My Babysitters a Vampire, The Story

My Babysitters a Vampire, The Story

A Story by Jennifer

It was just another day, I layed in my bed listening to music on the radio. “ Grab Somebody sexy tell em hey! Give it Everything tonight, Everything tonight.” I sang. “ Della your friends are here.” My mom said. “ Give it.... Who is here?” I asked. “ Benny, Ethan and Rory.” My mom said.

Rory is my boyfriend, long story short I had to because of a dare. I walked down stairs and tripped and fell down all the way to the bottom.

“ Della are you ok?” Rory asked. “ Yea.” I said. “ Della you wanna come on a walk with us.” Benny asked. “ Yea.” I said. “ Come on!” Ethan grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.

I smiled a bit as we walked, Rory held my hand, the truth was that I didn't even like Rory. We walked downtown, when I saw a guy dressed in all black. Rory, Benny, and Ethan tried pulling me away, but I stopped them. We walked up to him and smiled.

“ Who is this?” He asked. “ This is Della.” Rory said. He held me closer, I pulled away.

“ Della, I like it.” He said. ‘’ Whats your name?” I asked. “ Oh, Im Jessie.” He said. “ Jessie you wanna come on our walk?” I asked. “ Yea, can It just be me and you? I want to get to know you better.” He asked. “ Yea.” I said. 

I walked over to Jessie and watch Rory, Benny, and Ethan walk away. Jessie held my hand, and we just walked.

“ Della are you always like this?” He asked. “ Like what?” I asked. “ Quiet, shy, and beautiful.” He said. “ Yes, yes, and Im dating Rory until tomorrow.” I said. “ Your Dating Rory.” He asked. “ It was a dare I had to date him for a year.” I said. “ Maybe you could date me afterwards.” He said. “ I like the sound of that.” I said smiling.

I smiled I almost forgot we were at my house right now. He smiled and I could tell that he wanted to kiss me. My mom was spying on us. I pulled away and walked up the steps, smiled and waved bye. I walked in and before I shut the door he was gone.

Ethan’s P.O.V.- “ Im serious Benny when I touched her I had a vision.” I said. “ What was it?” Benny said. “ She was with vampires drinking human blood. Do you think she would date Jessie?” I asked. “ I don’t know, are you sure Rory hasn’t bit her.” Benny asked. “ We will figure this out in the morning.” I said.

Normal P.O.V.- It was midnight, I layed awake waiting for five in the morning when I can break up with Rory. I loved Jessie already something was different about him. I texted Rory, Sorry It isn't working out, were through. I layed in bed relieved. I smiled then I went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night I heard rocks against my window. I looked out the window and saw Jessie I rolled my eyes and walked out.

“ Jesse what are you doing here?” I asked. “ Telling you something.” He said. “ What?” I asked. “ I love you!” He said. “ I love you too um not with Rory anymore!” I said. “ Will you be my girlfriend?” Jessie asked. “ Yes, and I will see you tomorrow.” I said. “ Ok.” He said and walked off. 

I woke up and Benny and Ethan were on the side of my bed just standing there looking at me.

“ Are you guys always like this?”  I asked. “ Never mind but you should be careful.” Ethan said. “ About what?” I asked. “ Jesse he's not that friendly during a full moon.” Benny said. “ What do you mean?” I asked. “ Its nothing.” Benny said.

“ DELLA! JESSE IS HERE!” My mom screamed. “COMING!” I went down stairs. “ I was going on a walk and thought you would want to come.” Jessie asked.  “ Sure.” I said. “ Can we come?” Benny and Ethan asked. “ Sure.“ Jesse said glaring at them.

We walked out the door when we saw Rory. He looked heart broken. Oh well Lacy will dare more people to date him, then it hit me.  

“Lets go to Lacy’s house and play Truth or Dare.” I said.

We went to Lacy’s, It was Lacy, Jesse, Ethan, Benny, Mikayla, and Rory.

“ Ok I will start Lacy Truth or Dare.” I said. “ Dare.” She said. I smiled evilly then said, “ I dare you to date Rory till we graduate.” “ Ewwwwwww. GROSS!!! NO!!!!!!” She yelled. “ A dare is a dare.” Jessie said. “ I HATE YOU!!” Lacy Yelled. “ Lets go babe.” Rory said. 

They walked out, I started to bust out laughing. Jessie and I left and went to a mountain, we sat up there and talked, then out of nowhere he kissed me. It was magical. The next few days were slow just school, and everything else was different. I was in school, when Mikayla and Seraiah showed up. 

