Looking In

Looking In

A Story by Summer D.

Do you see it now?


Looking In

Her hands drift over the surface of the dark ebony colored dresser, long and slender, they drag across the top leaving marks in the layer of dust that had settled. The brass handles are rusted and worn, loosened from the rough wear of its previous owner, that it must bear- just like her heart. Sucking in her breath she steps over the strewn sheets of plastic that have just missed the rotting sofas by inches, the piles of clothes hold a certain musky smell, and the scattered jewelry from the box have no face to adorn.  Where had they gone?  Her eyes rest on the tall draped object, pushed to the corner of the darkened room, a certain aura of mysteriousness surrounding it. Reaching out hesitantly, her fingers close over the ends of the mottled and filthy material, pulling upwards slowly as if it might tear- like her fragile heart. In that split second of serene calmness, a beam of light streams from the broken shutters of the high windows, reflecting on what appears to be a mirror. The mirror holds no trace of  grime and the surface shines even though dully. A soft breath of surprise escapes her plump lips as she angles her head slightly, growing accustomed to her unusual appearance. It has been too long

She gasps lightly as she takes in her appearance, her brown eyes peeking out shyly, from under her curtain of dark lashes. Her raven black, matted, tangled hair that somehow managed to retain its luster circling around her broad shoulders. Glistening under the ray of light, droplets of water trace down her arms as she stares quietly at the black bolded numbers. 45176. The orange jumpsuit is out of place and the house moans as if to protest as she tugs the cover over the mirror once more. Nothing mattered, everyone was gone, every feeling was weak. The press of the cool metal did not deter her. Nor did the click of the safety that bounced throughout the creaking walls. Everything, was gone.


The bullet shot echoed throughout the neighborhood and the passerby halted, lifting her head in the direction of the sound, to stare in the window of the house. For Sale. It had been on sale for ten years now and locals swore up and down that it was haunted- The realtors, as furious as they had been, could do nothing to halt the idle chatter and gossip of the old women at the town’s Bingo club. Brushing a strand of her red hair behind her ear, Jessica ignored the crudely printed letters screaming “ DO NOT TRESPASS.”, as she turned her body in the direction of the shabby house. They wouldn’t care.  Jogging over to the window, she pressed her nose against the slightly damp glass,  shocked by the sight before her. An orange-clad figure stood motionlessly, grasping a black gun, while violent shivers wracked his or her body.

 Studying the mysterious figure, Jessica could make out the slight curve of her body, and the feminine softness to the side of her face. A woman Jessica breathed as she tilted her head to the side before the truth of the moment set in. Jessica didn’t think as she bounded for the back door of her house, her doctor’s warnings a mere blip in the background, as she stumbled  through years worth of clutter and weeds. Oh god, please let it not be too late. Crashing against the splintering wooden door, Jessica tugged violently only to find that it was locked shut. Time froze as the woman met her darkened eyes to meet Jessica’s and her train of thought dissipated as quickly as she had sprung into action. Say something! Do anything! Don’t let her kill herself! Her mind screamed at her and Jessica licked her suddenly dry lips as she struggled to force words to her tongue. A haunted smile lifted to the older woman’s lips as she turned away, to press the gun  to the temple of her head once more. 

The lady seemed to be counting and Jessica watched quietly as she paused, wavering slightly at the number twelve before she whispered, barely audible “ Thirteen.” The gunshot was loud,  as was the previous one, and Jessica didn’t have to look to know that the bullet had made its mark. In a daze like trance, Jessica flipped open her cell-phone, ignoring the furious texts from her boyfriend. Everything was just trivial now. Punching in the number numbly, Jessica didn’t have to wait for the operator to pick up. “ 9-1-1. What is your emergency?” Somber and Cold. “ She committed suicide.” There was a pregnant pause before the woman continued smoothly, “ Sorry. I couldn’t quite make that out. Who?” “ I don’t know,” Jessica mumbled pressing her back against the crumbling frame of the house before sliding slowly, “ I don’t know.” “ What is your location?” Jessica’s heart clenched as a flash of white light sparked in front of her eyes and a searing pain struck her heart. Slumping forward, the phone slid from Jessica’s clammy palm, as her cheek met the slightly damp earth. “ Ma’am? Ma’am? Are you still there?” The red-haired beauty’s dark eyelashes fluttered as her fading conscience wavered a single second before disappearing completely. 


Tossing the rose lazily on the grass the troubled youth stalked away from the two graves, joining his watchful parents  who stood by the car waiting solemnly. “ Nathaniel-” “ Look. I don’t wanna talk. Just let me have that much.” He snapped and his father relented, stepping aside reluctantly to allow his son to clamber in the backseat. “ She was-” “ Look, you didn’t know her. Either of them. Just,” He raised his fingertips to his temples in exasperation, “ Let me have this.” Swallowing, the man stiffly nodded before adjusting his tie uncomfortably, directing his gaze away from his son’s piercing gaze. The man ran a hair through his salt and peppered hair letting his gaze drift over to the graves quietly. He had it rough. 

Jessica Robinson

A loving and caring girlfriend.

