A Kiss In The Moonlight - Chapter Two

A Kiss In The Moonlight - Chapter Two

A Story by DecemberRein

Continuation of story.


A Kiss In The Moonlight - A Rare Encounter

2012 Copyright - All Rights Reserved

“Yeah, about that,” said the fake Saint Peter, “you haven’t seen the good Lord yet so you can still hear things and see things.” He paused as he breathed her in, doing his best to take in every aspect of her beauty, “Thing is, they can’t see you.”

“Why are you carrying me? Can’t I walk there?” asked Melanie still in a bit of a fog.

“No, I have to take you there myself.”

Just as the scam was going his way Zack heard someone calling for Melanie. He slowly put her down and did his best to keep a straight face, “Just got word, your life is spared, go get dressed and head home. I will make sure you arrive safely.”

“Oh my goodness, I was going to meet the Lord naked! Thank you Saint Peter.” said Melanie as she hugged him and quickly made her way over to the area where she left everything.

“Hurry up before one of us changes our minds.” groaned the fake Saint Peter as he watched the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen get dressed, clearly not thrilled with the unfortunate turn of events. “Just so you know, It’s now become my job to keep an eye on you so if I see something I don’t like, I get to handle it my way.”

She looked back but he made himself scarce and without sound or sight. “I’ll do my best to behave.” she yelled to the empty wilderness and walked to her quad, turned it on, and headed back down the trail towards her house.

Zack watched Melanie as she put her quad alongside her house and watched as she climbed the stairs to the second floor of the house and turned the handle and walked in. He waited a little longer as he shook his head and laughed, ‘I can’t believe that just happened, I am keeping a close eye on her, she’s gonna be mine real soon.’ 

He left a mark on the tree he stood near and turned and went in the opposite direction, towards his own home. “Till we meet again Melanie, till we meet again.” he said as he was still able to smell her scent on him. 

Melanie closed the door behind her and leaned against it, ‘That was so amusing! That guy really believed that I bought his line.’ laughed Melanie as she fought back tears from laughing so hard, ‘Saint Peter! I have to give it to him, that was quick thinking. Can’t wait to see him again and go along with his super insane charade.’

She made her way to the bathroom and turned on the shower, undressed and stepped in suddenly the world wasn’t such an empty place. She still chuckled as she thought of the handsome stranger calling himself Saint Peter. 

She pictured him in her mind as he completely towered over her, all 6’ 4” of soaking wet splendor, with his massive frame and strong arms holding her. His jet black hair began curling as little beads of water dripped down his face and onto hers. His beautiful bright amber eyes pleaded into hers as he nervously yelled, “Breathe.” The second her eyes opened the first thing that came to mind was heaven, oh lord, that young man has the looks of either a Greek god or the devil himself. Melanie wasn’t sure which just yet.

She laughed as she saw his perfectly shaped mouth moving away from hers the second she took in air. His perfect nose and deep chiseled bone structure just added to his extremely handsome, rugged, good looks. 

“Saint Peter indeed.” said Melanie as she put on a really pretty short sleeved, black mini dress with a pair of black pumps. She applied her make-up with perfection bringing out the beautiful blue of her eyes as she added eyeliner and mascara. She finished the look with a light brown lipstick, fixed her hair, took one last glance in the mirror and made her way downstairs to meet her mother.

“Good morning darling, everything okay?”

“Morning mom, everything’s just fine. Are you ready to go shopping?”

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Come on, I’ll drive mom, you just tell me how to get there.” said Melanie as she grabbed her keys and purse.

“Dad said we make a left and follow Route 7 till we see the mall on the left.”

“Easy enough. Can’t wait for some serious retail therapy.” said Melanie as her and her mother got into her truck and headed towards the mall. As they drove they checked out the area, “This area is beautiful mom, have you been here before?”

“No, but is really has it’s charm, doesn’t it?”

Melanie continued driving and easily found the mall, parked and both her and her mother made their way inside. They began on the first level and stopped in every store not missing one, enjoying their mother, daughter bonding.

