Glorified Killer or Hero? prt.8

Glorified Killer or Hero? prt.8

A Story by David the writer

Salvatore awoke from his deep slumber. Only to find himself unrealistically kept alive. He remembered when he was a small child and he was so afraid of those old Dracula movies. Now he's slaughtering them. That moment is when he remembered he needed to find more things about this so called “Legion”.

“What have I found so far?” Salvatore asked himself while looking through his notes he had made, “Legion is a demon in the bible, so maybe the vampires are a cult.” “Wait.... Wasn't there a group of people who actually followed Dracula?” “Yeah, yeah, my brother told me that, so maybe the guy who killed all of them didn't really kill all.” “What if... a few vampires survived the killing and they recently have been showing themselves more, or maybe they have just been more careless lately.” “Well I know that they have apparently been going by Legion as a form of many in one body.” “The body being earth and the vampires are many within the earth.” “YES, I think I have the answer, at least the best one for now.”

Salvatore stood to his feet, and walked into his dinning room. He made his breakfast as he listened to a talk show on his radio. The host was talking about old Dracula movies. He seemed to really enjoy Dracula.

“Speaking of vampires, have you heard Salvatore lately?” The host asked, “He's very undecided on his stance usually but he sounded very different this time.” “Almost as though he wen completely insane!” “I have a different view on our hero, Salvatore.” “I think that vampires are real and with vampires you have to have vampire slayers.” “Now we all thought vampires weren't real at all until Salvatore randomly made the news and was shown doing what he does best, keeping us safe from vampires.” “I know that most people disagree with me, so if you'd like to voice your opinion call 405-689-7890.”

Before the host could say anything else Salvatore called.

“Hello caller, what's your opinion on Salvatore, the vampire slayer?” the host asked as he greeted Salvatore

“Yeah, i'm a killer.” Salvatore answered

“Hmmm, well what makes you such a bad guy,if this really is Salvatore?” the host asked

“It's because I didn't even know if they were all bad, I just killed them and used an excuse.”

“On an unrelated note, so why do you use your blades?” the host asked

“I like how you ask about me instead of the vampires that randomly appeared one day as if they came with the wind.” Salvatore said

“I would but the people are more interested in you.” the show host answered

“The people my a*s, the government probably doesn't want anyone to know.” Salvatore answered

“The government, don't tell me your one of those guys.” the host said disappointed

“Oh yeah, i'm going to tell you a story even though the government will most likely shut us down before I get to where they come in.” Salvatore replied before he started the story, “When this whole vampire mess started was back in Transylvania a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.” “This cult of vampires started, and a man killed them all when no one else even knew where they were, or who they were.” “Who can get that kind of intelligence?” “I think we all know who, and I think we all know why they would too.” “I don't know how are why but apparently some vampires lived and now they recently started to come out again.”

“I never thought of that, or did I know the legend, I just watched the old Dracula movies.” the host replied not realizing Salvatore had exited the conversation, “Salvatore, you still on the other line?” “I guess not, well in an unrelated note does anyone know what happened last night?”

Salvatore couldn't care less what happened last night. He started to grab a snack but he glanced at the sun set. It was beauty , but now its only gray and dark. He couldn't help but over look the beauty in it now. For the sun set has only beauty hidden in the eye of the innocent. Salvatore looked down to his feet and sighed.

He turned and grabbed his blades with a tired, n weary face and dipped them in garlic. He sat down and tied his boots . He stood to his feet and tied his dark bandanna around his forehead. Salvatore stopped and took a minute to think.

“Am I really helping people?”Salvatore asked himself “Do I really need to do this?” “When is my luck going to run out?” “Will it ever stop and will that be my end?”

He turned to walk out the door. He didn't know if he was going to make it back. He was very doubtful of his survival. For his life was like a old horror movie. He was just the dumb one who always try to kill the killer. It's not going to end pretty.

It was too late to run away now because he was there. Salvatore looked up in the dark night sky and saw the moons sadistic smile as it laughed maniacally. For even the moon knew what was to come. Everything got silent as a cold breeze hit his face.

“Salvatore, you are a mighty hunter indeed hahahahaa.” a voice said that sounded like it was coming from every direction

“Where are your manners, you never introduced yourself.” Salvatore teased

“Your right, my name is Alucard Draculas true son.” Alucard answered

“DRACULA IS REAL!?” Salvatore asked surprised

“Why, I thought you'd know by now, Salvatore.” Alucard replied

“Tell me this Alucard, is there rankings in the cult?” Salvatore asked

“Since you already know of the church of Dracula, no every vampire is equal in his quest to serve Dracula.” Alucard answered, “Although I was treated as royalty until he was introduced into our sanctuary.”

“Who is this he?” Salvatore asked

“The highest skilled Vampire except for Dracula himself, and now Dracula treats me like dirt as he treats him as a son.... Like I once was.”

“I think we can make a deal, Alucard.” Salvatore said with a smug smile and a devilish glance in his eyes

“Me make a deal with a mortal!?” Alucard asked while chuckling

“If you help me get closer to my enemy, and you can get at your enemy.” Salvatore explained “It's a deal Alucard, you take it or you leave it.”

