A Kiss In The Moonlight

A Kiss In The Moonlight

A Story by DecemberRein

Sixteen year old Melanie Leighton is extremely popular, captain of the cheerleading squad, that is until she moves to a new town. Will things change for her?


A Kiss In The Moonlight  

2012 Copyright 

The sky turned dark as the wind picked up on this crisp fall day in October, as Melanie Leighton put the last of her things in her brand new, White, 2012 Grand Cherokee, which was the very last thing she purchased with her father before the entire family had to pack up the entire house and move. She looked at her watch 4:30 am and shook her head as she fought to stay awake.

She turned around slowly and took one last look around and felt as if her world came crashing in. At sixteen years old, a junior in high school, extremely popular and the former captain on her cheerleading squad, she felt incredibly lonely and terrified knowing that her life was about to change. 

The fallen leaves on the ground started to swirl and the immediate threat of rain was eminent. In the distance she could here thunder and smiled knowing the weather completely matched her mood. 

She looked up at the sky and knew any second it would begin to pour. She ran back into the house to take one last look around. Her mind was going a mile a minute as she walked throughout the house like a zombie as she looked at the emptiness which was once her happy home.

Hard to believe just two nights ago Melanie and her friends had a sleepover at her house and spent the entire night talking about boys, cheerleading, and the annual Halloween Party at the local recreation hall. The girls were all having fun till her parents knocked on her door and dropped the bomb right then and there.

“Melanie, you’re father’s been promoted!” said her mother with excitement.

“Oh that’s great Mrs. Leighton, Mr. Leighton.” said Valerie, Melanie’s best friend, “Congratulations.”

“Thanks so much, we’ll be moving to Ridgefield, Connecticut this weekend. His position as Chief Financial Officer of Sumptner Inc. starts on Monday, October 8.”

‘Wait, what did my mother just say? Is she for real? I’m at the top of my class, have the best friends ever, and captain of the cheerleading squad and I’m a junior in high school. Oh no way is this happening, no flipping way.’

“Wait, is this some sort of joke?” asked Melanie as she looked from her mother to her father.

“No baby, I really got promoted today. The house we will be living in is twice the size of this and the property is three times the size of what we have now, you’re going to love it.”

“We’re really leaving Charleston, South Carolina? Really?” asked Melanie as she felt her stomach drop to the floor and stay there. Her heart felt shattered as she sat there holding back her tears.

“Yes precious, we’re really leaving. Your brother and you will be starting a brand new school on Monday, isn’t that exciting?”

“No dad, it’s not exciting. Not even a little bit.” said Melanie as she made her way across the room to talk to her brother.

“Where’s Lucas?” she asked, wondering where her brother was and how he felt about this sudden situation, no answer from anyone.

Melanie came back to reality as she made her way to her former bedroom and took one last look and felt uncontrollable tears falling down her face. She walked around the entire upstairs looking around and sucking up every last second she could.

“Let’s go brat.” screamed her brother, “Dad’s getting impatient and I don’t feel like hearing him moan and groan another minute.”

“Just going to go to the bathroom Lucas, I’ll be right down.”

“Okay, see you outside.” said Lucas, knowing his sister was having a difficult time dealing with the move. Just as Lucas made his way outside he noticed a bunch of their friends standing by their matching trucks.

“Hey, did you think we wouldn’t come and see you off?” asked Valerie as she stood there sniffling.

He looked up to the sky and shook his head, “Melanie is upstairs, she’ll be right out.” as he said his goodbyes to all their close friends.

Melanie came outside and saw her friends and ran over to them unable to control the tears.

“I’m gonna miss you all.” said Melanie sadly.

“Your mom and dad said we can come visit whenever we want, I’m guessing Christmas break, so expect a houseful of people for the holiday’s.” said Valerie.

“Good, something to look forward to.” said Melanie as she hugged each and every person that was there.

She made her way to her sexy truck and hopped in, started it, and put it in drive. As she drove off she beeped and screamed, “I love you all, text me, call me, tweet me.” Leaving all of them laughing. 

With a deep heavy sigh Melanie drove her final time down the streets of her childhood and sadly waved good bye. She was the last car of the three car convoy and for the first two hours of her depressing trip drove in perfect silence thinking of all the friends she’s leaving behind.

‘God, life if so unfair, I can’t believe this unfortunate turn of events. Who does this kind of stuff to their children? Pack us up like where running from the law and shuffle us off to some lame northern state I’ve never even been to? Seriously, right about now I have the worst parents in the world. Ugh. I can’t see myself fitting in with people from the north and I’m sure I don’t dress like them. Oh god, this is stressing me out.’