“Mel, check out these darling skirts, go try these on for me.” 

Melanie took the skirts and tried them on, loving each one as she modeled for her mother. She put her dress back on and handed her mother the skirts.

“Great, now lets let’s go look at those dresses over there.”

Melanie smiled as she looked at all the fall dresses and ended up trying on almost every one of them. Her mother loved them all on her and added them to the enormous pile as they continued to shop.

“Let’s pay for these and go check out shoes.”

“Mom, I just love shopping with you.” laughed Melanie as she wrapped her arm around her mother’s waist. “I love these shoes you bought me last week, they give me height. I don’t feel so teeny with them on.”

Melanie’s mom turned towards her, “That’s the trick, no more sneakers, we’re getting you heels.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

As Melanie was looking at the shoes a couple of boys were staring at her, trying to get her attention, her mother walked over, smiled at the boys and had her daughter sit down while shoes were brought out for her to try on.

Shoes of all different colors, styles, and make were brought out and tried on. There was a yes pile and a no pile. All the no’s were immediately taken away as more were brought out to them. Her mother looked up at the salesclerk, “How about some boots too.”

Melanie continued this for what seemed like hours. After they’ve exhausted the salesclerk and themselves they called Lucas to come and help them with all the purchases. He growled but managed to make his way to them in less than ten minutes and ended up getting a new fall wardrobe too.

They finally made it to the second floor and continued shopping. Lucas found them and groaned, “Do the two of you ever stop? How many more things could either of you need?”

“A woman can never have enough Lucas.” said his mother as she hugged him, “Now let’s continue shopping so we don’t lose momentum.”

“As if that could ever happen.” groaned Lucas as he rolled his eyes.

Melanie was looking in the window of a jewelry shop when a huge presence was felt behind her. She saw the reflection in the glass and slowly turned around, “You wouldn’t happen to be following me now, would you?”

“Pardon me Miss but you’re in my part of the country.” He took her hand and kissed it causing Lucas to groan.

He made his way over to his sister and pulled her away from the guy from the quaint restaurant, “Dude, are you following my sister?”

“Not at all, I live pretty close by and go to Ridgefield High, Viktor. Nice to meet you.”

Lucas took his outstretched hand and shook it, “The names Lucas and the girl you’re talking to is my sister Melanie.”

“We’ve met.” said Viktor as he looked over at Melanie taking every single part of her in with his eyes.

Mom walked over to her kids sensing some tension, “Come on, we still have more stores to see.”

Melanie turned to Viktor, “Nice bumping into you.” and turned and took her mother’s extended hand and walked with her into the next store.

“See you around Viktor.” he followed him mom and sister into the store and was shocked when he saw his mother walking towards him with a bunch of clothes for him to try on.

“Mom, dad’s gonna hit the roof when he gets the bill for all these things you’re buying.” said Lucas as he took the clothes and waited to hear her response.

“No, he isn’t. We haven’t even come close to what he said we could spend. His moving bonus was quite hefty so stop worrying.”

“Okay, it’s on you when he flips out.” said Lucas as he made his way to the try on room and began trying on the clothes his mother picked out for him in three minutes. He shook his head laughing, thinking to himself that if there was ever a job for a shopping extraordinaire both his mother and sister qualify.

He walked out with the pile of clothes he liked and brought them to his mother who happily turned to him, “What do you think of these shirts?”

He actually laughed, “Mom, how do you do it? You’re like a shopping marvel.”

She laughed at her son, “Practice Lucas, years and years of practice.” She handed him the shirts and watched him go back to try them on. 

Melanie was looking at a few different dresses and attempted to reach for them but couldn’t. “Here little one, allow me.” said Viktor as he handed her the dresses.

Melanie turned towards Viktor, “Thank you.” She smiled and took the dresses and held them against her and looked in the mirror.

“You’re welcome. Happy to help when I can.”

