Glorified Killer or Hero prt.9

Glorified Killer or Hero prt.9

A Story by David the writer

Salvatore awoke in his bed. He stood to his feet and grabbed his clothes. He walked into his dinning room and ate breakfast. He stood from his chair and stretched his arms.

Salvatore smelt himself and was very disgusted by his smell. He walked into his restroom and took a shower. It washed off his dirt, but not his pain and guilt. He killed vampires without a second thought, mercy, or conscious. His head hurt from his deep thought as he exited the shower.

Salvatore felt a cold breeze as he found his clothing. He put his clothes he washed last night and they still were a bit warm. He decided to go to the clothes store and wear something different than his usual. He got dressed then exited his home.

Salvatore enjoyed walking and breathing in the cold crisp air. He hadn't walked outside in a long long time. He likes the air when its cold and crispy while the wind is at a light breeze. He was walking until he noticed a young man who looked homeless laying on the street corner.

Salvatore ran to the young man to try to aid him. He couldn't remember the last good deed he ever did. He stopped once he was at the young mans feet.

“Young man, are you okay?” Salvatore asked, worried

“Sir, please don't take me back to the orphanage, please I beg of you.” The ragged young man begged, as he barely held his head up

Salvatore had a flash back when the young man said that. He remembered getting in trouble for watching Dracula movies because they were too bloody and filthy for his age. He didn't care when he got time he watched them and was intensely drawn the the screen the whole time. He came back as the young man was still begging not to be taken back to the orphanage

“Don't worry kid, here I’ll help you to your feet.” Salvatore said, as he held his hand in the young man's reach, “Tell me, what's so bad about your orphanage?”

“Our guardian is horrible, she makes us clean and work without rest.” the young man complained, as he stood to his feet

“She feeds you though, right?” Salvatore asked, worried

“Only once a day and it's very bland cereal.” The young man explained, as he turned to walk with Salvatore “It's all she'll feed us, and she'll only feed us that once a day during the very early hours of the morning.”

“Do you have anything else a bit warmer to wear?” Salvatore asked

“No, this is my only clothing sir.” the young man answered

“Listen kid, I’ll get you some clothes, and you can crash at my place.” Salvatore said, sympathetically

“Thank you sir... Thank you so much.” The young man said, thankfully

“It's no problem and I’ll have to teach you manners too while I’m at it.”Salvatore said

“Oh yes of course, I am known as Daren.” The young man answered, “What would your name be sir?”

“Kid, I’m going to teach you something important.” Salvatore started to explain, “Men like me, we have no names.”

“Oh, well what would you want me to call you?” the young man asked

“I am known as Salvatore.” Salvatore answered

“You mean the vampire slayer?” the young man asked

“I see you were allowed a radio.” Salvatore said

“No, our guardian hated you and every time you spoke she wouldn't stop talking about you, but I never thought you were bad.” the young man said, encouraging Salvatore

“Well.. it's nice to meet a fan.” Salvatore said, as they entered the clothes store

“I have to thank you once again for your kindness, Salvatore.” the young man said

“Don't mention it, Daren.” Salvatore said, as he patted Daren on the back

Daren enjoyed the warmth of the store as he watched Salvatore pick some up a few pieces of clothing. Salvatore looked down at Daren enjoying the warmth and started to pick up a few pieces of clothing for him. Salvatore never felt as bad for anyone this much before, but he seemed to see himself in this young orphan.

Salvatore walked up to the check-out section. Salvatore looked over and saw Daren trying on all different kinds of sunglasses. Daren looked at himself in the mirror and noticed Salvatore walking towards him.

“You seem to really enjoy these sunglasses Daren.” Salvatore noticed

“Yes, they seem to give me a mysterious air and a darker look.” Daren said, as he looked at himself in the mirror more

“Let me see those and i'll buy them for you.” Salvatore said, while he reached his hand for the dark glasses.

Daren handed Salvatore his darkly tented glasses. Salvatore bought all of the clothing and exited the store. Salvatore handed Daren the sunglasses as they walked to Salvatore's home. Daren seemed to be happy but there was something that still bothered him. Salvatore thought he had already asked Daren enough though.

They arrived at Salvatore’s home and Daren looked around.

“Don't worry kid, make yourself at home.” Salvatore said

“I don't think that won't be too much of a problem.” Daren joked “I just have a few questions, where's the restroom and where do I sleep?”

“Restroom's at the end of the hall, and you can sleep on the couch.” Salvatore answered, as he glanced outside to see the sun almost set.

Salvatore walked to his cold sharp silver blades and dipped them in garlic. He tied his dark,and dirty shoes. He stood up as he tied his long dark bandanna around his forehead. He turned to Daren who seemed asleep.

Salvatore smirked and turned around and exited. He felt the cold wind greet him gently as he walked off of his door steps and onto the side walk. He thought he heard his door close so he turned to find nothing. He laughed at himself as he turned to keep walking.

Salvatore was still a bit alert as he kept walking. He was nearly there he could feel the difference in the air. He remembered looking at all the vampires he killed and seeing all the thick, dark, red blood everywhere. He heard all the hisses, shouts, screams, and their expressions of horror.

Salvatore was there at the edge of the city again. Breathing in the horrid smells, and watching the darkness. Wondering if tonight's his last and nothing or no one will stop his fate.

Salvatore heard hisses coming from the dark. They grew louder and thicker as the hisses closed in. A group of vampires appeared and the vampire in the middle walked out of the group.

