Punk Rock Love

Punk Rock Love

A Poem by Hide From God

This is a true story that happened to me last year at a punk show in Boston.


Standing at the back of the club
Watching the show unfold
Kids dancing, moshing about
Screaming so all could hear
The bands playing on stage
Diving into the crowd
Calling for a pit
Then I saw it, I mean her
She walked through the crowd
It almost seemed to part ways
Her chucks hitting the floor
Jean jacket flashing from her studs
Tattoo's visible from afar
As she saunters her way across
Ending up at my side
It was too good to pass up
Pretty insane show I said
Yea can't argue that she said
Bryan Nice to meet ya
Ally, it's a pleasure
Talking for what seemed the night
About everything that didn't have to do with punk
Romance, movies, life, love
She was the most amazing girl I had met
Then she said she had to go
Her friends were waiting for her
Can't stay for the rest of the show I said
Sorry but I can't, I'll probably see you later though
She walked off leaving me smiling
About what an amazing night this had been
But then I heard her through the speakers
She was on stage, getting ready to sing!
She played a few songs and I was smiling
And then she said looking at me:
"This song is for all of those moments,
Those moments where they surprise you
In such an awesome way, you don't want it to end."
I raised my glass to her and she raised hers
And the rest the rest of the night is a blur

I still think about that girl
On nights when I am at a show
Wondering where she's playing
And if she still thinks about that night
Because I know I do

© 2009 Hide From God

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I love this.
It sort of bitter sweet.

I've had moments where you only see the person for a night.
And you wonder whether or not they still remember you.

Awesome job.
Bryan: 50/ Marina: 0.1 (for the guilt trip. Haha.)

Yet another great write, my friend.


Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on October 27, 2009


Hide From God
Hide From God


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