Melanie’s mother walked over and smiled up at the extremely tall young man standing next to her daughter. “Hi, I’m Sarah, nice to meet you.”

Viktor smiled at Melanie’s mother, “Viktor Yura, the pleasures all mine.”

“Russian?” asked Sarah curiously.

“Yes ma’am, I was born in Russia and came to this fine country when I was three years old.”

Sarah smiled and took the dresses from her daughter and looked at them, “I like these, go try them on.” She handed the dresses back to Melanie, “Here, take these with you too.”

Sarah excused herself from Viktor and continued shopping. She smiled when Melanie came out with the clothes, “They are all perfect.”

“Good, let’s wait for your brother and move on to the next store. We’re almost done shopping.”

Lucas walked over smiling, “Praise the lord.” as he took the clothes from his mom and walked with her and his sister to the counter to pay.

Viktor walked over to Lucas, “Hey, will you be going to Ridgefield High?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Do you play football?”

“Who doesn’t?”

“Here’s my number, call or text me Tuesday and I’ll bring you to meet the football coach and see if he’ll let you try out for the team.”

“Thanks.” said Lucas as he put the number in his cell phone.

“Why don’t you and your sister come to the party at the field tonight?”

“What party, what field?” asked Lucas as he looked at Viktor waiting for his response.

“Give me your number and I’ll send you all the information. You and your sister will get to meet people and have a little fun too.” said Viktor as he watched Melanie text someone.

Melanie’s phone began to ring and she immediately sent it to voicemail. She walked out of the store and waited for her mother and brother to finish.

Her mother and brother walked out finally and the three of them continued shopping. Melanie walked over to her mom holding something behind her back. “Mom, may I please have the credit card, I want to get you a surprise.”

“Here, you know how I love surprises. I think we should get some things for your father so I’ll be over there.” as she said that she pointed to the mens department and walked away. Lucas made his way to his sister and waited patiently for her to hurry up and pay.

“Lucas, you can leave, this is the last store, after this we’re going home.”

He looked at his sister smiling, “Great. That guy Viktor invited us to a party tonight, maybe you should get an outfit for later.” said her brother sarcastically.

“What a great idea.” said Melanie as she signed for her purchase and walked away from Lucas and stood still as she saw an entire section of dresses to die for. She handed Lucas the item she paid for and walked over to the three-way mirror and held each item up to her as she looked at the colors seeing which one looked the best with her skin tone.

Her mother made her way over and stood there watching Melanie, “I think you should just get them all. I just hung up the phone with your father and he informed me that we will be invited to many parties now that he’s the big man on campus.”

Lucas groaned, “I’m not trying on anything else today. Can we pay and just go home?”

“Yes, if they don’t fit your sister, we can exchange them. Let’s go home, dad’s starving and wants to go out to dinner.” said mom.

Melanie laughed, “He’s always starving mom!”

“Leave him alone, eating makes him happy.”

“It shows.” laughed Melanie as she grabbed her mother’s hand and walked towards her truck. She turned towards her twin brother, “See you at home dork.” and stuck her tongue at him.

He shook his head and laughed but just as he was about to say something he saw a bunch of guys checking out his sister and looked up to the sky shaking his head. Even in the mall he noticed both guys and men staring at his sister. He made sure the car of guys kept it moving and got into his truck and followed him mother and sister home and made a mental note to keep an eye on his sister in this new town, not sure who to trust yet.

They pulled up to their house and Lucas watched as his mother and sister excitedly jumped out of the truck and began gathering all their purchases. He helped them with everything and made a bunch of trips but when he was finally done he smiled at both his mother and sister as the two of them stood there giggling like two small children.

His father walked over to his son, “See why I told them to go shopping, there’s nothing that melts my heart more than that sight right there. I hope you remember that, because someday hopefully you will know this feeling.”

Lucas looked at his father and smiled, “They bought out the entire mall and you’re happy?”

“Son, I work hard for my family and do my best to give all of you the things you need. There are so many marriages that fall apart, so many families that don’t speak or show love, big deal my girls went shopping and spent a fortune. That look on their face is priceless to me. I love making them happy.”