With sweaty palms and her heart beating so fast Melanie did her best to calm down and breathe and began to find her happy place, dancing and cheerleading. She’s been a dancer since the age of four and a cheerleader since the second grade. She imagined her routines in her mind and found herself calming down. She was so calm that when her cell phone started singing I’m sexy and I know it, she got scared and almost swerved off the road.

With her bluetooth connected she quickly answered the phone, knowing it was the boy she’s always secretly liked, her brothers best friend, Dominick,

“Hello.” answered Melanie.

“Hey sexy, I just woke up and listened to Lucas’ message and just needed to hear your voice and talk to you.” said Dominick, the best looking guy Melanie has ever seen with his bright blue eyes, perfect nose, shaggy blond hair, and tall, lean body. He stands about 6’ 0” and totally towers over her.

“Hey Dominick, surprised you’re calling me instead of Lucas.”

Long pause of silence, dead air, as Melanie continued driving, feeling her heart rate pick up, her hands getting clammy, and her secret crush for him flying out the window as she traveled on I-95 North, keeping her speed just at the exact speed limit of 65 mph.

Finally after what seemed a lifetime Dominick spoke, “Even though your brother and I spent most of the time teasing you, well, I um, I always found you beautiful Mel. I’m really going to miss you and your silly antics, your constant dancing, and cheerleading.” He paused and Melanie could hear his voice tremor and quake as she continued driving doing her best to keep her emotions in check.

“I’m going to miss seeing you almost every day. I don’t think I’m going to like a world without the likes of Melanie in it. I can’t believe how much this is upsetting me. I had to call you and hear your voice.” said Dominick as he stammered and struggled to speak.

“I thought you couldn’t stand me Dominick and I cramped your style.” said Melanie as she literally fought back all her emotions. 

“How could anyone not like you? You’ve got to be the absolute most perfect female ever created and I’m just sorry I never did anything to show you I liked you.” There was a loud sniffle, “Have a safe trip Melanie, I’ll call you in a few hours, I have to go to practice now. Be careful and stay away from those northern boys or I’ll come there and kick all their asses.”

Melanie laughed, “I’m gonna miss you too, I’ll talk to you soon, have fun at practice.”

There was an intake of breath on Dominick’s end as he exhaled, “I’ll be over for a visit at the end of October so I’ll see you real soon. Stay away from boys, we’re all gross.”

“What ever! You tell them to stay away from me.” said Melanie trying to sound funny but probably sounded pathetic.

“They’ll know soon enough gorgeous. Drive carefully and I’ll talk to you the second I’m done with practice. Bye for now.” said Dominick as he ended the call.

Melanie felt the tears stream down her face, ‘He picks now to grow a set and tell me how he feels? All three years of high school he ignored me, what goes on with boys? I need to forget this conversation ever happened. It doesn’t make sense to me, not even a little bit.’

Melanie was deep in thought when her cell phone rang.


“Hey princess, we’re going to stop for something to eat at the next exit and gas up. See you in a few minutes.” said her dad.

“Okay daddy, love ya.” said Melanie as she ended the call and followed the small convoy to the nearest gas station and pulled up to the gas tank on her left. She got out of her car and stretched and as she did a group of guys stopped in their tracks and checked her out. She shyly smiled as she made her way over to her glaring father as he handed her one of his credit cards.

Melanie definitely didn’t look like anyone in her immediate family with her extremely long, rich, chocolate brown hair and natural caramel high lights, penetrating majorelle blue, almond shaped eyes, with thick lush, black lashes giving them an extremely exotic look, a small perfect nose, with full, lush pink lips. Her body type is the exact opposite of her family too, with her pixie like frame and tiny build with full round breasts and small hips and shapely legs. She only stands at 5’ 0” compared to her much taller mother, brother, and father. 


Her father glared at the gawking guys and muttered something incomprehensible under his breath as he watched them drive away. Her brother walked over to her and teased her,

“You look like crap brat, told you years ago, you were born from an egg.” laughed Lucas as he walked over to his own Grand Cherokee and began gassing up.

Their father glared over at Lucas, as he remembered the day Lucas said that to Melanie, and had her crying for hours. Lucas destroyed his little princess and she doubted her heritage constantly, thinking she was switched at birth and always wondered in the back of her mind if she really was part of their family. He made his way over to his son and swatted him in the back of his head.

