Glorified Killer, or Hero? prt.2

Glorified Killer, or Hero? prt.2

A Story by David the writer

Our hero ran into his home bloody, and shaking with fear. He ran into his restroom, and looked at himself. He traced the scars among his face with his hand. He laid in bed watching last night over, and over in his head. He couldn't get any sleep because he couldn't stop asking himself "Am I fugitive now, or am I a hero?". He never thought he'd kill anything in his whole life. He never thought if he did it would be a vampire. He knew that if he didn't no one else would, but he still didn't like killing. He felt as though he was down to their level now. he finally fell asleep though he still watched it all happen again, and again. We awoke,and stood to his feet. He saw it was sun set. He dipped his blades in garlic, and tied his boots. He put on, and tied his bandanna around his forehead. He walked out his door, and to the outskirts of town. He stood there as his memories flashed in his head. He heard the hisses as he looked around him. Six vampires jumped out from the shadows. Our hero drew his blades, and looked around to them in a circle. one clawed, but our hero ducked it, and sweep kicked the vampire. He stabbed the vampire's neck while the vampire was on the ground. Another went to bite our hero. Our hero stabbed through the vampire's mouth, and out the back of it's neck. Another clawed his shoulder as our hero pulled his blade out. Our hero sliced the vampire's neck as another vampire tried to bite him, but our hero roundhouse kicked the vampire. Our hero pounced on the stunned vampire, and stabbed it's head. Then two vampires clawed him in unison knocking down our hero. The two vampire's loomed over him, and got their fangs ready as our laid on the ground shocked. The vampire's went to feed on the sides of his neck, but our hero stabbed both of their necks. He got up, and looked around, and saw the dead bloody vampires. The night broke into dawn as our hero left, but our hero heard something as he left. He looked around, but didn't see anything, or anyone. He turned, and left for his

© 2012 David the writer

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I like how you never say his name. It's only "our hero". it reminds me of The Road which i read in english last year. very good book and yours is good also.
at the end what did he leave for? idk if you noticed that it cut off there or not.
your character seems very human in his reaction to killing

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on July 13, 2012
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David the writer
David the writer


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