Appreciate and Respect

Appreciate and Respect

A Story by DeelishaMaharjan

Appreciate and respect each other as in this era we are forgetting our spiritual values and cores towards each other.It is not a big thing to be noted but is a small thing that destroys many things.


Why are we forgetting to respect and appreciate each other?

What do you mean by the word ‘appreciate’ and ‘respect’? People  often think that these two words have no value in our life but they are wrong about that. These two words can change everything that is happening in their  life. Now, you wonder how that can be possible. The word ‘appreciate’ means recognizing the value of and being grateful for. The word ‘respect’ means admiration for someone because of their qualities or achievements and consideration of feelings or rights of others. These two words are easy to spell but hard to understand and feel.

‘Appreciate’ this word for you maybe a joke to you now but after knowing it you’ll know the value and importance of it.We people often being busy with our own works we forget the person who is taking care of us in every aspect. We often forget to appreciate their works due to busyness in our work. We often forget to appreciate what we have and others don’t have. You know, most of the people only appreciate if any good things happen or someone did any good thing to them but some people are there who always appreciate whether any bad or good things happened to them.That is what we call appreciating Why should we only appreciate God for everything? Aren’t there other people to appreciate in your life? If you count on the people who you should appreciate there are many. First one is your family members then armies, doctors, nurses, police officers, engineers, sweepers and cleaners. These people work hard for us to have peaceful living,harmony, to be secured and safe, to stay in a healthy and clean environment and to have mutual understanding. You don’t have to do all the work they have done for you to appreciate them.Just stay with them and help a little and mostly important say ‘thank you’ to them everyday or every time you meet them. It doesn’t take anything to say a little thank you to them.That will make their day happy by just a thank you. When you say it you will know the value of appreciating others. You can try saying thank you even in small things as that will make someone’s day happy and als your mood good.I would like to share some sayings which really are meaningful.

“Don’t be concerned about others not appreciating you. Be concerned about your not appreciating others. ” - Confucius

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words,but to live by them.

“Thank you is the least I can say to you to show my appreciation for everything you have done for me.”

‘Respect’ this word is really magical in itself. We people say this word more than a hundred times. We say respect others, respect each other’s thoughts, respect each other’s profession but do we do it? I guess there are less people who do it. In this modern age, people are losing their respect to each other. We should respect every person we see in our day to day life. We people often disrespect people by their occupation.In people’s eyes the work like sweeper and cleaner are not to be respectful, is it true? In people's eyes the uneducated people are not to be unrespectful , is it?  We respect what other people are doing. Respect is not a thing that you wish to get as a demand but respect is a thing to earn by yourself as you earn your income by working for it. I heard there are two kinds of world. In the first world, parents force their children to be successful and end up like a sweeper, cleaner or a waiter. In the second world, parents teach their children to be successful and create a big world for the people who are working hard being sweeper, cleaner or waiter. In these two worlds, it is clearly shown how much respect is there for each other,each other’s feelings and work.Learn to respect people and you will earn respect yourself. Respect people in even small things like we appreciate them in every little thing. In order of getting respect people end up doing very stupid things which only cause them to be disrespectful. Respect is a feeling that can only be felt with your heart then you get respect from outside from others.Respect to the people who are there in your hard times especially your parents. Respect every little creature living on earth because he/she has the equal right to be respected. Most people disrespect according to gender too. People disrespect gays and  lesbians. They too have the same right to do anything and to be equally respected as we do.It was not their fault to be born that way, they too feelings.I would like to share two sayings which I really like and which have a deep meaning to it. 

“Respect cannot be learned,purchased or acquired - it can only be earned.”

“Respect other feelings.It might mean nothing to you ,but it could mean everything to them.”

Did you know now how much these words matter in our life. We shouldn't be living in an age where there is no appreciation and respect. We may still not know the value now but when we grow up, we understand its value and importance in life. If it wasn't important then why are these two words created. These two words are really magical. When times come, it shines with the time and glows like a shining moon in the sky.Appreciating and respect are not the same things. We should create a world where these two words keep a high value in a person’s life. No disrespectfulness should be seen in the world within people.We all should unite appreciating and respecting each other. These are also the core elements of human virtue. From today on wards, we all should promise to appreciate and respect each other whether he/she is your enemy or close friend.

© 2020 DeelishaMaharjan

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Added on July 1, 2020
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