The Globe

The Globe

A Chapter by Dave Brown



They Saw Earth From Space. Here's How It Changed Them. | Mental Floss

A lone globe flung through the heavens

Blank, empty, a barren dry, lone entity

Somehow finding an orbit to its liking

Even tho' flying space debris had no pity


There Mother sun left a tiny morsel to grow

And a small spring formed from cloud’s moisture

In time a great sea covered much of the globe

Where fish swam above tasty clam and oyster


Soft clouds floated through beautiful blue skies

Which housed feathered flocks of colored songbirds

And on wide plains between rolling green hills

Beasts roamed in never ending wild herds


Too soon, great cities shrank that once wide globe

Giant trees were sacrificed for fool’s leisure

Huge mountains were blasted wide open

In the never-ending search for profit’s pleasure


Endless diseases were to ravage the fools

While wildlife was crushed into tiny enclaves

Constant pursuit of endless power and riches

Had the fools become Chinese trillionaire slaves


Wars were fought over religious beliefs

Their Nuclear blasts leaving imprint records to see

One of an elder-women with small child on her lap

Seated neath the shade of a Crepe-Myrtle tree


When the globe saw total turmoil created

A slow madfire angered down deep in its core

Until unleashed flames of complete destruction

Released the locked latch on ‘last day’s’ trapdoor


That same Globe still sweeps through the heavens

Still follows the same orbit it had aggressively chosen

But now it has returned to being barren and empty

With a last drop of moisture permanently frozen


All fools are long gone, their meaningless toys buried

The Globe left to reflect on the question of why

Why would the fools destroy her gladly shared beauty

And leave her again completely desolate and dry



© 2021 Dave Brown

Author's Note

Dave Brown

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Wow! Cool Dave….. because we are destroying our planet and global warming has taken over, that some fools failed to recognize years ago…. Now we suffer from drought, from border disputes from foolish religious bullshit and more…. You certainly kicked the bucket down the road with your raging fireworks words that make perfect sense….love it!

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

Thanks Betty
Somebody better get their act in gear before the final curtain!!
Holy crap, fool! You're on freakin' fire! This is one of your most classic saga comeuppance kickass masterpieces! I'm in awe. I feel like a shallow blathering fool in my poems by comparison.

No water almost all weekend & my neighbors are finally admitting (after denying all summer) that we may be running out of ground water & the pump quits with a mouthful of silt. A foot of rain in 2 years! Spring that feeds our creek is bone dry in November. It may be time for my landlady to buy me a tank (((HUGS)))

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

I am surprised you have had water this long
Even in this soggy climate our well (2 families) .. read more
So uniquely written Mr. Dave, your imagination in the first verses is outstanding specially the first, I feel your frustration and sadness, your anger... and Thank You for keep being a devoted lover for our globe I know she loves You the same ❤️

Posted 1 Week Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
This comment has been deleted by the poster.

1 Week Ago

sorry about the TONS of "I do. bless your heart Mr. D~" blame the breakdown of this smart site!
Humanity has no appreciation or respect for the responsibility it has been given as caretakers of this beautiful planet. We need it more than it will ever need us. If we continue upon our current self destruction we will cease to exist while this world will simply move on and evolve without us.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

Yes, we seem to be working hard toward that end
Hard to imagine a serious warm climate soluti.. read more
Carlos Lorenzo Estrada

1 Week Ago

I enjoy your rants my friend because I'm of like mind and total agreement with you. Nothing makes g.. read more

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