A Poem by Ddraper

Question, is this where I'm meant to be? 27 and no assets to show, apart from these degrees. And this debt I wear like a badge of honour. 

Proves I did something with my life, but what did I really do? Except make myself poorer.

Because I doubt I'll ever get rich through this profession. But is the meaning of life money? Or not to sucome to its obsession?

Teaching with no passion, the equivalent of a clothing designer with no fashion. I have a selfish mentality, wanting to fulfill my own dreams instead of putting the dreams of others in front of me.

Sitting in the staff room I just heard someone say, they need this job because they have a mortgage to pay. Part of their five year plan. 

Now I'm starting to see, all these assets as just a lock and key. She was 22, had her whole life figured out by 23.

She said she NEEDED the job, never used the word WANT. Was she living out of necessity? Or had she already sucome? 

Question, if I had been more organised would I be in a 'better' position? However the definition of the word better is only relative to your vision.

Maybe I should make a plan instead of living life day to day. But today I chose to pick up a pen and paper and this was the result of my whimsical ways. Is this enough? Or am I just wasting time?

28 this year, still just as confused and no direction which seems clear. 

But if I'm completely honest. It's not the questions that worry me, it's the answers I fear.

© 2018 Ddraper

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I struggle with Anxiety and depression. It sucks sometimes but the cure that I've found is to write! It's the most joyful thing that I do. Just write! It will take away those pains and hardships. I would also like to say that you have real potential in your writing and I am Genuinely surprised how amazing your writing style is! It was fantastic and I just wanted to let you know that you could even one day be a published author/writer if you wanted to! Keep smiling, keep writing, and most importantly. be you! You have a talent and this is a talent that all people should see and read!
I have a story here about my best friend, you don't have to read it if you don't want to, but I felt like I should share it with you. :)

Your friend,

C. Lee Battaglia


Posted 3 Years Ago

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