April 1st-August 19th

1995- 2012

Elizabeth Hathaway 

A lost but brave soul. 

June 2nd- August 19th


Glancing back toward his adopted son his heart lurched at the broken expression carved on his face. He had just finished school, texting Jessica furiously about her recent medical visit. He could tell from the look on his face, it hadn’t been good. “ Dad?” He called and the man snapped his attention back to the vulnerable looking boy that sat stiffly in the backseat. “ Yeah,” He hesitated before continuing, “ son?” “ Did she know she still had a sibling?” Tell him anything but the truth!  His mind chanted and he forced a grim smile to his face before crossing over to his side. 

“ Of course not son, of course not.” His father soothed gripping the steering wheel tightly before reaching over to give his ashen wife a comforting peck. The ride was silent as the family each mulled over their own individual thoughts, oblivious to the impending danger ahead. People claim the car was faulty. Others claim it was an act of fate. Some, claim nothing. Others wondered if they had passed on in peace. 


“ Jessica?”  He pressed his lips to the sensitive spot on her neck before raising his mouth to brush lightly against the tip of her ear. “  Yeah Stephan?” “ You know I’ll always love you right?”  She mumbled in reply and he smoothly crossed to the front of her,before tilting her chin up to meet her wide green eyes. “  Yeah Stephan. I know.”  A dainty smile crossed her lips and he felt his heart swell with love. “ So where would you like to go this summer?”  He laced his fingers through hers, casting a bright smile her way as they watched the waves lap up against the sand. “  Heaven.” She smiled batting her dark eyelashes at her boyfriend flirtatiously. “  Too expensive.” “ Heaven is free, you dork.” “ I can’t afford to loose you.” He explained and she let out a low groan. “ How cheesy. How long did it take for you to find that one?”  “ An hour or two.”  Scowling, Jessica flicked Stephan on his nose before turning her back to him in mock anger. She didn’t give in when she felt his arms close around her tiny figure. “ Hey, Hey. We’ll go. We’ll go together one day.”  “ Promise?”  “ Yeah babe. I promise.” Stephan repeated before bending down to meet her gentle kiss.


Leaning forward, Stephan yanked hard on the park lever as the car skidded to the right lane in an ungraceful halt. There was no time for anything, no time for laughs, or fleeting good-byes. “ I’m coming baby.” Stephan mumbled as the truck lumbered toward them at a dangerous speed, unaware of the car lying across the lane. They say, moments before your death, your life will flash before you. Every aspect of your life will dance through your mind, lingering for a mere minute, before it departs with your soul. They were wrong. His thoughts were only filled with her.


“ You came Stephan.” “ I told you so.” He stepped forward to meet her as her eyes shone with unshed tears. Every kiss, touch, and whisper flew through his mind as the car was engulfed in a plume of fire that rocketed toward the skies. “ Baby?” She spoke suddenly all playfulness in her voice had disappeared. He mumbled in reply and she asked softly, “ Can you forgive me?” “ Always baby.” A ghost of a smile coasted her lips as she stroked the stubble on his angular jaw. “ Come see me soon.” “ Always.” “ Don’t be angry with me.” “ I could never.” “ Good. Then you’ll understand why I did what I did.”  He didn't understand. He never would. The things we, weak foolish humans, do for love.


“ Time of de-” “ He’s got a pulse!” 

Summer D. 

Otherwise known as: Aisha_U

© 2012 Summer D.

Author's Note

Summer D.
FYI: I didn't know where to put this.... Any pointers on where?
* Under Genre *

Okay, Originally I had a little bit more written at the end:

“ Time of de-” “ He’s got a pulse!” No one noticed the lonely soul that floated in the corner, pressing her soft body against the corners of the white and bleak walls. No one noticed her tears and her animalistic moans. No one took notice when she nodded her head, when the hand was placed on her shoulder or when she turned her body in parting. No one noticed when she was gone. Sometimes it hurts to be the one looking in.

But I think this was better, kind of a cliff isn't it? I've always wanted to do one of those.
How bad did I lose you on this? I switched tenses so many times, it's not even funny.. I'll edit it- Eventually.

This was for an assignment, you had to write using the perspective of an outsider.
I switched about three times, i think?

Next up, dialogue.
Creepy, random, " Frost-like ", Summer-dialogue.

If you haven't figured it out yet....

I'm secretly part Persian.
Cat, that is.


- Summer D.

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Goodness Summer. That was amazing! No seriously I was hanging off every word. You have talent!! Yes you did lose me here and there, but it was so...intriguing. Great job! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow-beautiful! Yeah you lost me here and there, but I loved the flow of the words. Sweet and sad!
I'm secretly part Persian (cat) too! There's a reason I have three running around my house...
BTW, I like how you always sign your work at the end. (slightly differently each time)
~jasmine thousand~
**did you get that badge yet??!?

Posted 11 Years Ago

put the ending back in please and write a whole book..expand these chapters and flesh them out..there are a multitude of deep stories here...dont just let go at a short ..please...and yes im Irish also..not persian though..cat that is...

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Summer D.
Summer D.

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