“ Della we heard you were dating Jesse!” Mikayla said. “ Have you guys kissed yet?” Seraiah asked. “ Wow its true and yea.” I said. “ Hey Della.” Jesse said. “ Hey we were just talking about you.” I said. “ Oh Benny and I were just talking about you.” He said then he kissed me. “ You two are cute.” Miki said. 

I smiled and looked around, Benny being rejected and Ethan talking to Sarah. I walked to Benny with Jesse. Benny Just walked away. The school day went on and on, then the final bell screamed. I ran out holding Jessie’s hand. It was the start of the summer, and it was Friday.

“ PARTY AT MY HOUSE TONIGHT!!!!!!!” Jesse Screamed. “ Im coming.” I said Kissing him. He smiled, “ It will be wild and how will you get out of the house?” “ Ill sneak out see you at 10:00.” I said

Sarah's P.O.V.- “Guys Jessie Is having another Vampire party.” I said. “ Della is dating him! She cant be one of you!” Ethan said. “ We have to stop them, and Im babysitting tonight, so who is gonna watch Jane.” I said. “ My grandma can come.” Benny said. “ Settled.” I said and walked off.

Normal P.O.V.- I got out of the house and got to Jessie’s. The moon was full, I started to remember what Benny said but it was nothing. I walked in and saw Erica all over Jessie. I was mad but I don’t get jealous. I walked to Jessie, and he smiled. 

“ Who are you?” Erica asked. “ Im Jessie’s girlfriend.” I said. “ Yea, Della we will be back my friends and I need to discuss something wait down here.” He said. 

I stood down stairs looking around and I saw Ethan and Benny walked to me. I waved, as Sarah went upstairs to where Jessie was, I just stopped and thought. It was now midnight moon so high as it could be. Jessie and his friends came out Sarah had a worried look. Jessie grabbed me and took me outside. He brought out fangs, I felt like running away. 

“ Relax, this wont hurt.’’ Jessie said. “ Don't Bite her.” Benny said. 

Jessie grabbed me fast and bit me, I screamed and fell down to the ground in pain.

“ Sarah, we need you now!” Ethan yelled. “ Did he bite her?” Sarah asked. “ Yea.” Ethan said. “ E I found a spell.” Benny said.

The next few days I stayed away from Jessie, I was lost and confused. I stayed near Benny and Ethan. Jessie and I were still together, its just complicated.

“ Are you ok Della?” Benny asked. “ Yea its just that what happened the other night.” I asked. “ Jesse is a vampire so Is Rory Sarah and Erica. Im a spell-master, and Ethan here is a seer.” Benny said. “ Whats a seer?” I asked. “ When I touch some1 I get a vision.” Ethan said. “ Oh so geeks with weird powers?” I joked. “ Yea, Rory is a geek too.” Benny said. “ It wasn't hard to tell.” I laughed. 

We walked to my house when we bumped into Jessie, He smiled at me. I was still a little scared. Benny tried pulling me away, but I didn't let him. 

“ Della Im sorry about the other night.” He said. “ Im still a little mad you bit me.” I said. “ Im sorry, do you forgive me.” He said. “ I guess.” I said. “ My twin brother Atticus is coming.” Benny said. “ Omigosh, I remember him, he was my first kiss.” I said. “ He said that he is excited to see you.” Benny said.

I just stood and I blushed a bit, as Jessie grabbed my hand and walked off. We went to that mountain again. We sat at the top and looked at the city. Whitechappel Is boring, so there wasn't much to see. 

“ Atticus is here, and he brought some friends.” I said. “ I don’t want to go.” Jessie said.  “ Atticus is vampire.” I said. 

Jessie grabbed me and took me down. I smiled when I saw Atticus, I hugged him. I could see Jessie was jealous. So I walked back to Jessie, and held him close. 

“ Dells, I missed you.” Atticus said with a bit of Enthusiasm

          Not very Enthusiastic.” I said. “ Oh well I have a Girlfriend now.” Atticus said. “ Whats her name.” I asked. “ Jennifer.” Atticus said.

Then a girl his age walked out of the plane, her hair blowing in the wind, she looked like his type. She walked to him, and smiled.

“ Baby who is this?”  Jen asked. “ Im Della, good friend of Atticus.” I said. 

Jessie kept holding me closer as time went by. I could tell Jen was looking at Jessie, so was Seraiah  but that didn't matter. Summer went by slow it got slower every second I wasn't’ t with Jessie.  

