Now I Feel so Small

Now I Feel so Small

A Poem by David the writer

 Kill my inside
 Take my soul for a ride
 Give me hope and take it away
 No one will see me tomorrow day

 Call me what you will
 My spirit's weak, my mind ill
 I hide my face in an honest lie
 My life in essence is a pig sty

 There's no sense in hiding
 My reality's been sliding
 Should I want to continue
 If I asked, would you

 Left to my lonesome
 With an acquired taste for gloom 
 No escape, no winning, complacent
 That's not exactly what I meant

 No more meaning left in the game
 It won't change, it will always be the same
 A nobody going nowhere no how
 I'll accept loser of the year with a bow

 I won't speak for anyone but me
 But there's a lot of things that I see
 I don't like much of what I witness
 But everyone's under their own stress

 I wish I would have prepared to crash
 I know what I'm saying sounds rash
 But I'm ship with too many holes
 I was once an ocean voyage with too many goals

 Now I'm a washed up abandoned dream
 Nothing anyone remembers as it would seem
 I would that's okay, but I can't get over it all
 I used to feel so big, now I feel so small

 Like the titanic, I felt invincible
 But in truth, I was very vulnerable
 The bigger they are, the harder they fall
 I used to feel so big, now I feel so small

© 2016 David the writer

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Added on May 16, 2016
Last Updated on May 16, 2016


David the writer
David the writer


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