COMMISSION: 6Desmond x Shaun

COMMISSION: 6Desmond x Shaun

A Story by Dayami-chan

Commission for Peorth Moon Desmond, Shaun©Assassin's Creed Commission©Dayami-chan


WARNING! This contains SHONEN-AI - boy x boy love

"You want something to eat?"
Shaun glanced up at the whispy balls of baby pink fluff presented before him. The soft sweet smell of the treat tickled his nostrils and made his eyes falter hungrily. But he shook his head firmly and looked away from it. "No, not hungry."
    The man frowned and cocked his head, watching his friend intently. "You sure?"
    "I said I'm fine," Shaun retorted, swallowing his hunger and covering his sweet tooth with his tongue, hoping the sudden craving would disappear rapidly.
    Desmond smiled a little and nodded before starting towards the stall, delving his fingers into his pockets for change. He returned seconds later with two tall sticks wrapped in the pink dessert. He grinned cockily and his eyes twinkled brightly under the gaze of the shining stars. "Oh look, I accidentally bought two. How could I possibly eat them both," he hummed robotically, feigning ignorance with ease.
    Shaun glared at him before his dark mask cracked and a smile slowly teased the corners of his mouth upwards. He took one of the sticks and mouthed a thanks.
    Desmond buried his face in the fluff and retrieved a mouthful of the faint delight. He grabbed hold of Shaun's hand and they continued walking through the stalls of the theme park's food court. Their hands locked together perfectly and Desmond felt his insides melt as fast as the candy in his mouth. He peeked at Shaun through the corner of his eye and gazed at his face cowering from the cold chill of the night. Being with Shaun made him feel incredibly warm, no matter how cold it was. Wonder if he feels the same...
    Shaun wrinkled his nose and nudged his glasses up a notch before they sank down again. He took his first nibble of the cotton candy. "Feel the same about what?"
    Like I said that out loud... Desmond blushed and swapped his attention over to the glimmering park lights. "Uh, about the cotton candy," he lied.
    The other man swallowed his first bite before squinting accusingly at his friend. "Liar, I just ate some."
    "Aha so you did," Desmond agreed, dismissing the conversation with a wave of the hand. He was indicating a tiny but noticeable spark in the sky that had just exploded into a million burning trails of fire. "Shaun, look, look! The fireworks are starting!" he yelled excitedly over the loud banging sounds of the burners.
    Shaun wasn't looking. He was completely mesmerized by Desmond's happy face glowing a range of colours under the bright light show. He didn't react straight away when the man turned and asked what was wrong. Shaun's face flushed red and, low and behold, a blazing red blast errupted in the sky, enhancing his tomato coloured cheeks. "N-Nothing, nothing!"
    Desmond was totally focused on Shaun and watched him carefully while taking his hand and bending low. "Do you want me to kiss you?" he whispered huskily into the man's ear. He smirked when the reply was another lie in the form of a frantically shaking head. "If you say so," he drawled, pursing his lips and moving in.
    Fireworks exploded. Shaun's heart was on fire.

© 2011 Dayami-chan

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Added on August 22, 2011
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