“Yes he does.” said his mother as she hugged her husband in front of her kids, “I don’t know why he’s complaining, he got an entire wardrobe too.” and as she said that she pushed her son, teasing him.

“I just don’t want to be home when dad gets that bill. It’s going to be ugly up in here.”

“I’m delighted you’re so concerned Lucas, you can start paying me back by being a little nicer to your sister and actually looking out for her in this new town. That would really make your father happy.”

“Fine. I’ll do that but only because I owe you.” said Lucas joking.

“Of course, now enough of this, lets go out to dinner and celebrate how lucky we are to have such a fantastic family.” He turned towards his wife, kissed her on the cheek, “How lucky am I? Who can say after twenty years of marriage that they’re still in love?”

“I can.” smiled Sarah as she hugged her husband. “Thank you for letting me enjoy myself today, I promise to make it up to you later on.”

“Oh god, first my eyes, now my ears! I think I just vomited a little in my mouth.” moaned Lucas.

Melanie laughed, “Don’t hate, we are so lucky to have such loving parents. You go mom, go and get yours.” and as Melanie said that she went upstairs with a bunch of her purchases and began putting them away. She toured her apartment and smiled as she found her very own kitchen, with beautiful soft white washed cabinets, with light pink tones mixed in. Her kitchen table and chairs matched the decor and she continued on her tour.

She made her way to her living room and turned on the light and screamed with excitement. Her father and brother came running upstairs thinking something happened to her and stopped when they saw her dancing around.

“Jesus, I thought you were being murdered.” growled Lucas, “You’re such an idiot.”

“Daddy!” screamed Melanie with excitement, “Oh my god, I love my living room, it’s so cool. Thank you so much.” as she said that she jumped and hugged her father so tight.

The living room is enormous with beautiful windows across the entire back wall and a glass door that leads to an outside deck the entire length of the house and extremely wide. There were couches, chairs and chase lounges of all different colors giving the room a bright youthful look. She looked at the television on the wall and smiled,

“Daddy, you and mommy are spending way too much money, I don’t need all this to be happy.”

“I know that Princess, but trust me, we didn’t really spend a lot of money. All this stuff was extremely inexpensive.”

“Thank you. I especially love the large screen television and can’t wait to have my first movie night.”

“Did you see the upstairs yet?” asked her father.

“Why does Princess Brat get two whole floors?” asked Lucas as he glared at his father waiting for his answer.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” said her father as he took her hand and led upstairs. “Close your eyes baby, wait till you see this, you’re really going to scream. Not a word from you Lucas.” said their father as he turned to his son and gave him the death glare.

They made it to the top step and their father pulled Melanie next to him, “Okay baby girl, open your eyes.”

Melanie opened her eyes and blinked a few times, “Oh my god, my own dance studio! Daddy, thank you so much.”

Lucas looked around, “Can I come up here and workout too?”

Melanie looked at her brother and smirked, “That depends.”

“On?” he asked.

“If you’re nice to me or not.” said Melanie as she jumped around. “Oh thank you daddy, I love it.”

“We knew you would.” said their father as he looked at both of his children, “Listen, we’re going out to dinner, your grandparents are meeting us there but before we go I need both of you to understand why you never met them.”

“This aught to be good.” said Lucas as he looked at his sister for a second.

“Your grandfather became extremely ill, he would yell, scream, forget where he was, what he was doing, get lost and has been in and out of mental hospitals throughout the past seventeen years. Your grandmother didn’t want anyone seeing him like that so we all respected her wishes. I’m not saying I agreed with her, just saying I respected her wishes and kept you two out of their drama. Well according to my mother, my father is better. She wishes to bring the family together again.”

“I see.” said Melanie as she looked out the window and stared out into the woods, “Are we supposed to feel thrilled now that they finally feel like meeting us? Because I don’t.”

