A Poem by Hide From God

Haven't wrote a song in a long time, inspired by recent events. This is more about the current economy and how the rich don't care than about the war, I've lost people to this war and I support the troops.


Staring at the ground with his blank f*****g eyes
Another number in this pointless war of lies
Thousands have died for reasons to be seen
Waiting on the front lines to sacrifice their lives

Couldn't find a job anywhere he looked
Had to leave his wife and kids at home
Serving on the lines of far away lands
So he could feed his f*****g family

They are walking to their deaths
For reasons that aren't clear
Fighting in a war that has no meaning

Mother watched the news, prayed it wasn't him
Got a call saying that it was her boy
Dropping to her knees crying at the sight
Of her little boy who had just died

Father grabbed his son in a loving embrace
Proud of his boy in every single way
Told him to be safe and keep his head down
Now his son has no face instead

They are walking to their deaths
For reasons that aren't clear
Fighting in a war that has no meaning
They are walking to their deaths
For the rich on Capitol Hill
Making money from these young boys

As the death tolls rise
We beg to ask the questions
How much f*****g blood needs to be shed?

© 2009 Hide From God

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I gotta say, I would need to hear this set to music because honestly I just can't visualize this as a song. It carries no natural tune with it, and despite my best efforts, it just looks like words on a page. It's not really even poetic. It feels like you just really desperately wanted to get your feelings down on paper.

In response to the other review, in what universe is three considered an overuse? There are two 'f*****g's at the beginning and one 'f*****g' at the end. I agree that overuse can destroy the meaning of a piece, but if done correctly it emphasizes it, and in this song, it's a case of the latter, not the former. That's really the one thing that stood out for me as a positive. Also, the song has NOTHING to say against the soldiers, it's speaking out against the fat-cats that send them overseas to die. So I don't know what song you're reading that you're reviewing, but it doesn't look like this one.

Posted 13 Years Ago

The overuse of profanity always hurts a piece that otherwise has something to say. Not an opinion, just a statistic. Pacifism has its roots in ignorance. Yes war is brutal but a necessary evil when philosophies clash to the point of murdering the innocent. I have personally been privy to clandestine intelligence, and trust me when I say that there are many things that the public and it's media do not know. Bearing this in mind, decisions are made that appear as lies to the masses, but are in fact necessary to thwart a greater evil with a consequence that affects a greater number of people. But your poem does strike home, for what father or Mother would not deem war itself as evil if they lost son or daughter? The greatest generation did not, but every subsequent generation has. An interesting study on the effects of the media. I would probably tone this piece down with an edit, and tweak the sentence structure to DRIVE HOME the point. Otherwise you will please 50% of the readers (the anti-war crowd) and enflame the other 50% who have served proudly and have loved ones across the pond. If your idea is to get the readers to start thinking, do not think for them. See?


Posted 13 Years Ago

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