A Poem by David the writer

 I trudge after my caskit hath opened, and I risen

 The embodyment of your fear hath arisen

 I am the animal of the night

 Silent, never in sight


 The sun now fadded into the moon

 The sky is dark, but bright again soon

 Watching her neck so tender

 Now bitting into her


 I love the thick red blood

 And feeling it overflow

 As I hear the crow

 Feeling the her blood on my fangs flood


 Her sweet life gone with the wind

 Her neck is now skinned

 I hath drank from her

 Her death I incur

© 2012 David the writer

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Glad this isn't some twilight knock-off.

Posted 9 Years Ago

David the writer

9 Years Ago

You'll never catch me being the author of a piece holding twilight styled vampires
Plagued Monumentally

9 Years Ago

I hope so. It'll be a waste of a fantastic author.
David the writer

9 Years Ago

It already was a waist of few. And thanx
I like this. I love the dark, deep mood of this. Wonderful write. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

David the writer

9 Years Ago

Thanx! a lot!

9 Years Ago

David the writer

9 Years Ago


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David the writer
David the writer


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