Insanity Onslaught

Insanity Onslaught

A Story by Campton Clifton

Louis Right; a 13-year-old young boy whomst has had a very... everyday life. He's been storing his anger down though, differing from normal life. What happens when I specific event releases his rage?



As I stood before the place, my vision began to clear. I had no earthly clue where I was; just a moment ago I was in school. I remember being annoyed by what my teacher was teaching. I felt though it was rather unnecessary and I would never need it in the real world; in real-time. I asked him if I could go to the bathroom although I didn’t need to use it, and I left the room. After that everything was a blur. Well rather, everything had gone bright. I could not hear anything going on around me, just a constant ringing sound in my ears. Some whispers and the feeling of being stared and looked at. That feeling of shivers going down your spine when you know something bad is about to happen. That feeling of being humiliated and public and you can feel yourself physically shrink in you’re shoes. That feeling of having this feeling traipse around your mind for countless hours on end. 

But right now, I was standing in an unnaturally, completely white space with nothing around me. So empty. How long would this place go on? I decided on trying to find a way out so inevitably, I started walking. I walked for quite some time and was never met with a wall nor door. I was beginning to feel frustration overcome me. No, this is immature. Unrealistic. I tried keeping my composure; I’ve learned to get better with that over the years. When someone or something tends to anger me, I usually always find some way to keep calm and see the better in the situation. I fear that I might let my emotions get the best of me and I may end up doing something. I fear that I might…explode one day. I might end up hurting someone that I care about or never meant to hurt. I solely have no intentions whatsoever of doing such a thing though. 

I continued on knowing however, I would never come to a door. This place seems like the possible infinity. My emotions were starting to fuel me to the brim at this point. Confusion and anger started to dwell upon me like a lion stalking its prey and I could no longer contain it. I…I felt like I needed to do something. Anything to get out of this place. Then, I bumped into something. Ah, it seemed to be a door. How did it get here is the question… I didn’t see it here a couple of seconds ago. I’m sure I would have seen it. Nonetheless, I extended out my palm and grabbed the door handle. Inside the door was a damp, dimly lit room with a table in the absolute center. I walked over to the table cautiously and examined it. I was surprised to be looking at a knife. I supposed I could use this if I encounter any unfriendly creature of the sorts. I grabbed the knife and held it at my side. I just hope I would not see anything in this helpless place. Although I do know how to use a knife. I’ve been taking karate classes since I was 2  and we sometimes use dull knives/props in our training. So if I do happen to come across something…I will be prepared.

I did happen to find myself questioning why a knife was sitting on this normal, plain table though. I lifted the melee weapon and inspected it a bit. The blade’s endpoint was sharp, just as though it had been recently sharpened. I slowly brought up one of my hands and lightly brushed my finger over the sharp end. And as expected, my finger was cut. I retracted my hand quickly and didn’t mind the pain. It was a simple cut and was not worthy of being tended to at the moment. There was only a small quantity of blood so I wouldn’t have to worry about having blood on my clothes. At least the weapon was going to be useful. I left the room and was met with the same white space. I turned around and the door was no longer present. “Hello?” I called out. I have no clue what I was expecting when calling out to an empty room. The only real reply I was given was the echo of my own voice, somewhat adding to the eerie atmosphere. I solely did not want to be here for a moment longer. How long would I be here? Won’t I go hungry? Don’t I need to sleep?  This…emptiness was getting to my composure and it made me fear for my own sanity.

Bubbling with emotions, I began to recall back to my class. If my teacher wasn’t talking about things that weren’t even mildly relevant to me, I would not have asked to go to the bathroom. And if I had not asked to go to the bathroom, I would never have been here. This is his fault. I clutched the knife at my side and tightened my teeth together. If only I could guide this sharp blade along his throat and watch as blobs of red liquid start to form on his skin. If only I was not in this place. I continued in this empty space, walking cluelessly. Then, I found something unexpected. Something that I did not want to see. There were…creatures. Wildly petrifying ones at that. I found myself taking a step backward. There was a great quantity of them; about twenty. They screeched at me and went this way and that�" My main priority right now was making sure they didn’t attack me. Who knows what gruesome ways they could kill me? With those sharp teeth, beady eyes, long, unkept claws…I held my breath as I leaped forward and started slashing my knife towards them.