“It’s understandable Princess, let’s just see how this all plays out. I’m not asking for a miracle.”

“Good because I’m fresh out of them it seems.” said Lucas as he looked around the dance studio. “Can I get some equipment and put it into this room here?” asked Lucas as he looked at his father.

“Of course, that’s a great idea. This will be the family workout room.”

“Wonderful.” said Melanie as she kissed her father and ran halfway down the stairs, “What time do we need to be ready?”

“You have two more hours.” answered her father as he and Lucas began planning out the workout room.

Melanie needed to clear her head and decided to take a walk in the woods. She looked around, loving the bright colors this particular time of year brought. She walked in awe as she took in her surroundings feeling invigorated and alive for the first time in a long time.

She sat down on one of the boulders near the adorable little pond and stared into the crystal clear water and closed her eyes and relaxed. In her mind she was trying to figure out what she was going to wear to dinner tonight to meet her fathers parents.

She was lost in thought and jumped when her cell phone began to ring, “Hello, yes, this is Melanie. Who is this? Viktor! Viktor, how did you get my phone number? My brother gave it to you? I see. What party? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” There was a long silence between Melanie and Viktor, “Hello, are you still there?”

Melanie ended the call and immediately called her brother, “Don’t hello me Lucas Anthony Leighton, why did you give that guy Viktor my phone number?” demanded Melanie as she began to pace back and forth wondering what her brother was thinking.

“Wait, you didn’t give him my number? Lucas he just called me and mentioned something about a party tonight. Of course I’ll go, what kind of party is it? I’ll be home in two minutes I need to find something sexy to wear.” She ended the call and quickly made her way down the hill, up the stairs, and straight into her apartment.

Zack stood there rooted to the spot as he heard Melanie’s entire conversation and growled, ‘How the hell did Viktor get his grimy paws on Melanie’s phone number. There’s no way her brother would have given it out, no way in hell. Viktor is seriously going to be a problem especially if he’s going after my girl, let the games begin Viktor. You’re going down.’

Melanie walked into her room and finished hanging up all her new items and started to look at each item of clothing one by one. Melanie googled the weather for the evening and smiled as she pictured her outfit in her mind then remembered that her and her brother had to go to dinner first with the family.

She plugged in her curling iron and while it was heating up she applied her make-up looking to enhance the blue of her eyes. Just as she finished her hair and make-up, her mother came upstairs looking for her and stopped and smiled as she looked at her daughter,

“Oh Melanie, you look beautiful.” said her mother as she looked at her baby girl. “What outfit are you going to wear tonight?”

“I’m thinking this black mini skirt, with the knee high boots and chunky heel, but what top should I wear?”

“Are you going to the party with your brother after dinner?”


“Okay, let me take a look at what we have. Loving the skirt with the boots. Oh, how about this?” said her mother as she pulled out a pretty completely off the shoulder shirt with long sleeves. “Go try it on, let’s see how it looks.”

Melanie but on a matching bra and panty set, the skirt, the boots, and the shirt and added her favorite perfume as she made her way out to her mother for her approval.

“So, what do you think?”

Her mother stood there completely still and just stared at her beautiful baby girl.

“That bad mom?” asked Melanie as she looked in her closet for something else to wear.

“When did my baby grow up? One minute you were this adorable little angel with pigtails and bows and now you’re this beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her. Where did the time go?”

“Mom, does this outfit look okay?” asked a frustrated Melanie as she patiently waited for her mother to come out of her inner monologue and answer her.”

“You look beautiful Mel, breathtaking comes to mind when I see you all dressed up.”

Melanie jumped up, “Really? I really look that good?”

“You look stunning sweetie. Wait till your father sees you, he’s going to be so proud of his baby girl.” She took her daughter’s hand and the two of them made their way downstairs and walked into the living room.

“We’re ready whenever you are.” said Sarah Leighton to her husband who sat there staring at the television mesmerized almost trance like.

“Dad, what restaurant are we going to?” asked Lucas as he made his way into the living room to join the rest of his family. 

