The Hands are Together Again, and We're Back Where we Started

The Hands are Together Again, and We're Back Where we Started

A Chapter by DeliriousCerises

12 O'clock
You're the b***h, I'm the brat
You start a conversation, You wanna be friends

1 O'clock
You're the parent, I've been tamed
You get to know one another, you get to fight

2 O'clock
You're the pimp, I'm your b***h
You learn to be fake, you learn to play

3 O'clock
You worry for me, I grasp the moment
You let down your walls, you learn new quirks

4 O'clock
You smile to me, I laugh for you
You share your woes, you share your pain

5 O'clock
You trust me, I idol you
You comfort, you empathize

6 O'clock
You claim me, a sister, a friend, your number one
I claim you, a mentor, my friend, my number one
You love him,
You love her

7 O'clock
You met him -- claimed him, I met him -- kept you
You shut the rest out, You invited the rest in

8 O'clock
You were his perfection, I was your shadow
You turned it all off, You pulled your hand from the dark

9 O'clock
You watched the sun set, I met a light on me
You saw demons in your head, you ignored them

10 O'clock
You saw only my flaws, I burned them in
You put up the walls, you found something else to climb

11 O'clock
You called me out and called them in,
I wouldn't have it and tried to bite back
You watched from the depths,
You played your merry game

12 O'clock
You're the b***h, I'm the brat
We start a conversation, we wanna be friends

© 2012 DeliriousCerises

Author's Note

This was about four different people

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a clever used of time, well thought out every scene progresses. enjoyed it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on July 15, 2012
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