School started back up, my birthday was going to be here in a year,I was near Jessie a lot more than usual. My heart beat was faster, and more faster everyday. Atticus and Jennifer broke up, she found some one else. I felt bad for Atticus, I mean she was perfect for him. Jessie kept trying to bite me, but I wouldn't let him. Benny kept getting rejected by /every girl in school. Ethan and Sarah started to date, somethings new and some old.

“ Mrs. Dalton, you have detention.” Mr. Walters said. “ For what?” I asked. “ Passing this note.” Mr. Walters said. “ What note?” I said tiredly. “ Ok, I will just read it to the class.” Mr. Walters said. 

I looked at Jessie confused, and he looked at me worried. Mr. Walters looked wide eyed.

“ Ok class pay attention, the note says you should stay the night Wink Wink.” Mr. Walters said. 

The class bell went off, Jessie kept his head down so did I. School was almost over, so I went to my locker when I saw it, I ran off crying. I went home and slammed my door, and started crying. I ran upstairs and Jessie was in my room.

“ Della, whats wrong?” He asked sitting me on the bed. “ Don't think I didn’t see you Smooching Jennifer.” I said angrily. “ She kissed me, then I got mad at her. Baby just trust me.” He said. “ Ok I forgive you, but if it happens again were through.” I said and smiled. 

We walked out of the house, and I saw Benny, Ethan and Sarah. Sarah and Ethan as close could be. So Jessie did the same, I smiled. That night Jessie and I had a plan at Midnight. He was gonna get Benny, Ethan, Sarah, Atticus, and I, to do something fun. So at 11:30 I got dressed and hid under my covers, until I saw Jessie under them, I screamed silently and got out. 

“ Jessie what are we doing?” I asked.  “ You will see.” He said. “ Dude so everyone has a date besides Benny and I.” Atticus said. “ I guess.” Jessie said.   

“ If anyone goes bite crazy I have holy water and I am not afraid to use it.” Benny said. “ Its a sleep over, kinda, find the room with your name on it. ” Jesse said. 

So I walked upstairs, and looked around till I found a door with the Name, ❤Della❤, I smiled and walked in. It was beautiful, then Jesse walked in and walked to me, then started kissing me. Then I started thinking was this what I really wanted. So I pulled away from him. Atticus was staring, so I walked into the hallway and left. 

I walked home its was pouring. Then Jessie ran in front of me. 

“ Della you know what you want!” Jessie said. “ Yes i do its just not one of you.”  I said.  “ Your body does.” He said. “ I says the same thing.” I said. “ Come  on Della!” He said. “ Just leave her alone.” Atticus said. 

Jessie grabbed Atticus, and smiled. I was about to get a wooden stake and kill Jessie personally. Atticus had no idea what was happening he knew Jessie was a vampire. 

“ Now what do you chose. Its you or him.” Jessie said. “ Della, Im not letting you get hurt, its me.” I said. “NO! Its not.” I yelled. “ Della, don't argue with me.” Atticus said.  “ Fine but your are changing me.” I said. “ Deal.” Atticus said. 

Jesse bit him and ran off, Atticus was screaming in pain. I took a few minutes but it was finally over, he got up and ran off. I looked around, and started to walk off. Then Atticus ran in front of me, he smiled. Jessie showed up and grabbed me. I smiled a bit, and Atticus ran off into the night. I felt like it loved Atticus, but he’s famous what does a girl like me have with a chance like him? So I went home silently, and creaked the door. 

“ DELLA! WHERE HAVE U BEEN!” my dad said going off like and alarm. “ I was with some friends.” I said. He came up and slapped me, I fell to the floor. I screamed in pain. The next few days were like a living hell. 

“ Hey Dells.” My friend Lynn said. “ Hey who is this?” I asked. “ Oh this is Xavier.” She said.

I could tell Xavier was hiding something, but this is Whitechappel. I looked around and saw Amber and Rory , and Jessie. Yes, I was still dating him. I got called Crazy and Insane, but I don't care. Jessie kissed me, I kinda smiled. I didn’t want to hurt Jessie emotionally, he could kill me, but I had to do whats right. Atticus wore all black, I knew he hated it

“ Jesse, we need to talk.” I drug him into the Janitors Closet. “ Yes.” He said. “ We need to break up.” I said. “ Fine, but this isnt the last time you will see me.” He left and locked me in. 

I started pounding on the door, Xavier and Atticus looked in the window and unlocked the door, Xavier was confused so was Atticus. I ran out of the closet, school was almost over. Eight hours of nothing, Lynn was asleep half the time anyways. Its complicated, I walked to Atticus, he was texting some girl. Ethan walked up, either he had a twin or I was seeing double. 

