Introduction: “The Prelude to Our Future”

Introduction: “The Prelude to Our Future”

A Chapter by David Ravencroft

This world…it’s a strange one. It goes through many cycles in its evolution. If one species has done its part, then an extinction event transpires, and a new species is introduced. Mankind has been on the doomsday clock since we crawled out of the caves. We’ve had so many near misses that the thought of our end has become laughable. Either it be astrological, or nuclear, in our minds; we’re unstoppable. Our blindness to the reality of our extinction has led to the development of A.I. 
I’ve seen films dating back to the nineteen-fifties warning us of the dangers of A.I, and other technological explorations. And what does mankind do? We completely negate the warnings and with our brilliant but foolish minds, we chuck it up as pure fiction; because we humans can outsmart anything, including artificial intelligence. Mankind can only be described with the word “arrogance”. The world we live in has become overrun by technology, and we’re burdened with the repercussions. 
The year is 2099. Nearly every accessible job has been filled with A.I, leaving us humans jobless and penniless, and the rich only get richer. War is as common as the common cold, and the United Nations is as heated as a blazing flame. The world is in shambles, and it is all our doing. Perhaps, the extinction event won’t be that bad of an idea…
My name is Atticus Seeker, and this is our future...

© 2018 David Ravencroft

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Added on June 20, 2018
Last Updated on June 20, 2018
Tags: science fiction, sci-fi, cyberpunk, cybergoth, goth, future, futuristic


David Ravencroft
David Ravencroft


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