“Lucas, that was uncalled for. You know that’s an extremely sensitive subject with your sister, what were you thinking?” he asked as he glanced at his little girl and knew that she was somehow upset by that stupid joke.

“Jesus, you’d think by now she’d be over it. Come on dad, I was only kidding, do I always have to walk on egg shells with your little princess?” snarked Lucas as he continued to gas up.

“Yes, you do. Imagine how you would feel if you don’t resemble anyone in your entire family and were constantly teased. You wouldn’t like it one bit.”

“Are you sure she’s yours?” asked Lucas earning himself another swat from his father.

“One more word and you ride with me and your mother will drive your new truck and you’ll be forced to find your own way to and from your new school.” said dad as he walked over to his little girl.

“Don’t listen to your brother, he’s just jealous because you’re a girl and he’s not.”

Melanie laughed at her father’s joke and handed him his credit card back and looked at her dad, “Am I really part of this family? I mean I’m sixteen now and can surely handle the truth now.” asked Melanie as she sadly looked up at her giant of a father.

He stood there looking at his baby girl and felt his heart break, “I swear to my utmost knowledge you and your brother are twins, he just sucked up all our looks and got hit with the ugly stick where you took on the beauty and grace of the angels from above.”

Melanie hugged her daddy and felt so tiny in his embrace and smiled up into his deep penetrating brown eyes.

Jonathan Leighton, with his light brown hair, deep brown oval eyes, roman nose, and thin lips, towered over his daughter, with his larger than life frame with a few extra inches around his middle. He stands at 6’4” giving anyone looking an unapproachable presence. 

“Thank you daddy.” said Melanie still remembering how much that fated day crushed her entire world and left her constantly doubting if perhaps there was a huge mix up at the hospital.

“Baby girl, I don’t want you thinking about anything other than how much your mom and I love you. When we get to our new house, you will finally meet your grandparents on my side of the family and you will know immediately that you are my little princess. Now get in your truck and let’s get some grub, I’m starving.”

“Daddy you’re always starving!” laughed Melanie as she hugged her dad and kissed him. She turned towards her brother and stuck her tongue at him and jumped in her sexy truck she loved so much and actually hugged the steering wheel as she took in long deep healing breaths and let them out slowly.

She started up her truck and followed her family to a quaint restaurant and parked. As she was about to get out of her truck, her phone started to ring,


“Hey, it’s Dominick.”

Her door was opened and her brother looked at her curiously, “Dominick, why are you calling Melanie? What’s up man?”

“Nothing, just wanted to see how she was doing. I’m really going to miss the two of you. I couldn’t even focus during football practice.” said Dominick, totally avoiding Lucas’ question.

“Bro, why are you calling my sister instead of me?”

“No reason, just wanted to talk to someone, check your phone, you’ll surely have a missed call from me.” said Dominick with confidence.

Lucas pulled out his phone and immediately noticed the missed call, “Sorry man, I just couldn’t comprehend why you would call my sister since you clearly told me you couldn’t stand her and that you have a crush on her best friend Valerie.”

Melanie heard enough, “I’ll meet you inside Lucas.” as she walked silently into the cute little restaurant. She vaguely heard Dominick say something to her but didn’t even give him another thought. ‘Typical boys with their mind games.’ she thought as she made her way over to her mother.

She smiled at her mother as she stood there with her short, light brown hair, round brown eyes, with light lashes framing them, a roman nose, and lush lips. She too towered over her daughter, standing there at 5’ 7” with small breasts and rounded hips.

“You okay baby girl?” asked her mother as she stared at her daughter doing her best to read her.

“I’m okay, just nervous about everything, I’ll get over it.”

“That’s my baby. The movers have the entire layout of the house and are setting everything up for us. Once we get there, all we need to do is bring in our own personal items. I hired painters and an interior decorator and asked him to make your room amazing. I honestly hope he listened to what I wanted for you.”

Melanie smiled, “Are you bribing me mommy?”

“Yes, I am. Tomorrow we have a shopping date too. I want to get you some new fall clothes for your first few weeks of school.”

“Cool, I love shopping.”

“I know you do Princess.” said her father as he joined in on the conversation. “Your mom is going to make sure you have a very nice wardrobe for school, hopefully that will help make you smile again.”

“Thanks, that will make me very happy.” said Melanie as she followed her parents inside and waited to be seated. Her brother walked in and handed her her cell phone frowning,


“I’m not sure what’s up with Dominick but he’s claiming you and him have been talking.” he turned to his sister, “I don’t like it, he clearly told me that he has a crush on Valerie and I know for a fact they’ve been fooling around. Don’t fall for any of his bullsh!t.”

