The Switch

The Switch

A Poem by Kim Possible

It’s just not fair
when someone doesn’t care
They’re your best friend
and you’ve noticed that for you
they will not bend
You’d go to the greatest,
farthest ends
and for what?
So they can pretend?
So they can feel your craving
for equal treatment and
only lend you their hand?
It’s laughable
both you and I
How hard I try for nothing
How you cry for my science
and then relieve yourself of my existence…
until next time
Your incoherence to my foot coming
down is an ignorance that has
welcomed my hate,
my distaste
Because while you were living
then needing,
my rage was building then exceeding
You have caused me so much grief
All this time I repaired and fixed
The mind games that were played,
the tricks
It’s not even funny how I held on,
how long I held on
It’s not fair how it hurts for me
I feel sick
I mean, literally sick
You said forever to me
and even though I knew
I wanted to believe, so I listened
We had close ties
but then it was fated
It was to be extirpated
I foretold that back in school
I was the obsessive fool
holding on to fairy tales
and reminisces of high school
It sucks…this grief
You were my pick,
my BFF,
then my Frienemy
Now there’s nothing left
It’s like she’s dead to me
and she might as well be
because that’s what
my subconscious yells at me
It was a rocky coaster
full of adventures and good times
but I’m aware of what’s happened
and you’re not
So when your plot thickens again
You’ll run to her
and she’ll be me
I’ll not care
I’ll go to no ends
I’ll not bend
I’ll not even humor you
Then I’ll turn away from you
and you’ll be me
Now feel my grief
Tell me, is it easy?

© 2010 Kim Possible

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Added on October 4, 2010
Last Updated on October 4, 2010


Kim Possible
Kim Possible

Chicago, IL

What defines me is not what I can tell you, but the things I can't. Know the things I cannot tell, and you'll find you know me more..

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