Sky or Painting

Sky or Painting

A Poem by Decidious wind

I wrote this as I admired a picturesque sunset last spring.


Do you know that feeling?

That feeling which encircles your soul like sprinkles of stardust

leftover from the birth of a new star.

It’s that feeling

That feeling that conjures up to the rising of your flower of a mind towards the heavens. I’m adamant

you recognize it.

You experienced the serenity that follows it when you were in awe of the crimson sunset which was right above you

on that ethereal day.

During that elongated moment in time,

I remember,you couldn’t help but ponder whether the picturesque strokes and waves of the bridge between night and morning resembled a painting

or whether the painting resembled this sky.



can assure you

one thing.

This whole philosophical romanticization of the bridge between two moods of the sky,

is a reflection of the state of your beauty.

I feel as though I’ve admired your beauty somewhere before.

Maybe in a different lifetime.

Or in a distant dream.

Maybe even in a brief encounter

during the creation of the universe when our atoms were free to dance along the fabric of space and time.

Perhaps, that’s where they collided and hence the story of how we’ve been transformed into soulmates.

Sharing one soul,

whilst living in different bodies.

Regardless of how or where I acted as a mirror to your shining aura,

I will nourish myself by showering in its eloquence.

You ask.

Time and time again.

Does the sky look like a painting or does the painting look like the sky?

I reply

“ you must cross the bridge between night and day to grasp that knowledge”.

Have you crossed that bridge in my absence?

Maybe that’s how you’ve learned to smile so purely.


© 2019 Decidious wind

Author's Note

Decidious wind
I do understand that it has been a very, very long time since I've posted anything and I am sorry for that. The past year as a high school senior was very hard on me, but I got a chance to preform spoken word poetry at my school. I'm so sorry. My writing style has changed because I grew a lot since the last time that I posted something on here, I understand that some of you might not like and that's okay. I finally got to a position where I can be comfortable with anything I write. I no longer am a perfectionist and I've learned that there is beauty in simplicity.

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I am completely digging your new writing style! The poem is warm, sweet and has a nostalgic ring to it... I look forward to read more of your work :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Decidious wind

4 Years Ago

Thanks, I'm glad to hear that

4 Years Ago

You're welcome :)
Beautiful. I loved how you create places, thoughts and questions for the reader. A epic journey into words and thoughts.
“ you must cross the bridge between night and day to grasp that knowledge”.
Have you crossed that bridge in my absence?
Maybe that’s how you’ve learned to smile so purely."
I like the above lines a lot. Thank you for sharing your amazing words and thoughts.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on March 29, 2019
Last Updated on March 29, 2019
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Decidious wind
Decidious wind

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