Chapter 1 - Gepetto

Chapter 1 - Gepetto

A Chapter by Lyrad

One man's life is about to change

Lucian Winters walked the streets of Ethanor, an island city off the coast of the UK. The island itself is split in half, one half being a nature reserve filled with habitats for near extinct species of animals and plants, the city takes up the other half of the island is the most highly developed cities in the UK, it's main source of income being the care for these animals and plants and shipping them off to main land zoos, they also have the most advanced research and development company in the UK which also gets exported. The city is full of skyscrapers, tower blocks and has a running tram line running through out, usually a peaceful city with barely any crime, it recently changed, as more people came to the island the crime rate rose and although killers have plagued the city before none had been feared more than its current serial killer. 

This serial killer is known as Gepetto, as he always kidnaps a group of people and manipulates on of them at random to kill the others, it is thought that he uses some sort of mental torture to coerce his victims as they never remember committing the murders, all they remember is hearing a man's voice telling them to kill in various ways. 

Though not a huge fan of his nickname, Lucian embraced it. He stopped walking as he found himself in one of many high streets, he looked up down the street. Not very populated. He combed his hand through his short crop of brown hair and grinned. His pupils dilated, covering his irises completely. 

Everyone on the high street stopped in place, even the cars stopped moving. Lucian looked around at everyone and everyone he looked at had their irises dilated, just like him. He continued walking as he went to pick out his latest group of victims, but just as he was about to make his first choice a car stopped beside him. He waited and watched as four men exited the car and walked towards him. 
"Lucian Winters?" One of the men asked as they approached. 
"Get back in the car and leave at once!" Lucian ordered but to his surprise the men remained in place. 
"I think you'll find your powers won't work on us, Gepetto." Another of the men explained. 
"Interesting, I'm surprised you managed to figure who I was," Lucian said, sounding genuinely impressed. "Tell me, how did you find out?" 
"We've known for a while now, about you and your, unique, skill set." 
"So I can assume the reason you haven't come to get me so far is because you've been making something to grant immunity from my powers?" Lucian theorised. 
"So mind control won't work," He took off his glasses and used his T-shirt the clean them. "How about my second power, I wonder?" He asked, putting his glasses back on. 
"Second power?" 
Lucian grinned, he raised one arm towards then men and lifted two of them into the air, throwing them back against the car without touching them. "Explain to me why I shouldn't kill you all now!" 
The other two men remained calm, to Lucian's surprise. The two who were thrown against the car stood up, using the car for support. 
"We work for an organisation called the Final Solution Initiative," The man closest to Lucian responds. "We try to counteract world ending events, one of these events lead to you and others like you to develop powers." 
Lucian feigned surprise, he was already aware of this fact thanks to a rather strange development with his own powers. When his powers emerged he also gained a voice in his head that told him the reason why people in the city had gained powers. The voice claimed to be the source of powers that have emerged from people with in the past two years. 
"So there are others?" He asked. "With powers similar to mine?" 
"Different," The same man replied. "We want to take you in and test your powers and the strength of the cosmic energy you host." 
"Cosmic energy?" 
"I by-product of the event." 
Lucian appeared thoughtful for a moment, pretending to think about the proposal. 
"Go with them, they will make our mission that much easier." An androgynous voice said to him in his head. 
"As you wish." Lucian replied in thought. He looked back up to the men and nodded. "I'll go with you." 
"Glad to hear it, sir, now please, enter the back of the vehicle." 
Lucian followed the man to the black car he arrived in and entered the back, the two men he threw before had already entered the car whilst he was talking to other two. The other two men entered the car and shut the door. 
"Mr.Winters, before we go could you please release these people from your control." 
"As you wish." Lucian said tiredly. His pupils became normal and the people in the street began to walk around as if nothing had happened. 

