I am

I am

A Poem by David the writer

 I am the silent wind that blows on your neck

 I'm the the night sky that laughs at your tears

 I'm your phobia that makes you wanna hide

 I'm you're worst fear, real life


 I'm the blood red moon

 'N' the howling wolves

 I'm the vulture in the velvet red sky of your last night

 At the end of your tunnel, I'm your dim light   


 Burn in hell

 Spend your eternity with Satan well

 You'll miss dancing with her before you even start

 But don't listen to the flames, she has a cold heart


 I'm the gargoyles full of life

 I'm the dark flames in hell

 What can I say, i'm everything you fear

 What can I say, in hell i'm everything here


 I'm the gates that welcomed you to your never ending last night

 I'm next to the entrance, i'm her dark knight

 I'm your fears, and phobias

 I'm all of them your agoraphobias, xenophobias, and your  claustrophobias



© 2012 David the writer

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Nice one. Sorry I can't give constructive helpfull reviews :D but in my opinion I think it might sound better if you took the"what can I say" outta "what can I say in hell I'm everything here"

Posted 8 Years Ago

David the writer

8 Years Ago

I think it might, but idk. thanks dude
At the end of your tunnel
I'm your dim light.
Nice write.

Posted 8 Years Ago

David the writer

8 Years Ago

Sami Khalil

8 Years Ago

You are welcome.
This was great! I love the descriptions you used in this to make it come to life.

yeah, I know, I kind of live there right now.

Posted 8 Years Ago

David the writer

8 Years Ago

XD> roleplay characters in reviews now? lol thanks!

8 Years Ago

As if I have time to be in ALL of your reviews, human boy, your lucky Rachel doesn't let me eat you .. read more

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Added on October 13, 2012
Last Updated on October 13, 2012


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David the writer


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