I'll have an order of Attention with extra Development Disorder please.

I'll have an order of Attention with extra Development Disorder please.

A Story by DavidTroi

When someone with Attention Deficit Disorder has trouble with life. Others who don't have the symptoms or understand the reasons can be hurtful to the ones who do have the issues.

    Isn't laughter suppose to be a happy mood ? Laughter isn't meant for hurting others. When fighting the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder, aka "A.D.D.", you tend you find yourself almost lost in society. I myself try to find ways to cope with everyday life with this very difficult developmental disorder to get along with. It causes problems in relationships with other people, It can bring issues into the work place. ADHD is also another form of the deprivation of concentration. In fact as I'm writing this I stop to bob my head to the music I'm listening to or get distracted by my surroundings.

    Keeping a relationship steady is very difficult when fighting ADD or ADHD. It takes a strong understanding from the spouse who doesn't have the disorder. The spouse at times can feel ignored or be easily frustrated with any certain details like having to repeat themselves. This not only can cause issues with your partner in crime, but with siblings and non relatives such as friends. Some people see the disorder as a simple joke. They pick and laugh at the ones who forget or lack in concentration. This will hurt the ones who are battling these problems. Yes some may even laugh at themselves, but deep down their feelings are crushed. I personally can relate, It may be slightly funny at times, but if the mood is right, the laughing will put a stab on the heart that can't be explained.

    Attention Deficit Disorders can make everyday work life challenging. Forgetting to send that important email, or not remembering how many slices of ham go on that certain sandwich can make you seem mentally disabled to others. It falls back to the feelings, People with these developmental disorders worry themselves within their minds, along with always trying to do their best to remember and pay attention to details. Without certain distractions can make it easier on us. Whether its just the conversations of the co workers or always worrying about what hurtful things could be said next. Sometimes I personally just tune out everything unnecessary the best I can.

    Battling this mental disease can be hard for someone to grasp. However It can be done. When meeting with certain challenges it's best to concentrate, and train your brain to remember remember remember ! Your own mind is your best friend. It can also be your gravest enemy. It always helps when you are surrounded by people who understand. Depression can be even worse when troubled with the symptoms of ADD or ADHD. Especially those that are extra sensitive. They will keep these things bottled up and use them for ammunition to either put more doubt into their head or remind themselves of their troubles or regretted actions. At the same time within minutes the mind set can completely change at the snap of a finger. They say in Florida if you don't like the weather wait about ten to twenty minutes and it will be different. This statement can be disputed all day and night about Florida, but very true when It comes to anyone who has an Attention Disorder.  

© 2012 DavidTroi

Author's Note

Thanks for reading. Took me a little bit of thinking to start it out. Kept getting distracted, however once I thought more and more into it, I progressed more and more and Ideas came left and right. I will probably continue to work on this "project" as time passes.

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Added on February 1, 2012
Last Updated on February 1, 2012
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