“Does my big brother actually care about little ol’ me?” asked Melanie as she looked up at her extremely tall brother and smiled. 

“Don’t tell anyone or I’ll have to kill you.” said her 6’3” brother as he poked his twin sister in her ribs. “Someone has to look out for you, might as well be me seeing the position is vacant.”

“Oh, suddenly you have jokes, is that it?” laughed Melanie as she followed her family to a small table in the corner.

“Jesus, why is everyone staring?” asked Lucas as he watched all eyes on his sister. “Seriously, where did she come from?”

“Lucas Anthony Leighton! How many times have I told you about that? How freaking many?” asked their father as he looked over at his son disgusted.

“It’s okay daddy, I’d rather look like me any day.” said Melanie as she stood up and made her way to the ladies room.

Lucas watched as the entire place turned silent and every eye was on his sister. “Seriously dad, you don’t see a problem with the attention your little princess gets, Jesus, she has freaking blue eyes, all of ours are brown.”

“I’ve heard enough Lucas.” cried his mother as she saw her daughter standing there with her mouth open.

“I’m suddenly not hungry. I’ll be in my truck.” said Melanie as she quickly turned and made her way outside and straight to her truck and finally let the tears that threatened to come out finally fall. 

She finally calmed herself down and wiped away her tears while keeping her head pressed firmly against her steering wheel. There was a soft knock on her truck window and she slowly looked up and opened it.

“Excuse me miss, but are you all right?” asked an extremely tall, extremely handsome young man as he stared at Melanie with concern, “I don’t like when I see any female upset.”

“I’ll be okay, thank you for asking.” said Melanie as she looked at herself in her rearview mirror and practically yelped, “Eegad, I look frightful right now.”

“I’d beg to differ Miss, from where I’m standing, you look absolutely amazing.”

Melanie looked up at the guy standing alongside her car and smiled at him, “Thank you, you are being far too kind. I’ve had better days, that’s for sure.” and as she said that she saw her stupid brother making his way over to her truck.

“Go away Lucas, I have nothing to say to you.” said Melanie as she grabbed her purse and fixed her make-up as he stood there staring at the guy alongside her car.

The guy stood about an inch taller than Lucas and stood there with his arms folded across his chest waiting for him to say something to him next.

“Dad wants you inside now.” said Lucas as he stood there waiting for his sister to get out of the her truck. She slipped into her sandals and as she was ready to get out the guy that checked up on her opened her door and helped her down.

“the names Viktor, pleasure to meet you Miss.” and as he said that he took her hand and kissed it causing her brother to gag.

“Dude, really?” asked Lucas as he stood there watching this display.

“Till we meet again Beautiful.” he made his way to his silver, Dodge Ram Pick-Up truck and right before he got in he turned and winked at Melanie and drove off.

Lucas stared at his sister, “What was that all about?”

“Nothing. He just wanted to make sure I was all right, that’s all.”

“You didn’t feel alarmed or threatened by him?” asked her brother as he looked over at Melanie.

Her father made his way over to his daughter, “Who was that young man that was talking to you Princess?”

“He was just making sure I was all right daddy, nothing major.”

“Okay, sit and eat, your mother ordered you some food go inside and sit down.” said her father sternly.

Melanie ate and as soon as she was finished, they paid and made their way to their waiting vehicles and headed towards their new home.

Melanie’s phone kept beeping and ringing but she didn’t feel like talking to anyone and just kept driving, knowing that soon she would be at the home her parents were excited about. It felt like she was on the road forever when her cell phone went off for the hundredth time and she finally answered.

“Hello. Why do you keep calling me Dominick? No, you’re banging my best friend, lose my number and never call me again. I can’t stand players.” said Melanie as she ended the call on her bluetooth. 

She looked to the right and noticed the sign, Connecticut Welcomes You, and smiled as she continued driving.

Her phone rang, this time it was her brother, 

“What?” asked Melanie, clearly not in the mood for his games.

“What the hell is going on between you and Dominick? He told me you hung up on him.”

“I did and that’s because he confessed that he has liked me since the beginning of time but thanks to you, he can go to he!!. Tell him to leave me alone and stop two timing his woman.”

“Wait! What did you just say? He said what? I’m gonna kill that rat [email protected], just freaking wait for our first school break. He’s gonna be so sorry.”

“Lucas, leave it be, there just words, stupid, thoughtless words. I’m here and he’s there. It’s a done deal and not worth the added aggravation.”