“Ah, Salvatore the vampire slayer... how nice to meet you.” The vampire teased

“Really, it's nice to meet your ultimate doom?” Salvatore asked, egotistically

“Your as much of a comedian as a hunter.” the vampire teased back

“I wonder if your as good in a fight as you are with words.” Salvatore said, as he pulled his blades out.

“I am the highest skilled vampire besides Dracula himself.” the vampire said.

Salvatore readied himself as the vampire called the group off. The vampire then turned and crouched. He held his sharp and unclean claws in an x. Salvatore stood and grasped his blades tightly as they stared at the other one.

The vampire leaped onto Salvatore's chest. The vampire tried to claw at Salvatore but he was kicked off. Salvatore pounced on the vampire and tried to stab the vampires neck but the vampire moved his hand in the way. Salvatore tried to slice the vampire’s chest but the vampire blocked with his claws.

“You weren't joking when you said you're the most skilled vampire besides Dracula himself.” Salvatore said.

The vampire picked Salvatore up by his chest. He pulled Salvatore close to his eyes.

“You don't say!?” the vampire asked, sarcastically.

The vampire slammed Salvatore into the ground and clawed his chest. The vampire laughed as his claw neared Salvatore’s face. Salvatore sliced the vampire’s claws and the vampire hissed as it looked at it’s hand.

“Hey blood sucker, did you get a pedicure?” Salvatore taunted.

Salvatore leaped off of the ground and onto the vampire’s chest. He sliced the vampire just above his right eye. The vampire hissed loudly and faded into air.

“Do you all do that!?” Salvatore shouted, frustrated.

Salvatore forgot about the group of vampires behind him. All five gathered behind him silently. They all had a violent thirst for blood.

Daren leaped from the shadows silently. He grabbed one vampire and slammed him into the ground knocking the vampire unconscious and alerting all the other vampires. Daren crouched with gloves on that looked like a tiger’s paw with very sharp crimson claws.

“You'd be surprised at what kind of stuff you can find in a dumpster.” Daren said

One vampire tried to claw Daren but he ducked and sliced the vampires wrist. Another vampire reached down to bite Daren’s neck but Dared sweep kicked him and clawed it’s throat when it was down. The last two vampires tried to claw him in unison as Daren ducked. Daren impaled the two vampires’ waist and leaped into the air. Slicing them all the way up to the throat.

“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!” Salvatore shouted, rageful

“You saved my life... I felt the need to be your guardian angel.” Daren answered, as he looked down

“Kid, I’m going to tell you something important.” Salvatore said, as he looked into Daren's bloody shades, “I'm not a role model and I don't need anyone watching out for me. I am curious where you learn to fight like that.”

“I had to learn how to fight because I was always pushed around by bullies.” Daren answered.

“You were pretty good with that tiger paw, kid.” Salvatore said. “Did you have any experience with that?”

“No, I just let my instincts kick in.” Daren answered.

“I think you need to train a bit before you come back out, kid.” Salvatore said, as they walked back to Salvatore’s home.

© 2012 David the writer

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Errors first this time and then i'll tell you what i think about the piece;) and beware you have to read it ALL or you shall never improve!!!
1) "He stood to his feet and grabbed his clothes." Its good to tell what he's standing on but not really necessary lol just putting "He stood" is perfectly fine^_^
2) "Salvatore smelt himself and was very disgusted by his smell" lol funny that he's stinky but the way you worded this makes him seem... mmmm... idk kinda like a square and we don't want our Kickass Vamp slayer to be a square! Put something like "Sniffing himself he gagged and made a face, he would need to take a shower." Of course you don't need to change it though.
3) your also putting Salvatore this and Salvatore that ALOT! ever heard the saying "That's my name and don't wear it out?" well your wearing out Salvatores name. Use he, him, his, instead kay?^_^
4) "“No, this is my only clothing sir.” the young man answered" this is should be these are... and clothing should be clothes and also the young man sounds a little formal at times but i suppose he should when talking to an older person but to me it seems a little odd.
5) " I am known as Daren." okay so.... good... but i have a question... what time period is this in? Because if its set now-a-days then people don't really talk like that do they? they say My Name is... or I'm...
6) "Salvatore forgot about the group of vampires behind him. All five gathered behind him silently. They all had a violent thirst for blood." try combining the first two sentences into something like "Forgetting about the Vampires that gathered silently behind him, thirsty for his sweet blood." or something along those lines^_^

OKAY! NOW for my thoughts on the story! first off YAY! because Sal really did need someone to lean on and Daren seems like a pretty good guy for the job(though like Dean i have my suspisions lol) Anyways im really glad he's not alone in his journey and slaying adventures! And great chapter! It be cool to see the duo (Sal [sorry i'v given him a nickname^_^] and Daren) fight together in the future and maybe become a kickass teamXD keep up the good work David!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I guess you will. Thank you so much for reviewing. I hope you will read part 10 which I am still writing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Ah-hah! So now, Salvatore has a side-kick, Daren. Like BatMan and Robin, Salvatore and Daren have much to do in the world you have created for them. At first, I feared that Daren was a rogue vampire assassin, out to prove himself to the obviously larger members of his clan. I was really suspicious when he had Salvatore purchase the shades for him in the clothiers. And, as adept as he is at fighting, I must admit, I'm still a bit leary of him. I suppose I'll just have to keep on reading to find out...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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