600 Mile Crush

600 Mile Crush

A Story by Deje

love has no distance, love has no restrictions

Love can not be defined by distance
Love does not have any rules 
Love is just love in its purest form

But a crush is different 
A crush is a spark of love slowly forming inside a soul
A crush can be beautiful 
Or it can be dangerous
A crush can be amazing 
Or it can be tragic 
A crush can be one sided 
Or it can be mutual 
A crush can be heavenly 
 Or it can be hell 

My crush..
He is all of the above and more.
He lives 600 miles away
He has dark brown messy hair that is breath taking
He has dark eyes that can swallow you up like a block hole when you look in them.
He has a scruffy beard that has me lost in it 
He has lips that are mesmerizing 
His voice is like music to my ears, soft and sweet
His laugh warms me up inside 
Its a fuzzy feeling 

He is my definition of perfect. 
He is not like every guy.
He is different in a wonderful way that makes me want to live 
He puts hope in my hopeless soul 

But he also has flaws 
He is scared to let me in 
So he pushes me out every time he gets too close
He adds more distance between us than the 600 miles we already have
He has been hurt before but who hasn't 
He's scared and I am too 

I've never met a perfect soul before 
I've fallen so hard I can not find my way up 
I don't think I want to ever find my way up.

© 2017 Deje

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this poem was so real and true... perfectly describes the feeling of falling for someone. beautiful poem

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on November 30, 2017
Last Updated on November 30, 2017
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