“We’re going to the Red Lion.” he said as he slowly stood up looking at his son. He turned towards his daughter and his mouth dropped, “Jesus Melanie, you look beautiful. When did daddy’s baby grow up? Was I sleeping?”

“Mommy pretty much said the same thing about five minutes ago.” said Melanie smiling.

“Come on, let’s get going. I’m starving.” said Jonathan Leighton smiling over at his daughter.

Lucas and Melanie went together in Lucas’ truck and Melanie took advantage of their private time and decided to ask him a few questions.

“What’s up with Dominick lately?” asked Melanie as she looked over at her brother curiously.

“What do you mean?” he asked as he glanced over at his sister apparently missing something. “He seems really happy now that he and Valerie have become exclusive.”

“Wow.” said Melanie as her heart dipped, remembering all the conversations she and Valerie had about Melanie’s crush on Dominick, and all along her “supposed” best friend was snaking her behind her back. “Is Dominick still planning on coming here for Thanksgiving?” asked Melanie as her brain went in a million different directions.

“He’s coming here this weekend, he claims he needs to take care of something.” Lucas slowly turned towards his sister frowning, “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that now, would you?”

“I might.” said Melanie as she looked straight ahead.

“Listen, I’ve know Dominick my whole life and know that he’s hiding something Melanie, he and Valerie have been fooling around for a long time now. I even recall him bad mouthing her a time or two. Just stay out of it with him, he’s a user and I don’t want him doing anything to you and I have to kill him. Understand?”

“I understand. Thanks Lucas, I really appreciate having you as a brother, sometimes.” joked Melanie as she poked him in the side, “I will do my best to avoid Dominick when he’s here because a part of me wants to punch him so hard.”

“Listen Melanie, I think that guy Viktor likes you. We don’t know him so I don’t want you alone with him, as a matter of fact, I want you in my sights all night tonight or we will leave the party and go home. We don’t know these people and as of now, I don’t trust anyone.”

They parked the truck and the two of them got out. Melanie made her way over to her enormous brother and hugged him, “I love you Lucas.”

Lucas laughed as he easily pushed his twin sister off of him, “Do you mind? People might think we’re back woods or something, keep you hugs and love stuff to yourself.”

Melanie laughed at her brother as the two of them made it inside. They immediately found their parents and followed them to the table that was set up for them. Lucas froze as he looked at both his grandparents and pulled Melanie next to him,

“Dad’s right, you do have your grandmother’s eyes, look at that, it’s spooky.” whispered Lucas as he stared at his grandmother and grandfather, “Awkward, don’t you think?”

“Yes, but it’s making daddy happy.” whispered Melanie as the introductions began.

Hugs and kisses were given out and everyone settled into their seats. Melanie and her brother sat next to one another and began texting back and forth under the table making sure their father didn’t see them.

“Excuse me, I have to use the ladies room, I’ll be right back.” Melanie stood up and walked over to one of the waiters who happily pointed the ladies room out for her. Once she was finished and satisfied with her appearance she opened the door and stepped out.

“Don’t you look absolutely gorgeous tonight.” said Viktor as he casually leaned against the wall taking in every drop of Melanie.

“Thank you Viktor, that’s very kind of you.” said Melanie as she attempted to pass him.

“Not kind, it’s the truth.” said Viktor, still not letting her pass. “I’d really like to take you to the party tonight. Will you go with me?”

Melanie didn’t get a chance to answer, her father came over immediately and rescued his beautiful baby girl, “You? Wren’t you the same young man from the restaurant yesterday afternoon?”

“It’s me sir. The name’s Viktor, nice to officially meet you.” He held out his hand for Melanie’s dad to take.

“Jonathan Leighton, nice to meet you but I must collect my Princess now, her family is waiting to order.” He shook his hand and collected his daughter and led her back to the table.

“Daddy, you were a little overbearing back there don’t you think?” asked Melanie as she looked over at her gigantic daddy.

