Asking a Favor

Asking a Favor

A Story by Beckuuuh Grossack

Caitlin has been having bad visions in her sleep of Erick coming for her and not wanting to worry her parents she ask Simon to teach her to fight

Caitlin moves in an inhuman blur towards Simon's current estate straight after school lead out. Knowing that he would already know about her arrival, hoping that he didn't go and call her dad and that she would get to talk to him and get home before Peter and Christina noticed I was late coming home. She walk inside, keeping her gaze in front of her so it looked like she wasn't someone trying to come and go on a murder spry. I continue down the hall till I get to a room where I hear muffled voices, freezing in place silently. Waiting for the other person to leave and for me to be invited in. Waiting a good ten minutes before the strange man leaves out past her, one of Simon's guards comes towards the door and motions her in. She walked in trying very hard to keep her footsteps quiet as possible I bow my torso a bit as a show of respect for him. I look up at him after I am standing straight around my eyes, keeping its child like wonder of curiosity and frozen over with a think layer of serious that made her look older then she was, "I wanted to ask you the favor of you or if not one of your men, to fight, defend myself. Cause my future doesn't look too bright because I'm weak. And I need to be lethal." She said smoothly, "I would have asked my dad, but I don't think that my mom would like it very much and I don't think he would."

© 2012 Beckuuuh Grossack

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Added on May 15, 2012
Last Updated on May 15, 2012
Tags: Vampires, Simon, Caitlin, Fighting


Beckuuuh Grossack
Beckuuuh Grossack

Oakland Gardens, NY

ok so here to about me: im weird, love to talk to my besties and etc etc etc blah blah blah ;) so wanna be a filmmaker/editor when i get older. and just resently that i can actully write soz ima use t.. more..