A Poem by DeliriousCerises

I'm drowning in you
Swallowed whole by your problems
I want to save you
But I'm not a strong swimmer
So I think we might drown

It's impossible to walk away
Your screams bind my legs
I scream for someone to save me
A small raft came to take me out of you
But I am your sinking life boat

How can I choose my life for yours?
I am your perfect angel
I want to save you
But I'm not a strong swimmer
I can't let us drown

I can't feel my soul
I can't even focus
I can't find the surface
     But neither can you

You want to die
You tell me I can save you
I want to save you
But who's going to save me?
We have to save ourselves

I'm drowning in you
Locked away in your mind
Chained by your insecurity
I shattered your glass heart
But stepping through that window would kill you

We are bound to one another
Our limbs become vestigial
I don't want to die! I can't let you die
I want to be free, but I wont leave you
And let you die

I'm frozen, your heart in my hand
It's broken shards cut me
My mind is gone
   My heart is numb
      And I fall away
As I watch us bleed out

© 2014 DeliriousCerises

Author's Note

It's been awhile since I posted something, let me know what you think

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Added on July 24, 2014
Last Updated on July 24, 2014



You can call me Cherry. I love all forms of art, they are like therapy for the soul. I used to write, stories and poem and such, but then I stopped for a long time. All I did was journal, but recently.. more..