Blood Moon: night one

Blood Moon: night one

A Story by Beckuuuh Grossack

Kyle finds himself in the wrong place to be one the night of the blood moon, will it be his last?!


Kyle was walking Molly home from a party they were at, at one of the frat houses on campus. They stopped in front of the girls dorms. He flashed her a bright smile before kissing her cheek lightly. He told her good night. She smiled at him and walking inside the dorms. 



He walked away pulling his hoodie over his head. Thinking about how beautiful Molly looked tonight and how f*****g cold it was outside. He passed by the biology building, looking up at the sky, he raised a brow when he saw the full moon.



“what the…” he said slowly to himself.



The moon was a bright red, looking as if the moon itself was bleeding.



He shook his head, shaking the thought off, and started walking again. He walked through the free space of the campus that always to him looked like a mini park planted right off the edge of the school. He looked around  thinking how oldly dark it was for this time of night. He started to pick up his pace feeling like he was in the middle of a bad horror movie. He turned around quickly when he heard a loud crash against one of the trees. 




“hello is someone out there?!” he called into the darkness. 



When he heard a loud snap, he gulped.



He turned and started to speed walk not caring if he looked stupid, just something in him telling him to run like hell. As if his feeling had just proven right he started to hear loud thumps, against the ground like the sound of a huge animal running. He bearly had time to run before he was head butted by an over sized wolf.



He crashed shoulder first into a tree. He whined when he heard the crack. He tried to sit up but the pain in his shoulder hurt to much to move. He swore to himself as he turned his head to see his shoulder starting to soak in his own blood. He put pressure on his shoulder with his hand.



He looked around him, for what knocked him into the tree. He raised a brow in confusion when he saw nothing but just the darkness around him. He slowly pulled out his phone and called the last person on his “caller ID”. he leaned his head back against the tree as the phone rang.



“Hello…” Caitlin said 



He shook his head to himself, when he heard the distraction in her voice. She was probably with boyfriend.



“Catielyn… listen I need your help.” he said

“what happened with girlfriend now?!” she asked



He heard a slight laugh in her voice. He sighed.



“this has nothing to do with girlfriend…this is about to sound like some pretty fucked up s**t. But I got attacked by something.”



He could tell she went quiet. He took a deep breath trying to keep his head right, it was feeling a bit light from the blood loss. He heard her clear her throat before she spoke.



“What happened?! Did you get bi-” 



He didn’t get to hear her finish her sentence cause he heard the loud running sounds coming at him again. He tried to get up as fast as he could but it didn’t make a difference, the wolf went at him making him slide away from the tree, he was pinned down under one of its paws. He tried to fight against the wolf to make it move so he could get free, it only made it howl, the sound rung through the area, almost making his ears pop. He looked at the wolf in horror when it looked at him, the eyes seemed to be changing, from its pale green to a red like the moon. While he was distracted by the wolf’s eyes he didn’t see the wolf going to bite into his side near his rib cage. The pain of the bite felt  like rows of sharp razors stabbing deep into his skin. He screamed out in pain. 



His vision started to blur and the wolf let go of the bite, as the teeth left his side, it sent another wave of pain through him. His eyes started to close, thinking about that this was the end, he’ll never get to see his family again…or Molly. Or get to hang out with his best friends, Billy and Caitlin. 



He looked up a bit when he heard the wolf’s breathing, he saw his blood dripping off the wolf’s mouth before he felt a rush of wind, he only imagined that it was the b*****d running off. Moments later, he blacked out. 

© 2011 Beckuuuh Grossack

Author's Note

Beckuuuh Grossack
im osrry if it isnt what i usually write. i havent written in a while and im trying to get back into the swing of it

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Added on June 21, 2011
Last Updated on June 21, 2011


Beckuuuh Grossack
Beckuuuh Grossack

Oakland Gardens, NY

ok so here to about me: im weird, love to talk to my besties and etc etc etc blah blah blah ;) so wanna be a filmmaker/editor when i get older. and just resently that i can actully write soz ima use t.. more..