It Was You All Along

It Was You All Along

A Story by Dawsa_Nur

This piece is about finding myself and realizing my worth. We sometimes tend to lose ourselves in relationships, work, and things but we forget the person that person the most which is yourself. T


Now I fully comprehend how much I need to wait

This relationship was meant to lead me to you.

See, I knew from the beginning it was not him, but I still wanted to figure him out

Loving him was like solving pieces of a puzzle I honestly could not comprehend

He was close but so unreachable.

Every day spent with him made my soul and heart lose connection with one another

I kept reminding myself that love was patience

If I loved him, I would be patient

If I loved him, I would wait until he was ready

If loved him, maybe he would change and learn how to love me properly

After all, feelings, things, and people change.

Slowly, I begin to realize life is full of complexities, but the right love makes sense of the storm but is not the storm itself

See, I was born a fire sign, which means I was made of inspiration, passion, and creativity

But with each relationship, the fire began to die slowly

But then I met you

Our meeting was not anything special

Our dates were not whimsical

Your vulnerabilities created the pathway to the deep love I began to feel for you

I saw your flaws and the beauty in your imperfection

I wanted to love the raw you, not the ideal version of you

The more I got to know you, the more regretful I became for wasting all those precious years loving all the wrong people when you were the one for me

As soon as I met you, I realized what was missing in my life

Is this what true love felt like because I could not get enough of you

This time I knew it was different because from the beginning falling in love with you was my choice



I did not care who loved me back anymore because you loved me more than anyone could love me

The love I felt for you had no constraint

Something within my soul said to love you, and your love was meant to heal me

Your love brought me to my knees in tears

Your love made me realize and be in awe of the woman I am

Your love is infinite because you are me and your passion is myself multiplied

I am sorry that it took so long to find my way to you

I had to stumble, fall, crumble, and get broken to realize true love was always within me and it was not people I needed but myself all along

I promise now that I found you, I am never going ever to let you go or make you question your worth again

I love you dear self, and I will continue to show you gratitude and compassion till eternity

No relationship will ever come between you and me

Life had to teach me that there is a distinctive type of pain that is to be suffered when you love someone more than you love yourself to make my way back to you

Self, you are perfect just the way you are, and if you need a reminder, look in the mirror

I promise to continue loving you so hard you never have to question your worth again

© 2020 Dawsa_Nur

Author's Note

What changes should I make? What do you think of the flow?

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Added on September 16, 2020
Last Updated on September 16, 2020
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