The cries they began to let bellow from their throats were disgusting and disturbing. They horrifically sounded human. Then, I was met with one that was quite larger than the others. I met eyes with it. My eyes widened as it went towards me; this one looked horrifying. Doing what first came to mind, I used my weapon to penetrate its chest. The creature just looked at me for a moment, not moving one inch. Then it fell back, hopefully dead. I was lucky I had hit it directly where its heart was. Or rather, where a heart usually is. I exhaled looking at the other frightened-looking creatures still scrambling around. There was an aroma filling the air; it smelt horrendous. It smelt like rotting corpses. I scrunched my nose up and continued my attacking streak. 

After I finished attacking the creatures, I was covered with a black liquid. Those creatures didn’t even have red blood. Was this a sinful liquid of some sort? I’ve read a couple of books that talk about a black liquid coming from an organism. A creature of black blood meant it was doing something truly terrible and regretful. Maybe these creatures were going to possibly try and kill me? Is that why their blood was black because killing me was going to be a sin? Either way, I brushed it off and continued down the white space. I wanted to fight some more of these entities. Believe it or not, it was kind of fun. Watching them fall limp to the ground, running into each other idiotically. “If there are any more creatures that wish to face me, do it now you fearful creatures! Come before me as I paint the walls black with your dirty,  unrighteous blood!” I spoke aloud.

Like magic, more creatures appeared before me. They were all together, huddled up a bit away from me.  Maybe they are planning some sort of attack on me? Well, we can’t let that happen, can we? They have no weaponry and haven't attacked yet. And it doesn’t look like they have noticed me. In short: I have an advantage. I stepped forward with a nonsympathetic smirk plastered across my face. I walked closer to the creatures in more of a stealthy mode and slowly rose my knife. I gushed it through the head of the biggest one, immediately killing it. I will admit: I felt no shame in killing these creatures. For they had no faces. Their bodies were completely white and they had the figure of starved humans. They were not wearing clothes but they had no gender-defying features. How could these creatures scream with no mouth? How could these creatures see with no eyes? It was all so surreal at that moment but none of that matters right now.

Again. Again. Again. Whenever I let an emotion overcome me, those creatures would pop out of thin air. And would you like to know what happened when they would appear in front of me? I  would kill them. I would simply kill them all. Now, it had been a while since I saw one. I was left to the conclusion that I had killed them all. Now, there was none left. Nothing left for me to let all of my stored-away emotions on. “What is left for me here?” I thought aloud to myself. It had been some time since I had spoken. I paced around, boredom overtaking me. I looked down at my precious, sacred weapon. Unlike when I first found it, it was covered and drenched in dried blood. I smiled at my heavy, sacred accomplishment. Whenever I was to kill one of those creatures, I would imagine them as those who opposed my actions or ways. Whenever it came to a simple disagreement or maybe not even having the same likes and dislikes. Every little thing from these past years has seemed to add up inside me, and here was my place to unleash it. 

I looked up once I heard a small shift of something (although there was nothing in this empty space to shift. Possibly movement). My eyes met with those of a death-defying creature’s. “L-Louie?” the disgusting, (what’s the opposite of eye candy?) creature said. The creature was twice as tall as I was (and I was tall for my age. I was about 6’0), and had a mouth and bloodshot eyes. That mouth was filled with sharp teeth of different sizes, covered in red, pure blood. The blood of the innocent. “ do you know my name?” I spoke, forgetting for a moment what the creature had said. Its voice sounded so distorted it was hard to understand. The creature’s eyes guided themselves to look at the knife at my side. A look of confusion came over its face. Not that I could make much emotion out of it. Only the slight crease of its forehead, only the slight descendants of the corner of its crackled lips put me under the impression.

“Why on earth do you have a knife, my son? Knives are very dangerous. I’ve told you to ask me if you want to use something so sharp.” the creature asked. Who is this thing to call me their son? This creature did not resemble my mother nor father. “Oh, this knife? Hmm, I have been using this to kill those who think to stand in my way. To slaughter those who oppose me or think differently from me. Here, in this place, I have decided to let out all of my anger. Let out all of the deep emotions that dwell upon my mind. This is my place to let out my uproar of emotions. This is my place to be myself when I couldn't for�"what? The past 6 years?” I said. I looked towards the creature. The creature had a look of sympathy and worry. “This is not like you, Louie. You’ve always been so patient�"so…so calm. Tell me, is something wrong honey?” the creature asked, walking towards me. I stepped back, holding up my knife warningly. “Take another step and your head will be on the ground,” I growled. The creature slightly tilted its head and gave a smile. No matter how innocent it was trying to seem, that smile was disgusting. I did not want to look at it for a second longer. “You’d never kill your mother Louie. Don’t say such things.” the creature. At that point, I was past ticked off.