“When it comes to my little Princess, I can never be too overbearing.”

Lucas shook his head and laughed, “We have our job cut out for us don’t we dad?”

“We really do son, we really do.” said their father as he shook his head.

They ordered dinner, made small talk and ate in harmony filling in the years of their lives for their grandparents. Once they finished dinner but Lucas and Melanie stood up, and said their goodbyes and promised to visit their grandparents soon and made their way outside and over to Lucas’ truck.

“Do you know how to get to this place?” asked Melanie as she carefully slipped into the passenger side of the truck and closed the door.

Viktor made his way over to Lucas, “Okay, follow me, it’s not too far from here.” He winked over at Melanie and turned and got into his car.

They followed Viktor down a bunch of different winding, dark roads, with sharp curves and small hills and extremely narrow lanes. Once they saw Viktor stop, Lucas pulled up alongside him and parked his truck and cut the engine. Just as Melanie opened up her door Viktor was there and helped her down.

“Thank you Viktor.” smiled Melanie as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and walked with both her and Lucas towards the party.

The second Viktor stepped away from Melanie he pulled her next to him, “Are you okay? You look so nervous whenever he’s around.” said Lucas as he looked at his sister.

“I’m fine Lucas, relax and try to have some fun tonight, I promise I’ll do my very best to behave myself and stay out of trouble.” said Melanie as she did her best impression of an angel.

“Okay, but if anyone bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, we leave immediately, without question.”

“Yes big brother, no problem, come, let’s mingle and stop the stares and whispers.”

Melanie and Lucas made their way over to everyone and introduced themselves and were instantly welcomed into the circle. Melanie met the cheerleaders and let them know that she used to cheer at her former school and was invited to try out for the team on Tuesday.

Melanie’s phone wouldn’t stop ringing, she excused herself and finally answered the call.

Viktor watched every move Melanie made and as he was about to make his move towards her a girl with a lot of makeup and a short hot pink minidress and hot pink heels  grabbed him and started kissing him. Melanie watched, not really surprised, she knew something was off about him all along. She moved off to the side and lost her footing and was pulled into darkness.

She felt familiar strong arms wrap around her and made sure she kept a straight face.

“Sain, Saint Peter?”

“Melanie, what are you doing here? I told you that I’d be watching you.” said the fake Saint Peter.

Melanie decided to up her game, “I was invited here by an oh so handsome boy. He’s dreamy.” said Melanie as she batted her lashes, fluttering her eyes. 

The fake Saint Peter towered over Melanie as he let her go, “I told you that since your life was spared I would be watching.”

“Well Saint Peter, I hope I don’t disappoint you, I think Viktor is so handsome and yummy. It’s been great chatting, I’ll try to be good but don’t count on it.” said Melanie doing her best to hold in her laughter. She attempted to move away but the big fake blocked her from leaving.

“Young lady, that’s not part of the deal we made.” and as he said that he moved closer to her.

“Deal? Did I miss something? Is there something I’m missing?” asked Melanie waiting to see how this big fake was going to steamroll out of this one.

“Of course there was a deal. I told you that I would be watching you and if I happen to see something I don’t like I get to handle it my way.”

Melanie looked up at him smiling, “Why Saint Peter, I feel flattered that you would leave those pearly gates and come check up on little ‘lo me.” and as she said that her southern accent came out completely.

The big fake felt his heart beating so fast just from the nearness of this little beauty that he had to play his cards right. “Yes, you are mine, my responsibility. Plan on seeing more of me little one. I may even join the living just to keep an eye on you.”

Melanie stood there biting her cheeks, “Listen Saint Peter, I need to go find Viktor. It’s been real um, interesting.”

“Viktor is not for you. He’s a player.” 

Melanie crossed her arms across her chest, “Not for me? Who is? Isn’t there anyone out there for me?”

Instantly a huge light was shining on the two of them, one of Viktor’s friends looked over and yelled, “She’s fine, I found her. She’s with Zack.”

© 2012 DecemberRein

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