Without another word the car started and they drove off. No one spoke throughout the duration of the journey, Lucian wasn't  even paying attention to where they were going. when they eventually stopped they had descended into an underground warehouse. All the car doors opened at once as the four in the back and the two in the front left the car, Lucian left the car and adjusted his hoody. 
The six men lead Lucian through a corridor and and into a large room. The room was filled with people, and all of them with powers different to his. Lucian watched one woman, dressed in a navy blue rubber suit, a semi face mask of the same colour which left only her mouth exposed, red shoulder length gloves and red knee high boots, toss a ball of yellow energy between each hand, and another woman in a similar outfit but with a white suit and mask and blue gloves and boots, there was also a man changing his skin to different compositions and minerals. He then saw a girl kneeling next to a wolf and walked over to her, the six men who escorted him in had already left him. 
"Didn't realise they allowed dogs in here." Lucian said as he approached. 
"Yeah, well she's a special case," She stood up and looked at him. "Not everyone came in with as many guards as you did." She pointed out.  
"Yeah, well, I'm also a special case." Lucian looked around the room some more, sensing the cosmic energy within them all thanks to the source within him. 
"Why so special?" The girl asked, attracting Lucian's attention. 
"I like to tell people what to do," Lucian smiled. "What about you?" 
"I talk to my dog, way too much." She laughed. As did Lucian. 
Lucian held his hand out to her. "Lucian Winters." 
The girl took his hand and they shook. "Rebecca Farmer," She notioned to the wolf beside her. "And this is Bella." 
"A hundred percent wolf." Bella growled at him as Lucian went to stroke her. "She doesn't like you." 
"Not many things do." Lucian took his hand away but the wolf continued to growl. 
"Apparently you smell like blood." Rebecca spoke in a low voice. "Which means you're either a killer or a soldier, and you don't look like a soldier." 
Lucian continued to smile. "Well aren't you clever." He said as his pupils dilated. 
"Prowess and Lucian Winters." A voice called from across the room before he could try and take over her mind. Lucian turned and saw an auburn haired girl in a lab coat standing in a doorway, a different one from the one he entered through. "Please follow me." 
Lucian turned back to Rebecca. "Another time." 
"Looking forward to it." She replied with a smug smile. 

Lucian walked towards the Scientist and walked through the door with her and Ethanor's resident superhero, Prowess. 
"This woman needs to be our first target," The androgynous voice said as they walked. "She holds much of my lost energy." 
"I understand," Lucian thought back to it. "When the moment presents itself I shall strike." 
They continued to walk through what seemed like blast doors, something you would probably see on a bunker. The room it lead to was almost empty apart from two cylindracal glass booths, large enough to fit one person, each one had a wire attached to the top which lead to a computer, one for each of them. There were three Scientists in the room, two of which also hosted cosmic energy, along three other people who held none. 
"So you're the superhero I keep hearing about," Lucian said as he edged closer towards Prowess. "Thought you'd be too busy saving the city to come here." 
"The police can handle it." She replied without looking at him. 
"Any closer to catching this Gepetto killer?" He asked, acting curious. "Frightful man, I know I'd sleep better with him off the streets." 
"A lot of people would, but unfortunately he is elusive." 
A scientist went to each booth and opened the door. "Please enter the booth." The auburn haired girl requested. 
"What will happen once we're in there?" Prowess asked. 
"It will determin which of you hosts the highest amount of cosmic energy." The other scientist replied. 
"Why is that important." 
The third scientist, the one who remained at the side of the room, stepped infront of Prowess. "If you have the most, we'll let you know." 
"He holds much of my power too." The androgynous voice informed Lucian. "The red headed girl holds some but nowhere near as much these two." 
"Understood." Lucian thought back. "What could be the harm in a scan?" He said aloud, walking forwards to booth in front of him, where auburn haired scientist stood. He stepped inside and turned around as the door closed behind him. He watched as Prowess walked into the other. they were given no warning as beam of red light shone at the top of the booth, shining horizontally in a circle shape, it descended slowly and on the outside Lucian saw data appearing the computer that his booth was connected to. When the scan reached his feet, it stopped and vanished. The doors opened and Lucian walked out, along with Prowess. 
The thirds scientist walked up to Prowess and stopped. "Prowess, could you please return to the other room?" He asked politely. "It would appear that Mr. Winters hosts the highest amount of cosmic energy." 
Prowess turned to look at Lucian briefly before walking out of the room. 
"And where will I be going?" Lucian asked as the scientist stopped in front of him. 
"Somewhere different." He replied with a wide grin. Lucian felt a small prick in the side of his neck and he collapsed to the floor. The scientist knelt down in front of his face as Lucian's vision began to darken. "Nighty night, Gepetto." He said before Lucian fell out of consciousness. 