For a moment, everything had gone black. I soon realized that the room that was white before was now completely black. As I began to walk again, I noticed that the same black color was now on the soul of my shoe. In question, I knelt down and guided my finger across the floor. I lifted it back up and something was in my hand. It was a gooey substance�"-blood. This was all of that creature's sinful, unrighteous blood. So, when everything had gone black, I had killed that creature? I don’t remember it at all though. I wonder how I killed it. Maybe I slit its throat? Maybe I punctured my knife through its unloving heart? Maybe I cut all of its limbs off one by one? Hmm, most likely not the last one. It most like would have put up a fight at that point. I smiled in victory and thought of what I could do next. I looked around at this place that was now painted black. The white color had begun to bore me and I do prefer darker colors. Black just so happens to be my favorite color. Anyway, I began to walk again. I had no clue where I was going but I didn’t mind it all that much.

I walked for a very long time. After counting every second, every minute, I realized I had been walking for at least 6 hours now. I hadn’t stopped at all. Surprisingly, I was not hungry. Nor tired or thirsty. I did not feel like I need to take a break from walking either. Very odd. I was simply feeling…anger. Why on earth was I so angry? I suppose it’s fine here. I mean, no one is here. I’ve been killing creatures ever since I’ve been here. I really can do whatever I want here. But why was I feeling anger? As I said earlier, I’ve had anger built inside of me for such a long time. And here is a place where people I care about are not here. And the creatures I’ve killed don’t seem to be that sentimental. So…what’s the real harm? All the anger I have had is finally able to be released. And I was bubbling with the emotion. As I was walking and thinking about this, I arrived at a familiar-shaped door. I couldn’t remember where I have seen it from but I didn’t really care at the moment. I twisted the handle and was met with�" with the outside world?

I saw trucks and cars passing by on the busy streets, I saw people walking by on the sidewalks with their friends�"everything looked just how I left. Somehow, it made me feel a bit irritated. I have to let this anger build up inside of me for so long. But everyone here just looks so happy and carefree. Why does my life have to be this way? Why can’t I live happily and obliviously like them? Although I wanted to get back to the real world while I was in the white space (now dark), I want to go back. I want to go back and have some more fun. I know it seems cruel to be killing living things but as said before, they aren’t sentimental. At least not too much for me to care. And that’s also it. I don’t care. I really don’t! Anyway, I decided that I wanted to go back. I didn’t need this place�"I need my…my anger place. Yeah, that’s what I’ll call it. My Anger Place

I turned around so I could go back through the door. Hopefully, I would end up in My Anger Place. I looked at the door and then figured out why it was so familiar. Around the door were the walls of the house I lived in. The door I exited through was the door to my house. I opened the door and entered the home. The air smelled of rot; possibly some dead animal that was outside on the ground. We live near a forest and we see (and smell) things like that all the time. I pinched my nose to block out the smell and began to look around for my mother. There was a faint noise I could here though, and it seemed to be coming from the living room. I entered it, questioning what the sound was. I was met with the TV being on, and the news blaring on it. I took a seat on the sofa and decided to listen to it for a moment. “BREAKING NEWS! THERE WAS JUST AN ENTIRE SCHOOL VICIOUSLY MURDERED AT BESTOWED MIDDLE SCHOOL! THERE HAVEN’T BEEN ANY SIGNS OF SURVIVORS WHATSOEVER! THE MURDERER WAS WELDING A KNIFE AT HIS SIDE, AND WAS ESTIMATED TO BE AROUND 5’8-6’0! TUNE IN LATER TO GET UPDATES ON THIS MYSTERIOUS CASE!” it said. Upon hearing this, I tilted my head. “Oops.” 

© 2023 Campton Clifton

Author's Note

Campton Clifton
Took a couple of months to finish this, unfortunately.

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