Tropical Isle

Tropical Isle

A Chapter by Dave Brown




In the south pacific, there’s a tropical isle

With nothing near for many a mile

Not more needed than a grass skirt and smile

And things might get done, after a while


Traffic consists of a jeep, wheelchair and bike

Although, noon foot traffic takes a slight hike

And livestock herds through center of town

Tend to slow the traffic right down


The population was used to this situation

It didn’t cause nobody no consternation

This sort of thing, in this tiny nation

Had been going on ever since creation


But at the Nations’ intersection, traffic was congested

The right of way was sometimes contested

Three pigs had impeded, the Kings right of egress

Something the population would have to address


When the King had completed his snore

He casually strolled to his grass hut door

He told his population, to put up a light

And make sure it would be right in pig sight


This, the population didn’t know how to do

So off went a delegation in an outrigger canoe

Across open sea, the delegation was sent

To handle this task, with serious intent


Next door island had hung up a light

Although traffic there was still a real fight

The light had not changed nothing you see

No one told them they needed, electricity


That news floated them back out to sea

First Isle number two, then Isle number three

Back and forth crossing far beyond these three

Just how difficult could a traffic light be


A tropical storm with incredible force

Came and blew them a whole buncha off course

Their outrigger wrecked on an uninhabited beach

With the isle called home far out of reach


The traffic here was much less affecting

No King in his wheelchair constantly objecting

Palm trees swayed neath the blue sky above

The population decided this isle fit like a glove


The king never made it beyond his front door

He’d decided his interests lay more in a snore

Population gone, meant no congestion in town

With no decisions to make, removing his frown


But with Pineapple King finally sick of stale stew

And with no one to respond to the orders he strew

He decided that this life all alone

Did nothing to enhance his place on the throne


He contacted the albatross flyby network

Quickly was directed to their location clerk

After explaining what he wanted them to do

He watched them dispatching a large flight crew


From flying over the horizon far and wide

No population was long able to hide

A short time later they made their report

On a far isle, his subjects had established a resort


In spite of having never having to paddle himself

The King had to leave dignity back on the shelf

But not being used to working for a ride

He inboarded his paddle and went with the tide


Since deciding he’d not paddle no way

Getting super comphy he conked out for the day

Lying down in the back of his craft

Across tropical seas, he sailed while he baffed


Early next morn he woke to lights straight ahead

From one beach to all others they spread

When he pulled his boat up onto shore

The only sound heard was that of a snore


The population was just starting to wake

But the mess he saw made his eyes ache

When they saw him, they wept with relief

Relieved once again to be led by their chief


The whole place was a tropical mess

Much too far gone to remotely address

He told them that what they should do

Is jump into his boat, and behave like a crew


Paddling back the way they had come

Again, behaving like a unified scrum

After accessing their old village again

They knelt down and prayed an amen


The population is now situated back home

Content now to never once again roam

The Pineapple King no longer yells for his way

With them doting on him all night and day


Hungry crabs cleaned the isle they’d departed

As soon as they left crawling crabs had all started

Things have returned to the way they should be

On those tropical isles, in that tropical sea


© 2022 Dave Brown

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I am ready for Costa Rica myself. I did enjoy the poem Dave. Sometime we can learn. We had what we needed. I enjoyed the road-trip in the poetry. Thank you for sharing the entertaining poetry.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

LOL, Save me some room
Costa Rica here we come

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1 Review
Added on November 21, 2022
Last Updated on November 26, 2022

Mostly light Hearted

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