“I'm better then making deals with mortals such as yourself.” Alucard said

“Really, your too good for the great vampire slayer?” Salvatore asked “The mortal who single handedly has been killing all these vampires and holds his own against you.”

“You have a good point although I do still have some what of an image to keep up.” Alucard said almost convinced

“I guess I shouldn't offer a pretty boy revenge because it's going to tarnish his image.” Salvatore said as he turned his back

“I can't refuse...... It's tough to say yes though, but my decision is final, the yes I shall help you.”

Alucard materialize and walked to Salvatore. Salvatore was still looking around in the air. He felt a hand touch his shoulder. Salvatore turned as he held his blades in his hands firmly.

“I wouldn't do that if I was you.” Alucard teased

“You really got to stop that random appearance thing.” Salvatore said as put his blades away

“I have to go because the sun is nearly up.” Alucard said, “Next time you see me i'll have a some updates and some leads.”

“What do you mean by leads?” Salvatore asked as a cold gust of wind almost knocked him off of his feet “Oh, great he just vanishes with the wind at will.” Salvatore thought

Salvatore turned and walked back to his home. He never thought he'd ever make a deal with a vampires much less meet the son of Dracula who he never believed in until today. He couldn't wait to reach his home, and lay his head on his sweet pillow. Do something besides killing vampires, meditate, and chatter with random talk show hosts.

He finally reached his door. He was walking to his bedroom but he passed out. He awoke and looked around frantically. He stood to his feet after he noticed everything was the same. He walked into his restroom and looked at himself in the mirror.

Salvatore checked for any new scars, or bruises, but he only found himself with no bruises only the same scars he had. He had deep blue eyes and long messy dark hair. He was tall and well built. Salvatore also had a long scar the reached from the left side of his nose to the right side.

He had a sigh of relief as he left his restroom. Salvatore glanced through his window and saw the sun about to set. He decided to prepare himself for another bloody night.

Salvatore wore a weary face as he dipped his sharp silver blades in garlic. He sat down and tied his big dark boots. He stood to his feet as he tied his dark bandanna around his forehead.

Salvatore exited through his door and walked onto the sidewalk feeling a cold breeze. He was ready for another night painted crimson by blood and justice. He never felt as ready as he did tonight.

Salvatore was there once more on the edge of town feeling deaths breeze. He heard loud hisses from all around him as he looked around. He took his blades out as he found somewhere to look at.

“Now this is more like it!” Salvatore teased all the vampires

The hissing became more thick and loud. A huge group of vampires stepped out of the shadows. All the vampires circled Salvatore.

Salvatore stabbed the vampire on his right throat as his other blade sliced the vampire who was on left in the forehead. All the vampires clawed at the same time as Salvatore leaped out of the circle. He dashed towards the vampires. He pounced on the vampire who was in front of him.

Salvatore sliced the vampires chest. The vampire on his left grabbed Salvatores arm and threw him off of the other vampire. The vampire pounced on Salvatore and clawed Salvatores chest. Salvatore sliced the vampires throat as he grunted loudly.

Salvatore leaped to his feet and stabbed the vampire in front of him. He turned to face the vampire behind him and kicked the vampire down to the ground. He stepped on the vampires throat as he stabbed the vampire behind him. He sweep kicked the vampire who was running towards him.

Salvatore picked the vampire up and held him close to his eyes. The vampire looked at Salvatores scary eyes. The vampire felt great fear.

“Tell me something before I spill your blood everywhere.” Salvatore demanded

“What do you want to know?” the vampire asked fearful

“Do you feel it in the air?” Salvatore asked

“Feel what?” the vampire asked terrified

“Your blood” Salvatore said while laughing before he sliced the vampires throat

© 2012 David the writer

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Again big improvement from when you first started out! but still a few little things that need to be changed/fixed
1) "That moment is when he remembered he needed to find more things about this so called “Legion”." I get the meaning behind this sentence fully and it doesnt NEED to be changed but it would sound better if you maybe reworded it.
2) "Salvatore asked himself while looking through his notes he had made," would sound better as "Salvatore asked himself while looking through THE notes he had made,"
3) again the quotation thing needs to be fixed... i wrote about it in my last review but please feel free to ask me if you are still confused
4) "Salvatore stood to his feet, and walked into his dinning room." just "He stood and ventured into his dinning room" will do and sound better^_^
5) "“Almost as though he wen completely insane!"" you forgot tne 't' in 'went'

there are a few other errors but they arn't really a must change right away type thing. The story will survive without them being changed lol... ANYWAYS! good job and great write David! Keep it up!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is pretty intense stuff my friend! The dilemma poor Salvatore finds himself faced with. Is he really helping humanity, or is he just randomly killing people. I think now the Alucard ( Dracula spelled backwards...clever) has made an appearance, he'll be much more inclined to forego such questions...and get ta' slicin' and dicin'!

Posted 11 Years Ago

David the writer

11 Years Ago

lol, glad you liked it! I got Alucard from Castlevania, and it's vampires so hey why not turn to Cas.. read more
Dean Kuch®

11 Years Ago

You bet! Why not?
David the writer

11 Years Ago

I know, Konami's really awesome! I love jojima too (creator of mgs, and works at Konami)

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David the writer


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