When he awoke he found himself strapped to a metal table, his wrists and ankles bound by metallic cuffs and leather straps across his chest. The table was raised at an angle so he was almost upright. The scientist that Lucian saw last was looking at screens of data which appeared to be Lucian's vital signs and results of whatever tests they were running on him. 
The scientist turned around and, upon seeing Lucian, smiled. "Well, hello Mr. Sleepyhead!" 
"What are you doing?" Lucian asked, still groggy from whatever drug they dosed him with. 
The scientist sighed. "It's simple really," He said, stepped closer to to Lucian. "You host an incredible amount of cosmic energy, the most, in fact, out of everyone we've ever tested, including myself," He breathed out a soft chuckle. "I'm sorry, but the thought of it still tickles me," He looks up behind Lucian. "It's like waiting for a bus, ain't it? Don't expect it to come and then two come at once," He turned back to Lucian and as he did Lucian heard laughter behind him. "You and Prowess both host more than I do," He closed his eyes and shook his head. "I can't accept this." His tone changed completely with that sentence. 
Lucian forced out an exhaustion fueled laugh. "And what are you gonna do about it?" 
The scientist received a syringe from the table behind him. "I'm going to take yours." He replied with a crooked grin. "And I'm going to keep taking it until I learn how to increase my own power or you run out." 
"Act panicked," The androgynous voice advised. "It is impossible to extract my power from you." 

Before Lucian could respond to the voice he noticed the scientist stare at him with a strange look. "That wasn't your voice." He said softly. "Who's voice was that?" He then held a thoughtful look on his face. "Why do I find it so familiar?" 
Lucian smiled as he the voice had the same thought without speaking. "I am the entity," He said, him and the voice speaking as one, as a look, a mixture of awe and horror, gripped the scientist's face. "I cannot be destroyed by your technology, I am eternal!" 
The scientist stepped back. but then he smiled. "But at this moment, you're weak, you've lost the powers you once had, I've even suppressed your remaining ones." 
Lucian continued to smile. "Or so you think." He could feel the return of his powers, whatever they dosed him with was wearing off. His eyes dilated and he could see the fear grow in the scientist's eyes. "Destroy him." He ordered. 
The three people standing behind him walked forward into view and approached the scientist but before they could get closer he laughed and raised his right hand. "Burn!" He said before a stream of fire shot towards Lucian, but instead of burning him the scientist manipulated the fire making it spiral around Lucian. 

Lucian could feel himself heating up, he lost his concentration as the air around him burned, he yelled a wordless scream out of frustration as he felt himself getting weaker again, and when he thought he was about to suffocate the flaming vacuum dissipated. Lucian breathed heavily and stared the scientist down as he walked closer. 
"I don't care if you're the strongest being in the known universe or not," He said as leaned down to Lucian's ear. "I will find out how to take your power, it's just a matter of time." 
Lucian felt a small prick in his neck and he fell into darkness once more. Though this time it was different. He could feel and hear everything going on around him. He heard the scientist laugh. "It's impossible!" He screamed. "This man hosts the cosmic entity! It's un-f*****g-believable!" He heard the scientist pace the room. "In his head is the source of my power, do you know what this means?" 
"No, sir." One of the people behind him replied. 
There was a brief silence. "Neither do I, we need to run tests, but he's too dangerous," He stops pacing. "Put him in the capsule." 
"Wasn't that designed for coma patients?" Another of the three asked. 
"What the f**k do you think I did to him?" The scientist asked angrily. "I've put him into an induced coma, it's the safest way to keep him alive and I need him alive," He felt the scientist stroke his hair. "I've got so many plans for you." He whispered into his ear. 
Lucian felt sick as he felt the scientist's hot breath on his ear. 
"Take him now!" The scientist yelled. 

