The Last Druid

The Last Druid

A Poem by David Lewis Paget

She’d lived alone since her husband left

Just after the fall of Rome,

Deep in the forest she’d kept herself

In the tangle of trees called home.

He’d left with one of the Legions, they

Recalled to defend the State,

Leaving Britain with Roman roads

And her people, left to their fate.


Aeronwy came from a Druid clan

From a mixture of kings and gods,

She’d never age in the forest glade

Where she lived with her hunting dogs.

She lived on berries and lived on fruits

And the kill that the dogs brought in,

But knew she never must see herself

Reflected in any spring.


‘For if you do,’ said a holy man

‘You will see that the years are fraught,

Your spells and philtres won’t help you then,

You’ll lose what the ancients taught.

The years will tumble over your breast

In a wave, and take your breath,

As long as you live in this vale of trees

You will be immune to death.’


She wept for the loss of her husband then

For he never came back home,

She didn’t know he’d been taken off

With his Legion, back to Rome.

They’d met when a hunting party came

To slaughter her Druid clan,

But she was spared, for her beauty there

Would entrance most any man.


He’d stayed with her in the forest glade

For a month of making love,

She prayed that he’d never leave her, in

A plea to the gods above,

She little knew of the world out there

Of the waning Roman’s might,

And so she wallowed in bitter tears

In her loneliness, each night.


Her time was not as the time for us,

Her minute was like our day,

The years would fly in her restless nights

As she dreamed her life away.

But she woke as fresh and as beautiful

As she’d been the night before,

While scores of agues and deadly plagues

Swept on, in a world at war.


The forest began to shrink as men

Fed wood to their kilns and fires,

What once had been a forest became

A wood, in the sight of spires,

She heard the clang of hammers on steel

At the factories rise and rise,

And soon her trees were surrounded by

New roads, and telephone wires.


Then men came into her forest glade

While cutting a new canal,

She hid in the corner, in the shade

As her trees began to fall.

One day she woke and the cut was there

With a little hump-backed bridge,

She mounted slowly, up to the top

And balanced over the edge.


She gazed down into the water that

Was still as a mirror’s sheen,

And saw the face that began to race

Through the thousand years she’d seen.

Her hair flew wide, and before she died

She muttered a weary moan,

‘I’d be content if it only meant

That my husband came back home!’


David Lewis Paget

© 2014 David Lewis Paget

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Featured Review

I am awed at the detail you have woven into this dynamic story telling/poem. Each brushstroke adds to the depth of imagery and complexity of the tale. It surely held my interest to the very end, thank you for sharing your time and talent here.


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Intriguing indeed is the way you have woven the past of the Druids with the coming of modern days - all with a wonderful twist of love that was so futile for the one who knew of no loss of beauty until the past met the present. In the end, she realized that if love could have conquered all she would have been content.
Very nicely done with your usual style and bits of history woven in!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I truly loved this poem. What is beauty and a thousand years without the one you love? Empty. Very well written David.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Brialliant as usual! A great take on modernisation taken in with the old legend, as if it was a Rainforest in England!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 12, 2014
Last Updated on June 12, 2014
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David Lewis Paget
David Lewis Paget

Moonta, South Australia, Australia