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A short story/fable exploring the bond between mother and son. Or should I say, miracle.......



There was once a brat of a boy born to a selfless devoted single mother. In the absence of the father, the mother did everything within her power to give the boy the best life she possibly could, with the very little she had. However this was never enough for the brat of a boy, who quickly grew into a terrible teen. For he was forever comparing his life to the life of others. Who seemingly had it 'better' than him. Born into 'better' circumstances. With 'better parents'. Or more so, BOTH parents.

Failing to see that his mother was having to work doubly hard to compensate for this. Blinded by his own anger and rage towards the situation in which he was placed.Too distracted by the ever growing chip on his shoulder, weighing him down. So much so he couldn't lift his head to see the bright side of things.

Until one evening, upon hearing the news of a shooting star and the supernatural speculations surrounding it's appearance, the terrible teen decided to put his poisonous pessimistic views to the side and take a chance upon a wish.

Instinctively he thought to wish for fame and fortune as the star crossed over head, briefly igniting the dark abyss which he classed as life. However, something rather strange and odd suddenly occurred. A thought he had never had before until now. A newly discovered synapse fired with a loud bang. Almost giving birth to a new mentality. Like the world being born again. Or perhaps for the first time, coming into light.

Perhaps it was the looming light radiating from the shooting star above, but for a brief moment, the once brat boy, now turned terrible teen, forgot all about himself, and instead, considered the person who had given him the privileged of even witnessing such a spectacle. His mother.

And as the star was approaching, he thought, "Mmmmmmm. Perhaps I should make a wish on behalf of my mother. Perhaps she too deserves a better life. Perhaps I should wish for her to have a happy life. Instead of me".

And it was during this sudden sharp shooting idea that the other sharp shooting miracle passed, almost unnoticed by the teen. Who had perhaps missed his opportunity at gaining any wish at all.

Years passed, and the terrible teen grew into an anxious adult. Much had changed around him, yet not much within the parameters of the adults mind. His world had greatly expanded, but the mentality of the man remained minuscule. Failing to see the lengths in which he had travelled from being a brat of a boy, to a terrible teen, to an anxious adult.

The root of his anxiousness being the fact he had made a shock success of himself and believed that he did not deserve it, as he looked back on his past relationship with his mother, and in hindsight realised that he had lived the majority of his life as a self-centred individual. And believed that he was granted his initial wish when the shooting star passed, he had acquired fame and fortune, but at what cost?

He wished he hadn't have made the wrong wish at the right time. And if he would have been granted a few seconds more, he would have timed his Epiphany more conveniently. Although epiphany's are rarely scheduled. Alas they would be made redundant.

Never the less, despite this, it appeared as the adult's life improved, as did the mothers. As the adults happiness grew, as did the mothers..............

This felt strange to the adult, who in one of his anxious moments, apologised to the mother for his past follies, and made a confession. Divulging his moral dilemma during the passing of the shooting star and his initial whimsical wish.

He expressed his regret at not wishing for the right thing at the right time. However assured her of his after thought, which was far superior to his before thought.

The mother in turn made a confession of her own. She too made a wish upon the star. She wished for her sons happiness. Wished that all of his dreams and wishes would come true. As only his happiness would truly bring her joy.

It was at this point that the anxious adult had the second epiphany of his life. The first since his terrible teens. He considered.........What if my second wish was the wish which actually came true? And my wish in fact granted my mothers wish, which evidently granted mine?

The mother proceeded to proclaim the endless amount of prayers she had spoken every night before they went to bed. Throughout his bratty boy years, and terrible teen times. Where she would look to the sky, in the absence of a shooting star, hope of a miracle, and wish for better times. Without any sign of acknowledgement. Not for her sake. But his.

Which made the shooting star feel like a single drop of water in an endless ocean of optimism.

Was it the plentiful prayers opposed to the solo star?

And then what hit the anxious adult was not an epiphany at all, but a factual realisation based on a profound discovery of the truth.

He was always blessed. Lucky. As a bratty boy. A terrible teen.
Before the shooting star. He had been standing in the light of a miracle since birth. And bet, during that moment, years ago, many terrible teens had stood in his place, looking up, waiting. longing for the same miracle to brace them, as it had him. Wishing for a mother half as decent and loving as his.

Instead of wishing upon that shooting star, he should have simply said, thank you.


© 2018 Ddraper

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I find this very interesting, and with an important lesson. Many in our lives go unappreciated or under-appreciated, probably none more so than our parents. Speaking for myself, I was a lot like the boy in the story.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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