The Tree That Fell And Made No Sound

The Tree That Fell And Made No Sound

A Poem by DearSweetAgony

I am the tree that has fallen, 
 my broken boughs land within the cadence of the rumbling machines.
Although my limbs have all rotten,
I have survived the many plights I have seen.
Though my fellow trees have died;
They are now amoungst the stars I used to know as neighbors.
The memories of my companions, I have pushed aside
For I won't be buried with the dead and blistered.
I haven't yet died, for I continue to grow.
Face down on the rainforest floor, my roots refuse to be uplifted.
No matter if sun, rain, wind or snow,
I shall never be reduced to mere splinters or dare to be shifted.
I am the tree that makes no sound,
For my breaking limbs are silenced against the hungry beasts grumbles.
My roots remain firmly in the ground,
I will not let my leaves fall prey to the etiolated rubble.
When my leaves change from the most vibrant shades of green
to the darkest shades of red, and my leaves are all gone.
I will continue growing against the odds; carefree!
No, I will never dare completely fall!

© 2011 DearSweetAgony

Author's Note

the end is supposed to kind of contradict the beginning. It shows of growth; as a tree grows.
Just Be Honest.......

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I love the message of defiance and power in this write - outstanding!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great job. This really uplifted me. It makes me think of people who are lost and alone. We who surround them should never give up on them, because they are still alive and growing.


Posted 9 Years Ago

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We take the the wilds with almost carefree abandon with out machinesw and tools of destruction. Never once thinking if what we destroy had thought or feeling. Well done

Posted 9 Years Ago

i love all the references or was beautifully written...when i read it i get that even if you fall you should get back up and you are never alone in the world...

Posted 9 Years Ago

What i got from this is "No matter how hard or how far I fall sometimes, i wont allow anything to break me down completely." I quite enjoyed this, well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Seems like a tree in a forest that has fallen but is still propped up by a heartier tree nearby. Heavy stuff, that's for sure.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 28, 2011
Last Updated on October 28, 2011

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