They drove through some extremely winding roads as they made their way to a huge piece of landscaped property with a huge driveway large enough to fit all their vehicles and then some. Exhausted she got out of her truck and walked over to her parents and waited for her father to open up the beautiful wooden front door.

They all made their way into their new house and sighed as they looked around exhausted, barely able to stay awake.

“Lucas, the entire downstairs is yours, we hope you like it.” said their mother smiling.

She turned to her daughter and smiled, “The entire second and third level is yours, wait till you see it. You’re going to absolutely love it.”

Melanie was super exhausted but turned to her mother clearly not sure if she heard her correctly, “What did you just say mom? I think I misunderstood you.”

“That’s okay sweetie, I just wanted you to know that the entire second and third floor is yours. Your dad and I wanted each of you to have your own domain since you’ve both made us so proud.”

“Thank you mommy.” said Melanie as she hugged her mom and dad and made her way upstairs, found her bed and pretty much passed out. 

Melanie heard singing in the distance and couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from, as she rolled over, she discovered it was her cell phone.

“Hello.” she managed to mumble into her phone.

“Hey girl, I’ve been calling you all night! How’s the new house? Is it nice or what?”

“Valerie, I’m not even awake yet. I’ll call you when my body allows me to move.”

“I just wanted to tell you that Dominick finally asked me out yesterday morning. Wow, I’m super excited.”

Melanie opened up her eyes immediately as shock completely took over her body and jumped out of bed, “That’s wonderful, I have to go, my mom is calling me.” said Melanie as she looked around her bedroom and smiled.

Her mother broke the bank with the furniture and as Melanie got up and looked at it. In her bedroom were three beautiful huge light wood dressers against the opposite wall of her huge over stuffed pillow top bed. She smiled as she looked at the beauty inside her room but didn’t have much time, she needed to get out and call Dominick and give him a piece of her mind. She found the bathroom, showered, put on her make-up and dressed. She decided to let her hair dry on its own.

She marched down the stairs and into the garage, started up her quad and decided to take a ride and look at the property. She was so pissed off and couldn’t wait to ride like the wind and blow off some steam. She rode for about twenty minutes when she stopped, shocked by the beauty before her and shut the engine, turned on her music and sat down.

She looked at a medium sized pond with a bunch of boulders surrounding it. The trees in the area seemed larger than life with their variety of different colors of reds, brows, gold, yellows, and greens. She looked up at the sky and realized the temperature was somewhere in the 80’s with the sun shining bright. She found the perfect spot, placed her cell phone down and went to her music list and started to burn off some steam by dancing and practicing her moves.

Towards the end of her routine her cell went off, she instantly answered it and immediately got upset.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore Dominick, you’ve made your decision and are now dating my former best friend. I wish the two of you loads of happiness, just leave me out of it.” She ended the call, finished her routine and sat down by the waters edge and let the tears fall. Her phone rang again, she answered it without looking,

“Hello, Stop calling me. I want nothing to do with this ridiculous game you’re playing Dominick. Valerie and you deserve one another. Now don’t call me anymore.”

She was so upset and heated from the workout and the continuation of her phone ringing that she slowly removed her clothing leaving on her  bra and panties and quickly made her way into the frigid water and sunk under. What she didn’t know was that there was a pair of bright Amber eyes watching her the entire time.

Those eyes watched and watched as she stayed under water and didn’t come up. He quickly threw his cell phone on the ground kicked off his shoes and ran into the water and found Melanie immediately.

She got scared when she felt something touch her and began to scream and fight under water, causing her to struggle and take in huge amounts of water which caused her to become unconscious. Instantly she was brought to the surface as the amber eyed stranger stared at the beauty in his arms.

“Breathe.” He yelled as he laid her on the ground and brought his lips to hers ready to breathe air into her lungs and just as he did she started choking and gasping.

She opened her beautiful looked at the handsome stranger, “Am I dead? Who, who are you?”

“Yes dear, you are.” said Saint Peter who happened to be watching the dark haired beauty the entire time, “I’m Saint Peter, you’ve been extremely naughty and you have to come with me.” he said as he lifted her up and began carrying her.

“Wow, somehow I thought the after world would look a little different and, and, you would be a lot older.” Whispered Melanie as she still struggled for air.

The fake Saint Peter just shook his head and continued walking.

In the distance Melanie heard a familiar sound, “Saint Peter? Why is my cell phone ringing?”

© 2012 DecemberRein

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Very addicting it's way better than my stories. This is so amazing i can't wait to read more of the other chapters.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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