether posting or commenting your information is simply far too valuable to ignore
Many many.. read more

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Added on November 21, 2021
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Dave Brown
Dave Brown

gabriola island, BC - British Columbia, Canada

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