“ This is my twin Matthew.” Ethan said. “ Hey you can call me Matt.” Matthew said. “ I’d rather just call you Matthew.’’ Lynn said as she walked off.

I went to my locker and opened it then I found Matthew standing there. I was confused, he looked at me with love in his eyes. I sighed and thought to myself, Why does every guy love me? I walked off and joined the “ Team V” clan. Atticus was the only good one, but I dont want to be one of them. Im afraid of what Jesse could do to me, kill me or bite me. I shuddered, I can never imagine that. I walked out of the school, it was raining and cold I just took my time. I walked into the house, and ran to my room and slammed the door. My phone rang, I looked at my phone a text from Matthew, it said Wanna go out, I simply replied your with Sarah, He replied I will do anything for you. I started flipping out, I replied, fine but no games. I fell down on my bed. I smiled then thought, Jesse is still after me, what if this is one of his stupid plans, that will fail in the end. Then I thought why should I be worried, wait should I? I looked at the calender, next week full moon, I heard a knock on my door. My parents were gone, so I opened it and saw Benny, Matthew, and Rory.

“ We brought pizza!” Benny said. “ Really Benny Really?” I said. “ Absolutely, positivity.” Benny said. “ Dont worry, I made sure Benny took his medication.” Rory said. “ Yea by threatening to bite me!” Benny said. “No fighting!” I said. I continued, “ Wait Benny, you take medication?” “Yep, but shhhhhhhh!” He said.  “ Fine!” I said. 

Benny sat down and took a slice, I grabbed a piece, turned on PS3. Rory popped in Burnout 3 and Matthew gave us the controllers.

“ I call first player!” Benny and I said at the same time. “ No me!” We both said. “ Matthew!” We both yelled. 

Matthew rolled his eyes and reached into his pocket, and grabbed the shiny quarter he kept in his pocket for good luck. I smiled, and looked at my phone, zero messages, I feel like a geek or a loser. 

“ Benny, heads or tails.” Matthew said, his voice calm, like an angels voice would ring. “ Tails.” Benny said.

Matthew flipped the coin, and of course like always it landed on tails. Matthew looked at Benny, Benny jumped up and did the winning pose. I laughed, so did Rory and Matthew.

“ Thats right baby! Im a winner.” Benny laughed. 

  Matthew looked at me, I gave him the “ should we tell them look”. He nodded no and smiled, I smiled back. I grabbed the second controller, and sat down, Matthew answered his phone. I nodded and hit challenge oppenent, I was against Benny, we raced and unfortunately Benny won.

( Jesse's P.O.V. ) 

I paced around the room, looked at Ethan and back at my feet still pacing.

" Can you have a heart for once and tell me what your up to," Ethan said. " Im afraid thats classified information, unless your gonna be my next snack," I said. " Um, Im good, but you will not get away with this," Ethan said. " Just watch me, I always get what I want," I said. 

I began to pace again while Ethan was struggled to get out of the rope he was tied up in. I laughed evil like and left.

( Ethan's POV ) I saw that Jesse left, I was still struggling to get out of rope, there was no prevail. 

" Stupid Jesse," I said. I suddenly drifted off in thought of Sarah, Benny, Rory, and Della. I hoped they are safe.

( Normal POV ) " Benny! You beat me," I said. " Sorry Im talented," Benny said. " You just got lucky," I smirked.

(4 days later) 

Tonight was the full moon, I walked down the hallway in fear. I glanced at everyone human or not. People glanced back with that look on there faces, " Whats that ugly girl looking at" expression. After school I walked home with no one beside me. Until I saw Matthew. Next thing I new I was in a room with Ethan. I thought of Benny, all alone no one to fight with.....

( Bennys POV)

Ethan was gone and still gone I'd have to fight on my own. I was scared to, I mean me against a whole fledgling army.

( Normal POV )

I was in the corner looking at the shiny silver floor, Ethan looked at me, I just sighed. I looked at the door as it opened. " I see our guest are here," Jesse said. " Della was the easiest to get master," Matthew said. "Do whatever you want to me but let Ethan go," I said. " Fine," Jesse said.

I saw Ethan run out as fast as he could and I saw Jesse grabbing my arm.

© 2011 Jennifer

Author's Note

Ignore Grammer and What you guys think. (Based on My babysitters a vampire, movie and show, ALMOST FINISHED)

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