Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

A Chapter by Demka Ekaterina Belikov

Chapter Seven




“Ahh! James! No!” Kaitlin Fitzgerald, one of the viola players in the varsity orchestra, yelled as James pulled her into the pool while playing Marco Polo. What was I doing in the mists of all this, you may ask? I was watching, on a lawn chair, with a cold glass of strawberry lemonade (which was homemade by Mrs. Thomas), laughing my butt off. It was James’s eighteenth birthday party, some odd two weeks after my disaster of a first date. It was a pool party to which everyone in the varsity orchestra from Coronado (and a select few from Monterey), two members from JV (Andrew and I, obviously), Brian, and a few members of the churches youth group (No Haylee, thank God!) all came to the Thomas’s house to party.


This party was special though. This was going to be James’s last birthday bash for two whole years. In the few weeks ahead, he was going south… to Peru. It was his mission trip. I envied him, mostly because he was getting to go to a cool place that was not in America. I smiled and looked at Andrew, who was right next to me. He was looking very good in his green and Hawaiian styled, swimming trunks. I smiled to myself, what am I thinking? I thought. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend… There was no way it would ever work anyway.


“Caitlyn? What is it? Am I burned?” I blinked, realizing I was starring, “Um… no… Sorry…” I looked away, somewhat embarrassed, there was no way in hell I was going to prove Haylee right. “Hey Andrew, Quit flirting over there and get in here!” We both looked over to the pool; Kaitlin was at the edge near us. I blushed, “We’re not flirting,” I groaned to myself, rolling my eyes, story of my life… Andrew sighed with a smile, and got up. He was… no, stop thinking that… Well, as long as Haylee or Jon were not here, I can gawk at him… does not stop me in the end, I still feeling guilty… I sighed contently as he walked away. God, she was flirting with him again… That was one reason I hated Kaitlin… She was a major flirt… I rolled my eyes and sighed, she is much prettier than I am anyway…


My phone began to ring, it was my mom calling. Oh joy, probably forgot to clean the cat box before I left, or something like that… I answered, sitting up and adjusting my swimsuit top (which was a teal bikini top), “Yes mom?” I said, expecting to be yelled at. I was not, “Honey? You’re still at Andrew’s, right?” I nodded, “Yeah, I am… Why do you ask? Are you okay?” My mom reassured me, “Oh no, I’m fine, I’m just worried about Jon.” I blinked and stood, “What do you mean? Did he post something weird on Facebook again? Cause it’s just probably song lyrics…” I shrugged; he did do that a lot…


“No, Caitlyn, he was over here looking for you.” I shook my head in disbelief, “What?” I looked up, just as something broke inside, “Oh this can’t be good… I’ll call you back ma…” I closed my phone and I ran to the back door, hearing at least three people call out to me, “Hey! No running!” I got to the door, just as Jon came out. He certainly was not dressed for a pool party…


“Caitlyn!” He said with a stupid grin on his face, “I’ve been looking for you!” He looked at me up and down, “Damn you look good!” I shook my head, in a pissed off manner, “What are you talking about?! And what the hell did you break in--” I was cut off by his lips pressing into mine. I could hear someone from the bass section, from Monterey, whistle out to us and someone from Coronado yelling out, “Get some!” His tongue tried going through my lips, in turn I pushed him off me, “What the hell, Jon!” He laughed, and I looked at his eyes, they looked blood shot. Yeah, they were defiantly blood shot. What has he been doing? “What is your problem?!” He looked at me, “C’mon, sugar… can’t a guy have some fun with his girl?” I lifted an eyebrow, and crossed my arms, “And by that you mean?” I asked and he groped my butt, which was in matching teal, mini swim shorts. I yelped, a few people laughed. I blushed angrily at him, “Stop! You’re making an a*s of yourself!” I slapped him in the face. He felt it for a second. To be honest, I did not want to deal with him, I was confused enough… I didn’t want him interfering with my emotions.


He glared at me, “What the hell was that for?” I looked him up and down, “Oh, you know what that was for.” He took a deep breath, “You are a dead Bi--” he was cut off by someone who grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me back, “Hey, you talk to her and treat her with respect, alright?” I blinked, realizing that it was Andrew. I was amazed, to say the ‘lest… Jon glared, “Or what?” He laughed, “You can’t fight, you’re a--” I took a step forward, “A respectable man?” I asked in a snarky manner. He looked at the two of us, snarled, and then walked off, without another word.


As soon as he was gone, I turned to Andrew, “Hey, um… Thank--” I was cut off by Kaitlin, who came up behind Andrew and pinched one of his cheeks, “Aw! Andrew-kin’s got himself a crush!” She laughed at him, and possibly at me too. I blushed slightly, looking away. I glanced back to see the boy mouth to me, “Sorry.”


I smiled and shrugged, “Yeah, It’s whatever…” I looked back to the door, “I’m going to go see what Jon broke… I’ll be back…” with that, I entered the house. I looked around, wondering what had been broken. I entered the kitchen to find Mrs. Thomas slightly panicked. “Mrs. Thomas,” I began to ask cautiously, “What did my boyfriend break?” She looked to me, hands on her face, I could tell she was trying not to be rude, crude, or upset in anyway, “My lemonade!” She squeaked quietly. I sighed, I could see now where the Thomas brothers learned their theatrics. “Mrs. Thomas, I’m sorry about Jon… He’s being, well, for lack of a better word, weird lately…” I came over, grabbed the Swiffer mop, and began to clean up the spilt lemonade.


“Oh, Caitlyn, sweetheart,” She said to me, “that’s not very safe, here…” She went to the other side of the counter and picked up a random pair of flip-flops. I blinked, they weren’t mine, but I put them on anyway. After a few minutes, the mess was cleaned up, glass and all. I looked at Andrew’s mom, “I’m still very sorry about Jon… I don’t know what got into him…” I shook my head with a sigh, “I’ll buy you a new glass pitcher… In the meantime,” I went over to the pantry, pulled out a blue plastic pitcher, and turned to her again, “We’ll make the lemonade in this…” Andrew’s mom smiled kindly, “You, Caitlyn, are an angel!” and thus, we began to make Mrs. Thomas’s strawberry lemonade, while outside, I could hear the engine revving of the black Mustang, speeding off down the block.




That evening, I collapsed on my bed after taking a long hot shower. I sighed as my phone began beeping. I grudgingly picked it up, looking at the name, “Oh great…” a text message from Jon. I groaned, “Shoot me in the foot, now.” I opened my phone and read it:


“Baby, I’m sorry… I really didn’t mean to come and crash the party like that… Listen, I was high. High as a kite, and I have no idea how I was able to even drive over there… Please, all I ask is for another chance…”


I sat up, reading it over and over again. I wasn’t sure what to say. He was high, off of what? He disrespected me in public… I already gave him two chances… well… Maybe third time’s the charm? I shook my head with a sigh. “Okay,” I typed, “I forgive you.”

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Demka Ekaterina Belikov
New chapter from this week's work, we look more into Jon's darkside. You wanna throw this book at a wall yet?

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