Lucian could feel as he was transferred to a horizontal bed and wheeled out of the room, he felt as they turned and as they went through doors, as they entered and exited an elevator and finally as they stopped. He was lifted into some sort of substance and could feel as it conformed to his body like some sort of memory foam, it seemed to mold him into a sitting position, when his body stopped moving he felt multiple pricks all over his body, which felt like tiny needles. He heard a door close and after that he could no longer hear. 

He lost time. He felt as blood was taken from him regularly, always different amounts, and then as that same amount was put back into him, he was in darkness the entire time, even the entity was silent, it spoke to him occasionally, reassuring him, saying that it was waiting for the right time, but most of the time it was silent. Whatever this capsule was that held him it was injecting chemicals into him, drugs that suppressed his powers and keep him in an induced coma. He could always feel when the scientist was standing outside the capsule but could never hear what he was saying. He had no way of knowing how much time had passed since he was put in this capsule. 

And one day, that changed. 

He felt another presence, in another area of the building. She hosted no cosmic energy from what Lucian could tell but still he could feel her, and , for the first time in so long, he could see. 
But he was looking out of her eyes.
He watched as she sat on the edge of the bed and as he held her head as if suffering from a severe headache. 
"Where am I?" He heard the woman ask. 
"That's not important." The voice of the scientist replied. The woman looked up at the man who had put Lucian in his current hell. "My name is Cornelius Greymoor, and I just gave you superpowers." 
Lucian and the voice remained silent, they both knew they had to observe for now, this girl was their only chance of escape. 
"I'm sorry, what?"
"Superpowers, abilities beyond human capability, you have them now." Cornelius replied, childishly. 
The girl seemed to groan out of frustration or annoyance. "Why?" 
"Simple, I'm trying to create a super powered army, I want you in it." 
"No thanks, already been in one, not my thing." 
"Oh, I know, I know all about you, Ms. Fisher." Cornelius grinned. 
"You know my name?" The girl didn't sound impressed. "Big deal," She added sarcastically. "You realise I could kill you before you had a chance to react, right?" 
"Maybe," His grin faded. "But that why they're here." 
Three people stepped into the girl's view, two of which were horribly disfigured, one man, two women. The man looked to be completely made of rock while the one of the women was completely silver, shimmering under the artificial light, with sharp fingers. The second woman looked completely normal. 
The girl looked at the normal looking woman. "Okay, so Rockman, Silvergirl and a secretary," She summed up. "Scary s**t right there, I better do what you say." She said, acting scared. 
The normal looking woman suddenly threw her arm forward, which stretched and punched the girl in the face. 
"Right, sorry, should of called you Stretchgirl." The girl said as rubbed her cheek. She turned back to Cornelious. "Still don't see why I should be scared." 
Cornelious laughed as his eyes began to glow white. "You will." He said as held both hands beside him and formed a fireball in each. "Submit to me or feel more pain than you have ever experienced." 
"Fine!" He girl yelled angrily. "What do you want me to do?" She asked as Cornelious extinguished his flames. 
"Nothing for now, wait here until I call for you." Cornelious turned to leave. 
"Wait, where's my stick?" 
Cornelious turned around. "Why do want it?" 
"It's a walking stick." The girl replied sarcastically. "What do you care? Just give it back!" 
Cornelious turned around again. "Under the bed." He replied as he left the room with his entourage. 
When they were gone the girl jumped off of the bed and searched underneath, finding the stick instantly, which looked like a bo-staff but nothing special. She then proceeded to look around the room.
"Could you really kill them?" Lucian asked as the girl stopped in her tracks. 
"Who's there?" She yelled, looking around on the spot. 
"My name is Lucian Winters," Lucian replied. "And I need your help." 
"Where are you?" 
"I'm not in the room with you, I'm speaking to you in your head." 
"I don't know, but we have some kind of connection that's allowing us to communicate." 
The girl was silent for a moment. "I thought I felt strange, I thought it was just a headache, is that our connection?" 
"More than likely, it's also allowing me to see and hear what you do." 
"Slightly creepy." 
"For you and me both." 
"Why do you need my help?" 
"First, answer my question, can you kill like you claimed?" 
"I've left more gore behind me than a zombie film." She replied confidently.
"I'm being held in an induced coma," Lucian began. "I believe I'm in a basement, Cornelious is experimenting on me for reasons beyond my knowledge and I need you to set me free." 
Again the girl was silent. Lucian watched as she closed her eyes and slowed her breathing. Lucian felt their connection grow stronger for a second and she opened her eyes again, suddenly. She gasped. "I felt it!" She exclaimed. "I felt whatever they're doing to you, how are you not screaming?" 
"What ever drugs they're pumping into me are numbing the pain." Lucian watched as she walked towards the door. 
"I'm going to get you out," She said fiercely as she walked through the door. "I'll kill everyone in my path and won't stop until we're both safe."
"I expect nothing less." If he could smile he would. 

Lucian proceeded to direct her to him and watched as she made good on her promise and killed everyone who stood in her path. She whirled her stick and struck people so hard that sometimes their heads simply burst. It could even be changed into a three-part nun chuck which she mainly used on the guards that tried to escape or call for back-up. She thought like a woman possessed, revelling in the slaughter. She shrugged off each and every injury that was given to her, they even healed themselves whilst she was fighting, making her unstoppable. 
He watched as she made her way into the elevator and pushed the button to the lowest floor. She laughed as the lift began to move. 
"I haven't felt a rush like this for a long time." She said as she breathed heavily. "And these powers are just amazing!" 
"They do seem to suit you," Lucian agreed. "But I can see you don't need them to kill, you skills of slaughter are a sight to behold." 
She chuckled again. "Thank you," The lift stopped. "My name's Alicia, by the way," She said as she readied for another fight. "But just call me Amazon." 
"Then call me Gepetto." 
"Gepetto? After the serial killer?" 
"I am the serial killer." 
Lucian saw her smile in the reflection of the lift door. "You and I are going to have a lot of fun." 
Lucian said nothing as the doors opened. He saw the capsule he was being held in, a large oval container, he was wearing some sort of breathing mask and he was hooked up to multiple machines. on the right were the machines that put stuff into his body and on the left were the machines that took his blood. 
The room itself was filled guards and a few scientists who operated the machines. Without another word spoken Amazon walked into the room, causing the guards and scientists to look up in horror at her blood soaked appearance. She began the slaughter with the first guard to approach her by simply punching him the face, leaving it a bloody pulp with one punch, she swiftly swung her stick, shifting it into a nun chuck during mid-swing, she was like a whirlwind of death, twirling on the spot and using the momentum to increase the effect and range of her attacks. 

When the final body fell she stopped, she breathed heavily and turned to face Lucian and the capsule. 
"That was beautiful." Lucian complimented as she approached his body. 
"Glad you enjoyed the show." Amazon said as she breathed a satisfied sigh. 
"Now, please, get me out." He requested calmly.
He watched as Amazon destroyed the machines and cut the wires attached to the capsule, she then ripped the door of the capsule and lifted Lucian's body into her arms. 
"Can I just say, that this has to be the weirdest out of body experience in recorded history." Lucian said with a slight chuckle. 
Amazon laughed. "Yeah, I bet." 
"I don't know how long it will take me to recover, you will need to protect me until I regain the use of my body and powers." 
Amazon nodded. "I'm a woman of my word," She said with a surprisingly soft smile. "I'll keep you safe for as long as you need me." She looked down at Lucian's sleeping face. "Not everyday you share a psychic link with someone, I figure that's pretty important." 
"I feel the same." Lucian said as Amazon began to carry him back the way they came. As they walked Lucian could hear a commotion upstairs. "It would seem our little jail break has caused some sort of riot." 
"Good, I love chaos!" 
"You were right, we're going to have so much fun." 

If he could smile, he would.    

© 2016 Lyrad

Author's Note

There are a few things I think could use tweaking but it does read rather well to me. Please let me know if you feel anything reads weird. Hope you enjoy!

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